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TYRANOX:Application Empty TYRANOX:Application

Post by Tyranox June 9th 2015, 4:34 pm

  "Subject N.O.X-13", Alias: Jack Knox

Basic Biography

  Real Name: "Subject N.O.X-13", Alias: Jack Knox
  Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: TYRANOX
  Title:Moniker: "The Mind-Grinder"
  Alignment: Chaotic-Neutral
  Age: 10yo (Physically mature "Adult", ~21yo in appearance)    
  Gender: Male
  Race: Kryptonian/Human hybrid with pale blue translucent skin
  Hair: Dark blue-black
  Eyes: Faintly glowing bright blue
  Height: 5'9"
  Weight: 125lbs.
  Blood type: AB (can not donate due to Kryptonian antibodies)
The Looks

Red paneled black composite-polymer myo-elastic psionic-augmentation suit
covered in bright red lenses, psionic emitters, and thrust ports."The Helmet"
has a pronounced, protruding fore-lens, and small red eye-slits. "The Suit"
is covered in bundled conduits, armor-plating, servos, with varying arrays
of ports, thrusters, lenses, and a large, pronounced capacitor/thruster-array
of cylindrical components protruding from the back.The suit constantly emits
a weak red glow, and hums while powered.

The Legacy

(with helmet): Sociopathic, highly intelligent, focused, methodical, intuitive super-genius bent on the destruction of his "clone-brother", Lux-Ion, and his two "clone-fathers", Lex Luther, and "The Boyscout"-Superman.

(without helmet): Psychotic, schizoid-dissociative. Highly unpredictable, erratic, and overloaded by the thoughts of others, unfiltered super-hearing, and glaring red/infrared light.

Often prone to hyper-sensitive seizures, and/or fugue-states when not wearing his helmet.


