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Rembrandt  Empty Rembrandt

Post by Rembrandt on June 30th 2015, 8:09 pm

"Hate will do strange things to a man"

Basic Biography

Real Name: Alan Holbrook
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Rembrandt
Alignment: Chaotic Evil.
Age: 27
Gender: M
Race: White
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5ft 11in
Weight: 205 lbs
Blood type: AB-

The Looks

Appearance (In Costume):
Rembrandt  Rambra11

Alan Holbrook is a man of average height with a less than average appearance. His handsome face is somewhat obscured by his long messy black hair. His body, though extremely well toned through rigorous training, is adorned with many scars, a mix of those self inflicted and those inflicted through battle.

When not in costume he prefers to dress in a simple manner, wearing jeans and a band t-shirt with a pair of military boots. He cares very little for his day to day appearance so his clothes often look unclean and he usually looks tired.

In costume Rembrandt is very different. His dresses in flamboyant manner wearing tight fitted leather pants, almost knee high boots, a leather jacket and a mass of electrical tape covering various parts of his torso. As well as this he wears make up to conceal his identity choosing to paint his face like that of a harlequin. further obscuring his identity he teases his hair so it becomes very large and messy also covering his face somewhat.

The Legacy

Alan is a cold, harsh and hate filled individual, something stemming from his long and difficult life. He has grown bitter and jaded making him not only cold, but a perpetually serious man with little to no lighter side. As a result of his cold and serious nature, he has very few, if any friends at all, meaning he spends nearly all of his time alone, something that leads to him having difficulty with social decorum making him blunt, rude and often crass. As a result of ill fortune that has plagued Holbrook's life, he is a very cruel individual showing no compassion for those around him or those he meets, he finds that becoming attached to people or letting them in will only weaken him leading to him pushing people away.

Underneath this facade of cruelty and seriousness lies a severely unstable man. He is ill equipped to deal with his emotions making him prone to outbursts of rage and depression due to him suffering from bipolar disorder. He has also suffered several psychotic breaks throughout his life. Although a very cruel man he can be very caring for those he takes the time to gain attachment to, though he will rarely show this affection. Due to his small circle of trusted people this makes his deathly loyal. He will not compromise his morals nor will he sell out those that have placed their trust in him.  He is a driven individual dedicated to fulfilling his goals, whatever they may be at any given time. He is also a thoughtful individual and when he can be bothered can offer much insight into a situation, this thoughtful nature is sometimes displayed when involved in confrontation as he is extremely observant in combat and takes the time to analyze his surroundings.

Like all men Alan does possess a softer side, albeit a small one. This softer side was much more prominent when his wife was alive, she brought out the best in him and when she passed it started the decent of his character. Glimpses of his softer side can be seen when he is in costume as he is somewhat theatrical when playing the part of "Rembrandt"


Alan Holbrook was born to an amazing mother, a caring woman who always wanted the best for him, unfortunately his father was less supportive and was in fact an abusive alcoholic often beating him and his mother in a drunken stooper. His childhood was difficult though not without it's positive elements. Despite the tough home life Alan had some relief in the form of his friend Stacy. The daughter of his mother's friend. Alan and Stacy were inseparable and whatever troubles befell Alan, Stacy would always be there to pick him up and dust him off. With Stacy, Alan felt like he could take on the world, despite his recent diagnosis of Bipolar disorder. Stacy kept Alan level even in his lowest moments like when his mother was eventually killed by his father leaving him without a home to live in.

Alan completed high school living with various different foster families, none of which ever really taking a liking to him claiming he was more trouble than he was worth. This was something that got to Alan and it was something that lead to him starting to self harm. Towards the end of high school Alan was deep in the grips of depression, he was often bullied and was miserable at home, his only solace was Stacy, a girl he had now started pining after. Upon graduation from high school Stacy discovered that Alan had been self harming and it drove her to tears. Seeing his best friend in such a state shocked Alan in to stopping, he found it difficult but he would have done anything for Stacy. after a few months out of school Ala had managed to pluck up the courage to ask Stacy on a date and the to were now a couple. Stacy had talked Alan into starting college, studying art as he was an extremely talented Painter.

For a few years Things seemed to go well for Alan until he discovered his father was being released from jail. Alan was terrified at the prospect of what his father might do to him now he was an adult and confided in Stacy that he was scared.  Stacy being the stronger of the two decided that it would be best to talk to Alan's father and confront him about the things he did though when the meeting was arrange Alan was simply verbally abused by his father for being Stacy's "whipping boy" Alan ran away from the scene scared and angry. It was this night he killed his first victim.

