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A breakdown in communication (Deathbringer/Travis/UG)

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A breakdown in communication (Deathbringer/Travis/UG) - Page 2 Empty Re: A breakdown in communication (Deathbringer/Travis/UG)

Post by Forceaus on July 13th 2015, 10:01 pm

Almost instantly, Deathbringer wound up feeling that allowing the others a chance to speak once again. Then again it was pretty obvious that professionalism was lacking here. Once again, Lucius interrupted the discussion, this seemed to be a tendency of his, and once again all that came from him was nonsense. Seriously, this guy claims to be a genius. What did he open a pickle jar that nobody else could and came to think way too highly of it? Jacob was trying hard not to burst out laughing at what this guy was saying. The things that he was saying were insulting to everybody here, including himself. "Useful? Jacob said as he let out a small mirthless laugh as he saw Lucius stride forward and offer his hand to Alpha. This was so stupid that it was amusing. Deathbringer continued to laugh a bit as Tsxero took his turn to talk.

"Now things are getting really fun." Jacob stated as he saw Tsxero transform into his real form. He just sat back and watched as Tsxero quickly dashed forward and wrap its tail around Alpha's neck. "Is he about to kill him? I'm honestly okay with that." Jacob thought to himself as he watched all of this happen. He leaned forward in his chair as Tsxero just stood there with his tail around Alpha's neck and wasn't strangling him, but just making noises. "Oh, that's what he's doing. I was wondering if it would come to this." he thought again as he realized what was happening. This little process came to an end and Tsxero moved back to his corner to offer up a suggestion and let things proceed.

"Blackmail huh?" Jacob said as soon as Tsxero was done providing his idea. "I was planning on saving that card for later. You know, give him a fair chance first, but this way will probably be better. Where do you keep the medical equipment in here anyways? We'll need some syringes." Deathbringer said as he looked around the room for some syringes. He stood up and opened up one of the drawers to check for syringes as Tsxero asked him about this group that Alpha claimed to be investigating, saying it was the one that worked with the lotus queen.

"I figured." Jacob said and turned around and leaned against the counter as he looked over at Tsxero. "Don't remember if I told you this, or if you're aware of it, but I went to New York city a little while ago because I was offered a job of sorts. There were these two rival gang leaders and businessmen, and one of them hired me to kill the other. I did, got paid a hefty sum of money, and arranged for the guy who hired me to die too. I didn't like the way he talked to me during our meeting. Anyways, afterwards I went to some nightclub to meet with some other local gangsters that wanted to make it big. As I was discussing business with them, we were interrupted by some woman that was there to eliminate a traitor within her ranks. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?" Jacob paused for a moment to glance over at Alpha before turning back to Tsxero and continuing. "Then Lucius here showed up, and pretty much did the exact same thing. I know, weird right? Well, what happened next was that I went about recruiting, and wound up being offered half of the city. Talk about unforeseen benefits. Now, this lotus queen was one of the things I was having been kept track of to make sure she was following her end of the deal, but I had other places to be and when I returned, it was to arrange the attack on the rally. Couldn't allow someone to gather people together and possibly take away something of ours, now could I? The fact that Duval is also the Lotus Queen makes things even better. Now I know that she broke our deal." Jacob mused as he looked over at Lucius, whom had been thrown into the wall by Alpha telekinetic power.

"Now then." Jacob said and he walked over to place himself between Alpha and Lucius. He then began putting his powers to work a little bit as he spoke. "Don't worry, there's no need to get back up. I wonder how long it will be before you doing something like sneer, or roll your eyes, scoff, attempt to ridicule me, or think 'this is so beneath me', or whatever else you do." Jacob said, his voice in a whiny, mocking tone during his quoting of Lucius. "You know speaking of Springfield, behavior like that was what led to Tsxero leaving you practically comatose. You think you would have learned something from that. Maybe you suffered brain damage though. Regardless, I actually have kept my word. Also 'useful', really?" Deathbringer asked and laughed again. "You're really going to throw away something you think will be useful to you the moment things aren't going entirely the way you want them to? Then again how would you react if the same happened to you? Actually don't answer that, because I already know the answer. I distinctly remember you killing that guy at the lotus queen's nightclub because they did just that. It seems someone can't even take their own advice. I probably triggered one of those things I mentioned earlier with that one. By the way, you're actually hurting his chances rather than helping them. Anything else you want to add that you haven't said already before I continue our discussion with Alpha here. I'm actually a bit interested to hear about the results of his infiltration." Jacob said to conclude what he decided to say to Lucius. Perhaps they could get back to the business at hand now and not have to deal with any more interruptions.


