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Varick Cried

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Varick Cried Empty Varick Cried

Post by etherjack June 18th 2015, 5:05 pm


Basic Biography

Real Name: Varick Alphonse Creid
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name:  Lord Krieg / The Krieger II
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian (German/Greek)
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'3
Weight: 212 lbs
Blood type: O+

The Looks

Varick Cried TAAoHzh
Varick Cried Magneto___michael_fassbender_2_by_melciah1791

The Legacy


Goals and mannerisms aside, Varick Cried is no psychopathic bogeyman. He has a relatively clear cut sense of morals, is quite wise and typically just  in his judgements and (some) of his actions. These positives are only outweighed by his intelligence, which has lead him to develop a sense of subtle narcissism, near unwavering faith and courage in himself and slight selfish tendencies. He's also adept at holding grudges and does not appreciate being upstaged or made a fool of. Varick is naturally drawn to art and beauty, and shows an appreciation for these things as well as music. Even on his most foul days his code of conduct and his humanity keep him in check. That being said, he tends to take too much onto himself and keeps anyone around him completely unaware of his dealings if possible. The criminal portion of Varick's mind is businesslike, and there but rarely  used unless he needs to get ahold of some artifact through unsavory means.

Varick loves a good debate and does not shy away from political talk at all, though he is known to occasionally become frustrated if he cannot get his point across. He is especially loyal to friends who have earned  his complete trust, but also tends to not be too trusting making the former status hard to obtain. Cried maintains a state of more than decent observational skills at almost all times and tends to pick up on things most people wouldn't think twice about.


Varick's early childhood was relatively normal. He was born to Ulren Aleksandr Cried, a wealthy German businessman and Mitria Arathples-Cried, Ulren's wife and a Greek immigrant to Germany. Varick was an intelligent boy from the get-go, a model student all the way up to graduating from high school. In his teenage years he took many leaves of absence with permission in order to accompany his uncle, Friedrich Cried on archeological digs around the world. The most exciting of such trips was also the last. Three months after graduating private school at sixteen Varick accompanied uncle Friedrich to his latest digsite in Greece. Frederich had been decoding a document he had found years before, ten years in fact. He had only barely been able to make much sense of it, but finally he had broken the code and all evidence pointed to something fantastic hidden in Neurola. Workers at the site had been plagued now and again by mysterious happenings, including some workers going missing, supplies going missing before they reached the site and even the theft of various tools. Despite this however, the excavation was still on schedule. Friedrich brought his nephew along for the big moment.

Frederich's diggings had unearthed a temple somehow buried in the earth. A throwaway line in the unnamed document Friedrich had been decoding hinted that Heracles had been ordered to place something in the temple or shrine and then bury it beneath the earth, for what purpose he couldn't fathom. Wide-eyed Varick was there when the breaching drill penetrated the inner sanctum, and when the rubble was cleared they had unearthed many great treasures. Gold for one, though more interesting were the everyday relics that had been perfectly preserved.

But something stood out. A shimmering pauldron atop a pedestal. Two of the workers started a fight over it, which was quickly broken up by Friedrich. Before anyone could analyze the object further however, six men entered the room with automatic weapons and bathed the sanctum in bullets. The two workers and Frederich Creid were torn into pieces by the volume of fire, and so too the assailants believed that Varick had been killed as well. So they departed.

In truth, something in Varick had told him to grab the pauldron, and though he fell back and out of view as he was struck by bullets they had actually bounced harmlessly off him. Varick mourned the death of his uncle, and while going through shock managed to navigate out of the Temple. He managed to escape before his assailants sealed the temple with explosives.

Varick made it to a local town for help, and shortly after his father sent transport for him back to Germany. Whether he was simply allowed to keep it or he managed to conceal it through customs, Varick left Greece with the mysterious object in tact.

Varick was changed and a bit scarred after the incident, but it did awaken a new sense of purpose within him. His drive to deliver justice upon his uncles killers would fuel his action over the next several years. And twenty two years old Varick was a professional archeologist, and  cryptologist, with degrees in Biology, Art History, Philosophy and Political Science. Privately he was also receiving state of the art military and weapons training from a friend of his fathers (who he had managed to dupe into believing he was simply eccentric rather than planning anything). Two years later and this training was complete. Varick mastered Krav Maga and Judo, and was ready to launch his investigation.

