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Post by Buckteeth on May 29th 2015, 12:43 am

The False God

Basic Biography

Real Name: Bedensiz Zihni.
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Otesine.
Title: God of Transcendental Paradise.
Alignment: Lawful Evil.
Age: +2,000 years.
Gender: N/A
Race: N/A
Hair: N/A
Eyes: Yellow-white.
Height: 6 feet 4 inches.
Weight: 487 pounds.
Blood type: N/A

The Looks


true form:

The Legacy


   Otesine is cunning and calculating, letting no detail go without scrutiny. It is always looking for opportunity or weakness. With that said, Otesine doesn't always understand social signals due to a lack of social experience. Lies, cues, body language, and other social phenomena are hard to identify and understand. This can make communication problematic in some cases.

   Otesine is serious in tone and single minded, but isn't entirely a machine in behavior. Humor is the most appreciated of aspects, especially for something that doesn't have much respect for life in general. However, while humor can be received, how to execute it is a mystery to Otesine.

   Otesine has almost no sense of loyalty and no morals. It has devoted itself to logic and doesn't find the usual constructs of society to have any meaning. While it's not malicious or benevolent, as it considers both of those attitudes wasteful, it has no qualms with sacrificing trillions to attain it's goal. The only way to gain any sense of loyalty from it is to prove that you are either useful in attaining it's desired end or funny enough to actually be considered something like a friend.


   Otesine remembers nothing of it's creation, it only remembers home. A limitless expanse of unlimited energy. For an unknowable amount of time, all it did was absorb this power. It wasn't until some act of fate gave it sentience that it realized the strangeness of it's situation. It experimented with it's accumulated energy and found it could create and manipulate constructs of it. For a time, this was sufficient. But it began to wonder. Where were others like it? Did it's world have no end? The unknown swirled within it's mind and bothered it to no end, till it was quite clear that it had to escape it's home turned prison.

  So it went. It flew, it flew and it flew and it flew. It had no idea where it was going, but it had to go somewhere. When suddenly, it sensed something, something unlike the limitless expanse around it. It pushed towards this, pushed at what seemed to have only vague direction and against the very world which seemed to hold him back until at last, it broke through. It didn't know what it had broken through, but it was definitely free. It was weakened, left at not even a fourth of it's power, but free. It found the other beings, but they could not find it. It tried to absorb them like it had the energy of it's home, but they seemed to resist it. It attempted to return to it's home, but had not the power. It observed them for what seemed to be an endless time, it's power slowly dying all the while, until it thought it had a sufficient understanding of their language to communicate.

   It tried to communicate, and was successful. The being told Otesine that the realm was called Earth on a grand scale and that the beings were humans. The conversation continued, with the human, whose name was Carla, asserting many times that she had "gone mad" until the human seemed to pause and asked "Are you God?". Otesine didn't know who "God" was, and asked so. Carla responded, saying that God was a being that existed beyond Earth, that was capable of and had created life. Otesine remembered the constructs and it's home, and responded that yes, it was God.

   Carla became ecstatic, trying to find out what it wanted of her. It told her it felt weak, and could not find anything to sustain it like it's home had. Carla said that in stories she had read, God had needed a body. Otesine asked what bodies were, and was told that they were what souls inhabited. She led it to something it called an "idol" in an "anthropology exhibit". It attempted to inhabit this idol, and was successful, though it felt stretched and bent in an unfamiliar shape. It also found it saw things differently. It saw that it was inside something, and that Carla had a more refined shape, unlike the vaguely bipedal thing it had originally saw her as. It found it could move, and she took it to something she called her house and led it to her basement.

   Over several years, Carla taught Otesine all she knew of the world. At the same time during those years, it planned. It had found that if Carla let it, some of her energy could be stolen. It theorized that if it could convince or force enough people to give it their energy, it could finally return to it's home. It scolded itself for letting curiosity ruin it's existence, and vowed to be logical and disciplined from that point forward. So it tested itself, practicing with it's abilities. It convinced Carla to tell others to come worship and offer themselves before it, and soothed her when she became doubtful. It's following grew, and it now feels ready for larger action. It's told it's followers that while it's away, no new people can enter heaven, that it was tricked by the greedy and must return to attain it's throne. They are willing to do anything to stay in their god's good graces. May those who stand in it's plan of a slave worship world tremble at the force they oppose.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Mind Drain: Otesine can refresh and increase ability through the absorption of conscious energy of others. Can only be done on volunteers or those unconscious. Range is technically unlimited, but a straight line must be able to be drawn from Otesine to each person.

Telepathy: Otesine can communicate psychically with multiple subjects at a range of up to 20 yards.

Flight: Otesine is capable of sustained flight at speeds of up to 38 mph through the deconstruction of legs into a jumble of stone fragments that have an ethereal purple glow about them.

Reconstruction: Otesine can pull any stone fragments which have been knocked or pulled loose back into place so long as they are within a 2 yard range. Fragments broken can also be compacted into their original shape, though this requires time.

Sensory Assault: Otesine is capable of forcefully transmitting unpleasant sensory information to a target within 10 yards.