  Our story begins 10 years ago... Deep beneath the streets of Metropolis - hidden in a cavernous, clandestine, research and development installation - Lex Luther hatches his most ambitious plot ever. His goal?... To destroy Superman, of course... His grand-scheme has lead him to construct this hidden compound, with the sole goal of creating a Krytonian-Human hybrid with the physiology of a Krytonian, and the Human neural architecture required to house his enormous super-human intellect. In the pursuit of this endeavor, he has created two projects, N.O.X (Nano-spliced Open-read-frame Xenothrope), and it's successor, L.U.X. (Lumicrine Uptake nano-spliced open-read-frame Xenothrope) with the aid of reverse engineered Brainiac technology, and kryptonite infused nano-bots. Almost all of the N.O.X., and L.U.X. subjects where complete failures...except N.O.X.-13, and L.U.X.-7. One was a powerful psychic, with burgeoning, but still -as of yet- untapped psychokinetic abilities, who was fueled by the presence of all wavelengths of light but red, and the other, a powerful super-human specimen -nearly indestructible- was not only immune to kryptonite, and red light, he was his own limitless power source -glowing with an unquenchable, never-ending glorious radiance. The N.O.X. -a child of darkness and despair-, and the L.U.X. -a literal being of light- products of the same genetics, and mad plot, could not be more dissimilar. Number 13 was plagued by the agony of the other subjects -not due to any delusional sense of empathy, but because he could literally feel their pain, the torment of their isolation. Especially with those that also possessed psychic gifts from their haphazardly conglomerated genome, experiencing the agony of their "siblings/selves" being vivisected, and gleaning the dying embers of the souls of those euthanized, or simply to weak to live any longer -over and over, ad infinitum, they lived these moments in a psychic feedback loop. As if that wasn't bad enough, the N.O.X. was also consumed by the madness and hatreds of his "father" -his greed... his domineering... his hatred of "The Boyscout"- but in that lie his salvation... He had a link to the mind and knowledge of Lex Luther, and the capacity to understand it -he was, after all, Lex Luther... wasn't he??? N.O.X.-13 began to hatch his own grand-design, and began cobbling together bits and pieces torn from his walls, and small components he could secret away, and slide into his cell using his mind while the security fields were down following his "tests"... What once were the the source of his dread, were now the only hope he had ever known. His Exodus -and his Ascension to "Supreme-Being"- had begun. What began as a neural rig to blot out the tortured thoughts of the "others" became something else... It shielded his mind, as he had hoped, but, also increased exponentially the power of his other gifts as well. Without the sting of the cursed red lights, and the deafening drone of whispers and moans so agonizingly loud to his superhuman ears he could focus his mind. For the first time in his 10 years of existence he was at peace... For the first time, he was "alone". His intellect, and his mastery of his psychokinesis -with the aide of his shielded helmet, and it's focusing circuitry- grew hand in hand. Soon he had everything he needed to make his escape... All but one... POWER -limitless POWER!- he couldn't shake the nagging sensation that all the power in the world would not slake this... thirst, sate this hunger... satisfy this need for ultimate power... A vision of a distant future rose from the back of his mind, and transfixed him... in "HIS" future humanity -the whole world- would exist, not because it was deserving, but because he ALLOWED it... In the blackest recesses of his mind sprang forth an unending, maniacal peel of Lex Luther's laughter... For long moments after "LEX... MUST... DIE..." were the only coherent thoughts he was capable of mustering. Never... Never would he succumb to this madness... Focus! Escape! L.U.X.! That's what he needed... POWER! LIGHT! Using his mind's gifts he tore away at the circuitry and pneumatic lines in the walls that kept his cell locked and flooded with horrid red light. He knew EVERYTHING... from the minds of doctors, scientists, maintenance men -even Lex Luther himself- he knew this compound better than anyone else ever had, and he WOULD be free of this place. He sprinted at break-neck speed down corridors, careening off walls, down circuitous, labyrinthine halls, and made a bee-line for the L.U.X section. L.U.X.-7 was his only hope to escape, and destroy this damnable place once and for all. N.O.X. rent loose the micro circuits and tiny filaments that locked this nearly indestructible cubicle. With sparks, a crackling hiss, and the actinic stench of burned circuitry the two ton door dropped into the floor... "If you would ever know freedom, follow me, NOW!" "But I've spent years hammering at these walls, and haven't left a scratch... How can we ever hope to escape? The guards... The doors?" Bathing in the radiance of Lux, Nox was filled with a power unlike any he had ever known. He flung Lux across the room with unimaginable force, and into the far wall. The impact made a sound akin to a rolling thunder as it resounded around the tiny metal cell. As Lux rebounded off the wall he slid across the floor and came to a stop at Nox's feet. Lux looked up, surprised, and infuriated. Nox shouted "You are a being of perpetual light... LUX-ION! And I am the void, the blackest abyss, the darkness that consumes all...TYRANOX. Burn, burn BRIGHT!