It turned out that his uncle's attackers were a group of Greek radicals known as the Sons of Zeus. They were more akin to a cult, as they truly believed that they were descended from the ancient ruler of gods. It took a few months of digging but Varick finally tracked down the location of their leader.

Leading the sons of Zeus was a psychopathic metahuman who called himself Heracles. He was of course, not the Heracles of legend but certainly believed so.  He had brainwashed his cult into believing that he truly was a demigod and that they too could become demigods if they kept his favor.  The Sons of Zeus had apparently attacked Frederich and his workers in retaliation for them entering the inner sanctum. Varick was able to sneak into 'Heracles' mansion home in Tripoli and killed several armed guards along the way. he was not able to sneakily kill Heracles however, as he had almost instantly noticed Varick as  he entered the former's master bedroom.

With two very nervous looking 'whores' collared to the bedposts beside him Heracles laughed and praised Varick, a 'mortal man' for getting this far. Varick responded with accusations of his involvement with Frederich Creid's death, to which Heracles admitted to almost immediately. He chastised Varick and insulted Frederich, calling him a fool among other insults that seemed to be either ancient Greek or gibberish. Heracles noted his surprise that Varick had survived, but also made sure to tell him that it wouldn't matter for much longer.

Varick scoffed and, probably unwisely, claimed that he was a match for the false demigod. 'Heracles' laugh roared and before Varick could react, he gripped the head of one of the girls and began to squeeze. She screamed for Varick to help for only a few moments before her skull imploded.

The other girl, fear in her eyes and tears streaming down her face attempted to escape even though she was still chained to the bedpost. 'Heracles' reached for her, but was distracted by an enraged Varick who let out a war cry and tossed a knife at him. The blade bounced harmlessly off of Heracles, which prompted another laugh from the false demigod. It was then that Heracles rose and the fight began.

Heracles did not take the fight seriously, as his swings were slow and he laughed through most of it. But Varick's blows had no effect on the metahuman due to his durability. Finally getting bored of it all, Heracles pointed out the gauntlet he wore. He claimed it was the skull of the Nemean Lion, although it truly just seemed to be a metallic gauntlet with a lion's head emboldened on the fist. Heracles noted it would be a decent honor for Varick to die by the gauntlet, and then struck with all his might.

The blow should have killed Varick, but while it did knock him through two walls he emerged unscathed. Heracles' was bewildered and in disbelief. Varcik explained that he had taken the object from the temple, and that he believed it to be the golden fleece of legend. He revealed that upon fastening it to his Kevlar it had shape shifted and taken the form of a crest in the center of his chest, the ram horn symbol just barely visible in the right light. Enraged, Heracles charged forward and attempted to rip the fleece off his person. However, Varick had made a rough plan the minute he had seen the Nemean Gauntlet. Using his training Marci was able to dodge the blow and slip the gauntlet from Heracles' grasp. he then used the item to beat the metahuman to death.

After witnessing the kind of power a metahuman could have,  Varick became concerned about their presence in the modern world. These concerns only grew as his studies increased, and soon his new goal was to develop a Utopia. not where metahumans and the supernatural were not allowed, but where they were monitored and policed to ensure the safety of humanity. It was also around this time that he began research into the truly occult, finding power in sorcery and also that he had a natural talent for it.

Lately he managed to unearth an artifact a bit more recent than the fleece or the Nemean gauntlet. back in WW1, German commander Artur Hans Emmerich had dabbled in the occult in order to make himself invincible on the battlefield. he had apparently succeeded, as the French regiments he fought were always plagued with misfortunes, sometimes attacked int he dead of night by what they believed to be otherworldly creatures and beyond that, nobody could kill Commander Artur despite several sharpshooters of different platoons and regiments swearing they had hit him. How he died is unknown, but upon contracting an independent workforce and searching the French countryside covertly Varick finally found the Krieger's vestments, as per the nickname the Germany Army of WW1 had for the famed commander. Upon attaching the fleece to these vestments it took the form of a black and red cape to match the outfit, with the ram horn symbol only occasionally visible on the back.