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A breakdown in communication (Deathbringer/Travis/UG) - Page 2 Empty Re: A breakdown in communication (Deathbringer/Travis/UG)

Post by Red on July 14th 2015, 7:52 pm

Well, crap. This didn't go entirely as Lucius expected, but then again, it didn't exactly go against what he wanted. Tsxero had turned into his alien form and sped towards Alpha, acting very quick. Lucius quickly ordered Hector to put his repulsive field up, but it was Alpha that was under attack. Lucius was about to move, to either get out of there or make a counter assault, but a familiar feeling entered his head. It was Alpha, or at least, Alpha's mind, forcibly trying to influence his his own. Well, whatever Tsxero was doing seemed to turn Travis against him, this wasn't good by any means. Lucius paused, mentally struggling to take control once again but found himself being launched across the room by a telekinetic pulse upon Tsxero giving Alpha an order. He had also told Lucius to do something, it was to thank Alpha for throwing him. Yeah, that wasn't going to happen.

"Than....Like hell I'm doing that, alien." Lucius said. He sounded as if he were grappling with himself mentally as he slumped up against the wall, holding his head. Deathbringer then got up, and of course got into his high and mighty demeanor. Gloating and generally being a total asshole. This was a troublesome situation Lucius was in, he wasn't about to let his mind be rewritten, so he had to swallow his pride and come to terms with these allies of his.

"Don't pretend to know the details of that errand Jacob, that was my own business. But as for this matter, i agree with Tsxero. If making Alpha more cooperative will save his neck and smooth this whole thing over, then i have no reason to oppose you or this gang.... But don't think you can play mind games with me." Lucius said, finally breaking free from Alpha's hold, either through his own force of will or Travis just ceasing the mental assault. The whole mental attack had made him oddly calmer, and he wanted to smooth the situation over as peacefully as possible. But other then that, his mind didn't allow the influence.

"So, are we done? If there is no needless bloodshed going on, then i have no reason to be here at the moment." Lucius said as he got up from the ground, straightening out his gear as he did. He wasn't really trying to make any enemies today, he wanted to remain in the gang as it was quite lucrative, so hopefully they could put this behind them.


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A breakdown in communication (Deathbringer/Travis/UG) - Page 2 Empty Re: A breakdown in communication (Deathbringer/Travis/UG)

Post by The Doctor on July 19th 2015, 11:27 pm

Tsxero didn't really have time to go for the syringes, honestly he couldn't tough the equipment if he wanted to. Hunters couldn't touch medical equipment, Kaxkain couldn't touch medical equipment. Medical equipment was extremely dangerous, especially considering all of it cut through were-Alien chitin like it was a hot knife to room temperature butter. Medical equipment was gene-locked to the doctor and the doctor cast. Just as the doctors all had surgical implants to their retina, their DNA was also taken to add into the system, granting them access to the high tech medical crap. "μrsine, we need a sample drawn up." Tsxero called out, the little meek alien in the corner shuffled uncomfortably before starting to transform as he turned and walked out the door.

 Jacob had searched for syringes but wouldn't find any because it doesn't make sense that were-aliens would have human syringes really. Can't blame a guy for trying, they did have human guests after all, so one might expect they'd have some form of medical aide for them. Unfortunately they did not, save for the Vitacurator-pods. Which he had to use on his previous prisoners turned allies. Sort of allies.... they didn't entirely suck is what I'm trying to get at. Finally the large μrsine X returned with a strange looking device attached to his wrist. The device was like a weird MP3 player or an Ipod or something with a glass pouch and out of the headphone jack was a needle. μrsine walked over to Alpha and gave a little trill before swiping up his arm and grabbing by the upper area of the elbow, causing the vein to go a little stiff, letting the doctor angle the unique blood sucker into the vein with little complication. Jacob continued to talk to Tsxero, remaining calm about everything that happened, Tsxero still grabbing his head, pained that his own mind was stretched as far as two people and infuriated that his grasp on them both wasn't stronger.

 "Too weird for coincidence." Tsxero said, trying to remain polite as he possible could with this headache splitting his skull. The pain was like giving birth to a mad badger...through your eye socket. It didn't help once Jacob began speaking in riddles by saying Tsxero had almost made Lucius comatose. When did he do that? He didn't, he was pretty sure that he would remember the pleasure of shoving his face into the concrete again, and again, and aga-wait. That thought was followed by μrsine letting out a lowly trill and slinking back with the blood, going to put it in the database and keep it on their records for the proof Deathbringer would need when the time would arise. Tsxero's eyes narrowed, finally understanding what it all meant.

  Infiltration things to be talked about still and Tsxero wanted nothing more than to snap and drill Lucius' head into the ground again as he recalled distinctly the reasoning behind it. Actually now that he remembered it... Lucius was a lot weaker before being treated by his people. He was tougher now, had a better regeneration factor and somehow managed to- Did Tsxero somehow make him stronger by relentlessly beating his face into the ground? Did μrsine do something to make him stronger? Why was he wondering these things when there were lying blonde people to torture? "Travis, please answer Jacob's questions." Tsxero said, both part of his own pre-implanted effect with their bond as well as sheer political correctness to ensure no more outbreaks were even remotely possible.

 Hopefully things would simmer down now...

A breakdown in communication (Deathbringer/Travis/UG) - Page 2 The_do10
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