- like the hearts of stars. Together we are a super-nova. TOGETHER we CAN be free!" And together they went, hall by hall, floor by floor, checkpoint by checkpoint. Wading through security forces they unleashed their powers- Tyranox crushing and hurling his foes with wild abandon, and Lux-Ion acting as a "human" shield, and batting away drones with his bare hands. Halfway to the surface Lux discovered he could fly... actually FLY if he concentrated hard enough. Not to be outdone, Nox attempted it -they were the same genetically- but all he could manage was to levitate himself with his mind, but the toll on his power was immense -even with Lux's light. Realizing walking was faster -and far less exhausting- Tyranox gave up with an envious sigh. As they approached the final checkpoint, a whole squadron of security forces surrounded them. They were trapped!  Mechs and drones. Security guards. Star officers in riot gear... This would be FUN! Tyranox grabbed the nearest hapless victim by the leg with his mind, and swung him like a baseball bat at an airborne drone, sending it hurtling across the room, and exploding in a shower of sparks near a group of unprepared peons in "security-blacks". Half fell alarmed to the floor -searching for cover-, the other half ran for the nearest exit. Seeing this Lux-Ion took the initiative, and launched himself headlong at a two-ton mech advancing on Tyranox, propelling it through a mob of "riot-gears" who had yet to even level their guns -still attempting to make sense of this bedlam. As the mech flew to pieces of smoking junk Tyranox pried free armor plating and created a revolving wall of razor-sharp sparking metal -part shield, part buzz-saw- and ripped the arms and legs off another as he made his way across the room. Lux was attempting to subdue the human forces as best he could, but they were harrowing him from all angles. For the first time he was glad for his blue crystallized skin as the bullets and lasers ricocheted around the room -more often than not hitting other soldiers and guards because of how densely packed they were around him. Tyranox had "adhoc'ed" a piece-mail suit of armor from bot-scraps, and while taking cover behind a counter as the enemy forces regrouped realized how to reverse-engineer a mech's blaster to interface with his helmet... [0%} No good, dead battery... As he looked around he saw an energy cell, and capacitor he could scavenge for his new makeshift toy. Getting to it would be the hard part... He let out a huge wave of psionic force knocking down guards around the room, and sending a desk and office chairs flying in all directions. While the troops ran for dear life from storm of shrapnel and debris, Tyranox "appropriated" the required components. As Nox fiddled and tinkered with what seemed like useless junk, Lux was not idle. He took hold of an officer's gun, an wrenched it away with so much force the man went flying into the corner, bludgeoning a second in the face with the now bent receiver. As a third advanced with red-menace in his eyes, Lux-Ion launched himself forward with blinding speed, with a flurry of twirling paper, and plume of dust he simply kicked the unfortunate man in the center of the chest -killing him instantly. Lux had not been fully aware of his physical prowess until that moment, and the carnage of this scene began to plague him with a sense of regret... "I am truly my father's son..." he thought "but which one?" Right at the moment of Lux's epiphany Tyranox leapt from cover wearing what looked like a small satellite on his back and an over-sized metal hand on his right side -all wired into his helmet. As he was swathed in Lux's incandescent radiance his power gauge markedly rose as he charged the newly constructed psionic-capacitor with psychokinetic power. [0%}>>>[25%} That would have to do... For now. As his rig gained a charge, it began to let out a droning electronic hum, and red indicator lights began to glow. "Maybe if i found a way to filter out red light i could increase my charge speed." He pondered as he raised his new "hand" toward the only remaining drone in the room, and fired at max capacity(-24%P). Three things happened simultaneously...: The drone vanished from existence in a spray of minute components, wires, and an arcing fireball; The men cowering BEHIND the now flying shrapnel storm -and a small portion of wall- discorporated into a diasporous cloud of viscera and concrete dust; And Tyranox was thrown backwards through several office cubicles, a utility closet, a concrete wall, a vending machine, and finally came to rest lying unconscious on the break-room table -covered in the remnants of snack-foods.[1%P}.........[27%P} When he awoke he was on a darkened rooftop far from the scene of their "daring escape" -he imagined-, and Lux was looking down on him -smirking. "Where are we?" He said, and Lux responded "I don't know... I don't know where we were... The only place I "know" is the place we just destroyed to escape... Your guess is as good as mine." Tyranox briefly opened the forward aperture of his helmet, and amid the chaos of thoughts -more thoughts than he could comprehend, or endure- one word jumped out. Over ,and over, and over. ""Metropolis", this place is called "Metropolis". But we have to leave. As soon as possible. NOW! They'll be looking for us... "HE'll" never stop looking for us."... "But where should we go, N.O... I mean, Tyranox?" "I don't CARE where YOU go! I'm leaving, and I'm going alone. DON'T follow me... We'll be safer if we separate." and with that he blasted(-15%P) Lux-Ion in the chest sending him sailing end-over-end into the night sky. When Lux righted himself in midair, and looked down at Nox. He could see it in his face... He meant it -"We go our separate ways, than". With a sigh, a shake of the head, and a shrug Lux quickly flew off -vanishing into a dot on the horizon. Tyranox immediately leapt from his perch, and caught himself with his mind -cushioning his fall- just before striking pavement.(-3%P) "Never again!" He thought. "Never again will anyone control me; never will anyone surpass me; and never, EVER, will Lux need to save me... I WILL become the strongest being, ever. I rely on no one. Depend on no one. I will construct a suit that makes me unstoppable. But first, I think i should clear out some of Lex's off shore bank accounts..." [9%P}>>>>>