He has appeared publicly in Germany wearing the Vestments, which include a helmet, and made no attempt at hiding his identity. He has begun pushing a political agenda in Greece that advocated observation of Metahumans and better policing of them, including proposed plans for an international metahuman registry> Privately he also considers a registry to keep track of supernatural or alien entities that reside on earth.

The Powers and Weaknesses

(All characters can be as powerful as they want, as long as they are balanced with proper weaknesses.)

Power 1: Superhuman Durability - While the golden fleece does not make him invulnerable, it does give him superhuman durability. Enough to survive blows from metahumans with superhuman strength, although such blows can still do damage depending on how strong the metahuman is. This durability also applies to projectiles, beams, the elements and natural attacks although the degree of strength behind the attack determines if he is injured or not.

Power 2: Superhuman Strength: The Nemean Caestus allows Varick to trade blows with metahumans. It affects his entire body, not just the hand it is worn on.

Power 3: Sorcery. Varick has access to various different sorceries (which are augmented and improved by the Krieger's Vestments) and can use them to many different effects. These include flight, evocation (the elements),  summoning (demonic or otherwise), telepathy, telekinesis, sealing, illusions and biomancy. Most commonly he manifests brilliant crimson-orange bulbs of arcane energy in his hands which he then fires as beams or throws in bolts.

Power 4: Varick has a naturally powerful willpower that has been enhanced by the Krieger's Vestments. He is very hard to target with psychic and telekinetic abilities, though he can choose to let in minds that do not intend him harm. This ability is not perfect however, and is never a guarantee.

Power 5: While not exactly unnatural, Varick possesses a near superhuman intellect. He is a genius in a few rights, and as naturally inclined to the pursuit of knowledge.


Weakness 1: His powers, all of them, are the result of his artifacts. The Fleece, the Caestus and the Kreiger's Vestments in order. begin separated from this gear leaves him still intelligent and skilled, but a normal human being.

Weakness 2: The Fleece does not make him invulnerable. Even absorbing the blow from the false Heracles left him with severe bruising and three broken ribs.

Weakness 3: The Nemean Caestus may be powerful, but Varick does not benefit from it's power as much as the false Heracles did. This is because instead of increasing the wearer's strength to a superb amount, it  instead increases the wearer's natural strength to superhuman proportions. Heracles was a metahuman already gifted with superhuman strength, and so the Nemean Caestus was more potent. For Varick, it slightly more than doubles his strength but he cannot say, lift a car without a good amount of strain on his body. He can however, toss around bodybuilders with little effort, though that is in part due to his combat training.

Weakness 4: Arcane magic is unpredictable, even more so when you consort with demons, fey and other otherworldly entities. Arcane backlash doesn't happen often and is usually minor when it does happen, but it is there an an inconvenient magic peril could mean the difference between life and death. These usually occur when Varick has used several different spells in a short amount of time, or devoted too much mana to a certain spell. Speaking of which...

Weakness 5: Mana. Not all sorcerers need to worry about it, for mana is naturally occurring in most places. However, in order to draw upon the powerful sorceries stowed away inside the Krieger's Vestments Varick must draw on much more mana than normal sorcerers. when doing this, he is quite easy to detect via magical means, and even individuals of animalistic senses with probably sense something off when he does so nearby. As above, drawing on too much mana can also cause arcane backlash, which can range from illusions targeting any or all the senses, altering the properties of matter around him without his consent or even arcane explosions.

Weakness 6: lastly, some spells are easy to perform. others not so. Depending on how precise or powerful the spell needs to be, Varick may have to perform complex hand motion or chants. If someone stops him or distracts him it could keep the spell from going off. Some spells even require ritualistic preparations, although he does have moral limits when it comes to such things.

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s):

The German government and countries around it sometimes enlist Varick's help in order to deal with rogue metahumans or supernatural occurrences in central and eastern Europe. The USA has also asked for his aid a few times. He typically requires only moderate payment, but does request certain items be given to him as part of the payment.


Physical Priority
(You are to put these physical attributes in order from 1 to 4. 1 is the highest priority, 4 is the lowest.)
Agility  4
Endurance 1
Reaction 2
Strength 3

Status :

Quote : "Insert Quote from Character Here" or etc.