Walking home after spending the night in hiding from his father. Alan was accosted and held at knife point by a mugger. Alan defended himself and ended up killing the mugger, he got a strange rush from killing the man and started to play in his blood. Momentarily regaining his composure he realised what eh had done and went to the police. He explained the situation and how he had acted in self defense and after a brief investigation he was free to continue with his ordinary life. It was at this point that Alan's paintings started to grow darker and more sinister something that worried Stacy. She asked Alan to go and see a therapist something he was uncomfortable with but out of his devotion for Stacy he agreed to do and once again things seemed to get better for a while.

Alan and Stacy had graduated college and were both working steady jobs. The two had recently married and Alan was living a happy life until one day his drunken father found his way to his house and started a fight with Stacy hitting her in the process this sent Alan into a rage causing him to beat his father bloody, giving Alan a psychotic rush. He accidentally hit Stacy causing her to run away. Blaming his father for this Alan proceeded to kill his father without a second thought. At this point Alan realised he was sick and once again turned himself into the police. After a lengthy trial and investigation. Alan was found mentally unfit and sent to a psychiatric home where he continued to paint. He received visits from Stacy who was convinced her husband was simply ill and she forgave him for hitting her. Alan harbored an immense guilt for what he did to Stacy and and what he has put her through throughout his whole life. Despite his love and devotion for her Alan suggests that she leave him and find somebody better, a suggestion she flat out refuses. A time comes where Alan is allowed to leave the hospital but only on supervised trips. Stacy begins taking him to art galleries and he finds that he can make some of the pictures move. He tells Stacy but she thinks something else may be wrong with him and tells the doctors at the hospital.

The doctors run tests of Alan in cruel and unusual ways leading to him feeling angered and betrayed, he slips further into psychosis and becomes a completely different person, Alan becomes cold, reclusive and full of the snapping at the littlest things. the experiments continue and Alan's behavior gets worse. one day Alan manages to bring one of his paintings of the canvas and uses it to kill an orderly at the hospital. Nobody can tell how he died which gives Alan a huge rush. Stacy grows distressed at this new dark Alan and finally Breaks up with him causing him to break down later that night. His powers fully manifest and he murders most of the on duty staff at the hospital before escaping into the city. He spends weeks trying to collect himself before returning to see Stacy. She is scared at the sight of him and he does not respond well He has another psychotic episode and kills Lucy driving him deep into depression. Feeling as if the world has taken everything from him Alan turned to the only things that gave him any feeling, murder and painting. He adopted a super villain persona "Rembrandt" and started killing for sport before realizing he could make a career out of his passion and Rembrandt became a "go to" supper villain assassin. He has since grown physically fit and proficient in martial arts and firearms preferring to kill using these methods as his powers do not let him get close to the blood and gore that thrills him.

The Powers and Weaknesses

(All characters can be as powerful as they want, as long as they are balanced with proper weaknesses.)

Power 1: Living Painting: Rembrandt can create works of art and then bring them to life to do his bidding, he can create constructs or living creatures. to attack an enemy. The power only requires that he create an image, If Rembrandt has no paint/pens he can use blood but if these are unavailable he is unable to use his powers.

Power 2: Enhanced Durability: Rembrandt due to years of physical abuse has somehow developed a near superhuman resistance to pain. He can take an insane amount of punishment before having to quit in a battle and in fact welcomes pain as it gives him a rush and a feeling of being alive.


Weakness 1: Rembrandt can only use his powers through creating a painting or image, if he has nor surface to paint or draw on his cannot use his powers. He also requires the time to create the image if he is not afforded to time to create an image he cannot use his powers.

Weakness 2: Increased Fatigue: Although He can take more damage in a fight and is resistance to damage the severe downside of this ability is that it takes him much longer to recover from attacks due to his recklessness.

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s):

Skilled Painter/Artist


Physical Priority
(You are to put these physical attributes in order from 1 to 4. 1 is the highest priority, 4 is the lowest.)
Agility 2
Endurance 1
Reaction 4
Strength 3

Status :

Quote : Hate does strange things to a man.

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Rembrandt  Empty Re: Rembrandt

Post by Forceaus on June 30th 2015, 10:46 pm

Approved until stated otherwise

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Mega Poster!

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