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The Looking Glass Group

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The Looking Glass Group Empty The Looking Glass Group

Post by Sim July 2nd 2015, 7:36 pm

The Looking Glass Group
Aliens for a Better Adopted World


LGG is a safe place for all those who feel far from home, be they from different planets, dimensions, universes, or even time periods.  A support group run by Sim, who is herself trapped here from another universe,  LGG offers a place for all those lost and alien to discuss and help each other with the unique trials of such a life while giving back to their local community.  Though not one of their official functions, they also occasionally find themselves battling villains or saving the world because these things happen. Free coffee and pastries are provided at meetings.

Membership Requirements

LGG is not officially a superhero group, and just about anyone can join so long as they attend the meetings and follow the rules.  Other affiliations do not matter, so long as you're willing to help out during LGG functions.

After being in this world for three years as one of its heroes, Sim still didn't feel like she had found her place in it.  She legally obtained U.S. citizenship, the government making the special case go through rather easily in light of her service. She couldn't help but notice there wasn't a solid system in place for people like her to get citizenship, and realized she was now in a position to work with her new government. Based out of her modest home on the edge of Atlanta, she started The Looking Glass Group as a way to let various aliens help themselves by helping others.

Head Counselor - Sim

Rules of Conduct

While no one is judged for their past actions, while attending an LGG meeting or other function all members are required to follow these guidelines

  • Obey the law of the land. We must respect the local laws of those that harbor us so long as they are not unjust. LGG members are expected to behave in a legal manner.
  • Respect others. Every member gets a chance to talk, and no one is judged. If you can not show proper respect for your fellow LGG members you will be asked to leave.
  • Absolutely no murder. LGG will not harbor murderers. If you commit this most heinous of crimes after joining and Sim finds out she will have no choice but to turn you in.

If you're interested in becoming a part of The Looking Glass Group please fill out this brief application and post it in this thread.

Character's Name:
Link to character sheet:
Reason for joining:
Post Adept
Post Adept

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