Warnings : 0 Warnings
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Varick Cried Empty Re: Varick Cried

Post by Humanity June 19th 2015, 1:27 am

Alrighty then. I'll be taking care of your app for this evening! Don't worry, we only got a few little things that need changing. It looks pretty good but I need to highlight a couple little things that need tweaked.

Varick Cried wrote:Power 3: Sorcery. Varick has access to various different sorceries (which are augmented and improved by the Krieger's Vestments) and can use them to many different effects. These include flight, evocation (the elements),  summoning (demonic or otherwise), telepathy, telekinesis, sealing, illusions and biomancy. Most commonly he manifests brilliant crimson-orange bulbs of arcane energy in his hands which he then fires as beams or throws in bolts.

  This power is actually multiple different powers. First off you have Telekinesis, then Telepathy, then Summoning, then energy projection via crimson-orange energy, as well as Biomancy (a.k.a Biokinesis) as well as several other minor powers in there.

  Despite all of these coming form one "source" (your arcane power, etc.) Each one needs a weakness. OR you may choose to follow our "spell system".

If you choose to do so you can see the spoiler below for example of how to do so.

Power 3: Sorcery (Spell list)

  • Sealing: explain EXACTLY what this spell does.
  • Spell 2
  • Spell 3
  • Spell 4
  • Spell 5

 Keep in mind that Spells are not as "diverse" or multi-function as powers. So tou cannoy have "pyrokinesis" or "biokinesis" as a spell. A spell would be something like "Fireball" where it just simply shoots out a fire ball.  

  THE GOOD THING is that spell lists only require 1 weakness for ever 5 spells so long as the spells aren't overly powerful.

My recommendation would be to actually break Power 3 into 3 separate powers.

  Power 3: Arcane Energy Manipulation - The ability to  (orange-crimson glowey ball/spear power)

  Power 4: Arcane illusion - The ability to generate and creae illusions that can affect up to three senses (cannot affect touch for means of damaging or inflicting harm)

 Power 5: Arcane Collection - Spell list

  • Telepathy : Communicate to people through his mind and mind control lesser NPC's. (Permission for PC's and PC owned NPC's)
  • Evocation : Use fire offensive attack
  • Evocation : Use ice offensive attack
  • Evocation : Use Wind offensive attack
  • Evocation : Use lightning offensive attack.

 (Needs 1 weakness)

  • Evocation : Use fire Defensive attack
  • Evocation : Use ice Defensive attack
  • Evocation : Use Wind Defensive attack
  • Evocation : Use lightning defensive attack.
  • Sealing : Attempt to trap the enemy in a sphere of light. If successful it will bind the target into an object for up to 3 posts.

(Needs 1 weakness)

  • Demonic Summon (takes a spell slot for each summon)
  • Elemental Summon (Do not bombard people with summons)
  • Flight : Enables flight for a certain amount of time
  • Spell : Use lightning defensive attack.
  • Self Biomancy : Allows you to shapeshift a part of yourself. Can only be used once every 3 posts.

(Needs 1 Weakness)


IF YOU CHOOSE to use evoking as spells, what the spell specifically does must be written out.
IF YOU CHOOSE to simply give yourself (Pyro/Cryo/Electro/Aerokinesis) rather than evoking elements it will require a weakness for each.

Weaknesses 2 and 3 aren't valid.

  Weakness 2 says "I'm durable but I can still be hurt" which is common sense. That isn't a weakness because EVERYBODY can be hurt. That's part of life and it isn't a legitimate weakness.

 Weakness 3 says  "I'm not as strong as the last guy who had this" which, once again is not a weakness. It's unfortunately just a sad fact. You are still superhumanly strong so you need a weakness, it doesn't matter if it matches the last guy or not.
  It should be noted that Telepathy is a permission based power only when dealing with PC's

  Biomancy needs to be defined EXACTLY for what you want it to do. Keep in mind full bore Biokinesis is a banned power and will not be permitted.

It should also be remembered that Telepathic mind control, or any mind control can only influence common, not-owned NPC's without permission. To use it successfully on a PC it requires permission.

  This guy looks pretty cool.   If ya want help or need help finding ways to make him do-able feel free to PM me!

  ~ Si


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