The Powers and Weaknesses

  (All characters can be as powerful as they want, as long as they are balanced with proper weaknesses.)

  Power set 1:
  Primaries:(With helmet)
  a. Psychokinesis (Strong, mid range. allows limited personal levitation);
  b. Telepathy (Very weak, extreme close range)
  (Without helmet)
  a. Telepathy (Uncontrollable, and overpowering)
  b. Psychokinesis (Very weak, can only move small objects at close range)
  c. Super-hearing (Deafening)
  Power set 2:
  Secondaries:(Requires suit, and adequate power)
  a. Psychokinesis (Powerful, mid to long range. Allows "blast" attacks(~1-20% power) and "true" flight(~1-5min sustained use)
  b. Defensive force-fields (~1-5%/turn/person, ~25-50% each for "near-lethal")
  c. "Super" stat boosts (~1-5min. sustained use)
     (i.e., [99%}Tyranox hurls small stones as a distraction(-2%P), deflects a glancing blow from BlahBlah's
     kick(-2%P),and takes an enormous leap to the safety of the rooftops(-10%P), and reconnoiters the
     situation. He then unleashes a haphazard salvo of psionic-blasts in BlahBlah's direction(-15%P).
     [70%} )
  d. Power recharging based on time and ambient light level.


  Weakness 1: Will become volatile, insane, or catatonic if helmet is removed/damaged.

  Weakness 2: Vulnerable to heat, red lasers, electrical/magnetic, and concussive/sonic attacks.

  Weakness 3: High heat and red light diminishes ability to recharge. Can not recharge in the dark.

  Weakness 4: Electrical, magnetic, concussive, and sonic attacks may cause lasting malfunction/disorientation

  Weakness 5: Easily detectable at night or dark environments (suit emits/reflects red light , and hums while powered up)

  RP Mechanics

  RP Mechanic(s): Power-gauge monitoring current charge w/ variable recharge. (determined by ambient light level/type, and heat present (infrared light)) .

  a. The Helmet (rear-shielded psionic focal-wave-guide)
  b. The Suit (solar-powered psionic bio-augmentation suit)
  c. The Backpack (psionic-capacitance cells, and vector-thrusters)
  d. The Gloves (psionic-compression localization arrays, and stabilizing thrusters)
  e. The Boots ('cause they look BADASS!...and prevent stubbed toes. 8P )

  Physical Priority
  Reaction/Int 1
  Agility 2
  Strength 3
  Endurance 4


work in progress: "Tyranox"
looks pics
link to full size

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Quote : MY HELMET!... THE helmet... can't think without it...can't... loud... so bright... so many voices in my head...and SO RED! *goes catatonic

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TYRANOX:Application Empty Re: TYRANOX:Application

Post by Forceaus June 9th 2015, 6:03 pm

Characters from the Superman stories or the DC universe do not exist here. You're going to have to change the biography.

You should describe what your powers do more. Also items requires their own weaknesses

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Mega Poster!

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TYRANOX:Application Empty Re: TYRANOX:Application

Post by Tyranox June 10th 2015, 6:42 am

i am will to change the bio,though it pains me... i've been kicking around this idea for about a decade....
I THOUGHT i was fairly explicit about his powers... solar powered psychokinetic, suit stores/amplifies light/psychokinetic energy. even though he has super-hearing, infravision, and telepathy, those are moot points- the helmet isn't 4 powers, it's 4 weaknesses- helmet must remain on/functional at all times or: he loses his pk abilities; goes deaf from any sound; goes blind from any heat/red light; goes insane/catatonic/develops a dissociative-identity-disorder from the thoughts of every person in the world filling his mind... it's a non-usable but enemy-exploitable role-play mechanic... Since the helmet is core character necessity,and the boots were just a joke (there function was listed as "looks badass, and prevents stubbed toes") and suit/backpack/gloves can all be rolled in to a single "suit" item -only existing for the sake of a more elaborate concept, and theoretically enemy-exploitable mechanics- the total power/weakness breakdown would be: 1 power "PK"; 1 item "the suit"; 18+ forms of enemy-exploitable weakness. the trade-off for the 18+ weaknesses is the multifaceted application on "force" on objects (including himself) giving the appearance of having greater stats for short periods, limited flight, and ranged energy attacks- he could be "spider-man-strong", or run/fly at the speed of a race car, or deflect bullets, but he CAN'T do them all at once, or indefinitely... There will be onscreen power total [#%} and power usage (-#%P) to enforce fairness, and if you look at the WIP grid attached, the red are unaugmented stats (except INT-that just reflects thats he's super intelligent, but insane and unfocused without the helmet) the blue reflects his maximum potential in a stat if he spent all his power in that stat ALONE (5mins/1-2 turns = 100%P usage)

work in progress: "Tyranox"
looks pics
link to full size

Status :

Quote : MY HELMET!... THE helmet... can't think without it...can't... loud... so bright... so many voices in my head...and SO RED! *goes catatonic

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Number of posts : 2
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