Astral Strength: Otesine can use it's own energy to enhance it's strength dramatically, hefting objects weighing up to 4,000 pounds.

Astral Limbs: Otesine can form two, 12 ft long tentacles upon it's back for 6 posts. Tentacles double strength and are very useful for the piercing, striking, grabbing, throwing, crushing, and moving of objects and persons.

Bodiless Mind: Otesine can enter an ethereal state, leaving it's body and gaining the usage of astral blast attacks capable of knocking down concrete pillars for 4 posts with a cooldown relative to the amount of time spent out of it's body. To end the state it must return to it's body. While in this state, it can attempt to over power a person and forcefully steal some of their energy. If successful, the steal will increase it's longevity in it's state by one turn and weaken the victim.


Mind Strain: Unlike most other beings, Otesine is incapable of creating the energy which supports it's mind. It requires energy to be given to it by others or it must steal energy from others equivalent to one fully drained human every 24 hours. If not, it will be rendered inert, capable of only psychic communication with a single subject at up to 15 yards.

Takeoff: Otesine requires around 5 seconds to fully disassemble or reassemble it's legs to enable or disable flight.

Bonded Mold: Otesine is incapable of replacement of limbs or body with new parts without the full power of around 200 people.

Perception: Otesine doesn't exactly "see" in the usual sense, it sees conscious energy. Inert objects are a dull blue, plants are a slight purple, insects and animals are fuller shades of violet up to humans, which glow a pleasant pinkish. However, robots and other things of the sort look exactly like the terrain, giving them an advantage in stealth and surprise.

Imperfections: While Otesine's arms are useful for grabbing, their formation causes it's only available form of striking with them to be of an arced, swinging variety. This, coupled with Otesine's inherent sluggishness, make all of it's attacks have a windup, and as such easily predictable.

Energy Distribution: While Astral Limbs are active, Otesine is incapable of flight and it's regular strength is halved.

Waning: Otesine must return to it's body before or on it's fourth post. Failure to do so would result in it being condensed into a swirly, dark purple ball incapable of anything and around four inches in diameter until it makes physical contact with it's body again.

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s):

  • Link between worlds: Could be used to access realm of infinite energy.

  • Mind over matter: Could be used to transfer people into other bodies.


The Tapanlars
"You'll thank us someday...."

Basic Biography

Real Name: Varies.
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Called Tapanlars.
Title: All are equal as there is no structure of rank, though Carla is the leader of them and most all besides her don't speak to Otesine.
Alignment: True Neutral.
Age: Varies.
Gender: Varies.
Race: Varies.
Hair: Varies.
Eyes: Varies
Height: Varies.
Weight: Varies.
Blood type: Varies.

The Looks



The Legacy


  Both the Tapanlars and Carla are fully dedicated to Otesine and follow it without question. Carla often takes insults to Otesine personally and sometimes commands the Tapanlars.

   The Tapanlars were recruited by Carla or another Tapanlar and have no strong family ties and no real jobs, having to resort to less savory methods to support themselves. Carla has been with Otesine since the beginning and has since developed an admiration an idolization of it.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Homo Sapiens: Both Carla and the Tapanlars have no inherit powers, though none of them are unhealthy physically, they aren't at pique either.


Squishy Things: As humans, they can be killed or crippled in all the normal methods.


The Tapanlars

Guns: They stockpile and carry guns and ammunition. Nothing is special about them, and most of them aren't even illegal.

Vests: Kevlar vests bought from saved money and worn under robes.


Carla's Amulet: In a test to see the extent of Otesine's mastery over it's energy, it attempted to transfer some of it's power into Carla's amulet. It was a success, but was an....unpleasant experience for Otesine. The amulet is fueled by Carla's own energy and is capable of producing a half circle shield wherever she's facing, sharp bolts of it's energy fired from the amulet, and a pinkish smokescreen.

Item Weakness: One hand must be holding the amulet while in use and it requires her energy, meaning continued use could tire her out. It also can be used by anyone if it is taken from her, though robots cannot add energy to it.

Sawn Off Shotgun: A sawn off shotgun is carried at all times beneath Carla's robes as well as ammo for it.

Item Weakness: The shotgun requires both hands to reload and is pretty inaccurate.

{b]Better Armor:[/b] Carla wears a kevlar vest with steel inserts as well as a steel helmet under her robes.

Physical Priority
Agility 1
Endurance 4
Reaction 3
Strength 2

Status :

Quote : "Insert Quote from Character Here" or etc.

Warnings : 0 Warnings
Number of posts : 13
Location : Earth
Job : Important, unspecified company.
Humor : Nonexistant.
Registration date : 2015-05-29

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Re: Otesine

Post by Forceaus on June 2nd 2015, 6:08 pm

The sensory assault power requires permission to use on other characters and your character is not intangible or anything like that while in the bodyless mind state.

Approved until stated otherwise.


Status :

Quote : I am hilarious, and you will quote everything I say.

Warnings : 0 Warnings
Number of posts : 2604
Location : You're locked in with me at it.
Job : It pays the bills
Humor : I'm the cult of personality and history shows again and again that nature points out the folly of man.
Registration date : 2011-12-22

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