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Isalia Masters - Alba (NPC)

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 Isalia Masters - Alba (NPC) Empty Isalia Masters - Alba (NPC)

Post by Aurelius June 8th 2015, 5:46 am

Isalia Alba-Masters
"How did i get in here? Well, i have two supervillain dads, so..."

Basic Biography

Real Name: Isalia Masters - Alba
Alignment: LE
Age: 15 Physically (Less then a year in actuality.)
Gender: Female
Race: Homo Superioris
Hair: Black (Dyed Teal/Cyan)
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 100 pounds
Blood type: O+

The Looks


The Legacy

Personality: Isalia is a calm and rather isolated person. She just much rather read her books or play her puzzles then talk to someone else. However, when she does come out of her shell she is very enthusiastic and will do just about anything just for the fun of it. Curious to the degree she would disobey those with better judgement, she just doesn't seem to care about her own safety, or anything else for that matter. She looks at the world and see's a playground, or perhaps a puzzle, just waiting for her to get her hands on it to see how it works.  

History: Isalia was created in a test tube from the DNA of three people, Lucius Alba, Travis Masters, and Isabella Flegal. The last of which was not even alive at the time of her being born, in fact, Isabella's DNA was included only because it was the terms Lucius had set for giving Travis his own powerful genes. This fusion had produced three very talented children, each showing impressive abilities even on the standards of Travis' kind. After their basic training they went on to develop vibrant and unique personalities, and the rest has yet to be seen.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Superhuman Intellect: Isalia is incredibly intelligent, as is expected from members of Alpha's race. However, she could be considered above average even on their standards. Her mind is always racing at speeds unfathomable by even meta genius'. Everything she looks at is a puzzle to her, everything has a strategy that can make it work in her favor. She is incredibly deductive, able to find things out based on minor clues that no one even usually looks at. She is generally a pain to go up against because of her layers and layers of deception and trickery she coats everything with and her decisive execution of all her actions.  

Advanced Illusions: Isalia is capable of influencing her environment with her mind, creating highly convincing illusions. These changes are not real, but may feel that way to anyone being effected by them. She can do a variety of things such as making herself invisible to those effected by her illusions and creating things that aren't actually there. These Illusions effect the senses of sight, smell, hearing, taste and (with permission) even touch.

Suggestion: Isalia possesses the power to force anyone to do absolutely anything she says, including suicide. They will believe any word she utters, and believe any actions she forces them to do was their own idea. This extends to her being able to implant false memories and even alter emotions. Only very strong minds can resist this. (Permission Based)

Telekinesis: Isalia is capable of remotely controlling substances with only a thought, allowing her to for example throw a large car with a casual motion and erect barriers around herself to avoid being damaged. Along with this she is capable of creating mental blasts, usually facilitated with a motion of her hand, though that is not required. Overall the limitations of her telekinesis and how dangerous it is all depends on the users creativity, and she is very creative. Isalia is also capable of using this power to move herself through the air in a sort of flight.

Regeneration: Isalia may not posses her father's durability, but she makes up for it with a healing factor that's twice as advanced. She can heal even fatal wounds in about a minute.

Hyper-Cognitive Combat: Isalia possesses her father's quick and calculative mind, giving her wicked fast reflexes.  


Overuse: Despite her regeneration, Isalia still has a limit to how long she can use her telekinesis. Over time it will put more strain on her mind and weaken, the far end of this being total black out.

Family: Isalia can be kept from acting with the threat of harm to her loved ones.

Concentration: Broken concentration can cause whatever telekinetic attack she is throwing to either weaken or cancel out.

Complication Sickness: Isalia tends to over think things, sometimes causing her to not expect a simple action in favor of thinking her enemy has some kind of master plan.

Flight Weakness #1: In stormy weather her telekinetic flight is harder to perform.

Flight Weakness # 2: While performing this maneuver, she must split concentration, thus decreasing her damage potential with her telekinesis.

Regeneration weakness #1: Burns take twice as long to heal as normal injuries take.

Regeneration weakness #2: If something is left within the wound, it will not close up.

Sonics: Loud sharp noises can break her concentration and in fact make it difficult to even think, thus shutting down most of her powers.

Eye Color Change: The eyes of those under the influence of her suggestion power change to her vibrant blue, making anyone doing her biding easy to spot.

Unpredictable Combat Style: While her mind is very quick, an unpredictable feint attack style could confuse her method of reaction.

Enhanced Senses: A 6th sense or enhanced sense could easily assist in finding out her illusions are not real, and after that happens it only takes a moment for anyone to see through them entirely.

Order: Isalia likes control, if she feels it has been taken from her, she can become very tunnel visioned and potentially have a sort of break down.

Don't touch me!: Isalia seems to have a rather rare disorder. She must initiate all contact with another person or trust them enough to allow them to do so, or she could have a sort of mental break down.

RP Mechanics

The Perfect body: Isalia is at least peak human in every aspect. She has a degree of self sustainment, does not age past seventeen years, and is at least on the level of an Olympic athlete in every category that she is not superhuman in.

Physical Priority
Endurance 1
Reaction 2
Agility 3
Strength 4

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 Isalia Masters - Alba (NPC) Empty Re: Isalia Masters - Alba (NPC)

Post by Zell June 8th 2015, 1:55 pm

I'm approving this....but for the love of God the second this, or any other of these test tube kids are being abused I will bring the hammer down so freaking fast you'd think I'd have teleported...

Also cool kid

Approved until stated otherwise

 Isalia Masters - Alba (NPC) Samhai10

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 Isalia Masters - Alba (NPC) Empty Re: Isalia Masters - Alba (NPC)

Post by Atlas November 2nd 2015, 9:04 pm

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 Isalia Masters - Alba (NPC) Empty Re: Isalia Masters - Alba (NPC)

Post by Sponsored content

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