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So we're making babies together? (Alpha)

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Re: So we're making babies together? (Alpha)

Post by Red on June 4th 2015, 1:51 pm

So it seemed they needed an evaluation, Lucius was actually wondering about that. He did want to make sure that his offspring were healthy, and perhaps take a look at their genes. Lucius was always curious as to why the meta gene disappeared from members of Travis' race, and he was equally curious to see if these three didn't show it either. After Alpha, Omega, the three children, and Lucius left, Gamma just kind of left the room likely along with the others. The pack then made their way to Omegas office, Lucius recognized it from his first visit here. From there the kids would do as they were told to get this check up over with. Where as Omega would be looking for defects, Lucius had his own research in mind. Even if they didn't show any powers right away, their DNA must have been a marvel.

"Alright, lets begin. Omega here will be looking for defects and the like, not to say that you have any. And i will be looking over your genetic code, if only because I'm curious." Lucius said, gently taking a sample from Lucas. The boy didn't show any sign of pain, or even distrust, that was good. From there Lucius made his way out of the room, he was going to one of the many labs to look everything over while Omega did his thing.

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Re: So we're making babies together? (Alpha)

Post by Alpha on June 6th 2015, 7:00 pm

The check up was a simple one really, blood tests, brain scans and the whole nine yards. Nothing Omega hadn't done before, so it would go by pretty quickly for the three of them. Alpha had a feeling they wouldn't feel to nervous around Omega, he just had a certain way about him that most of the children found comforting really. It was part of the reason that so many of the children preferred Omega to Alpha, aside form the fact they were likely to see him more unless they specifically went out of their way to be around Alpha. So he would do the whole thing where he assured them, went through with the test and within a span of thirty minutes the tests for each them was done, much to Alpha relief. Ryan had been the most hesitant with the whole thing, but that might have just been his nature in general.

”See, that wasn't too bad.” Omega said patting the boy on the head, illiciting a smile from them as they sort of just walked back over to Alpha. He didn't really have much trouble with any of them, which was good for him. ”Okay, they don't seem to have anything wrong as far as I can tell mentally. They're brains are actually well developed.” Omega noted while the whole blood test thing continued. ”It might take a small while for the blood test however, so feel free to do whatever for the next thirty minutes.”


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Re: So we're making babies together? (Alpha)

Post by Red on June 8th 2015, 1:12 am

So Lucius arrived in one of the smaller labs in the facility, it seemed to have all the equipment he needed, so he began. He was testing this blood to see what exactly the inclusion of his DNA did, and if it gave them a meta gene. Not to his surprise, it was gone. How could one show the powers of a meta gene....without showing the actual gene? A curious thing, very curious. Even though he expected it, he was still amazed. His expertise was the meta gene, and this was a blow to everything he thought he knew, a blow to a ton of his research as well. But perhaps this science would be beneficial in some of those experiments, he would test it further sure, but as of now, he had kids to get to know. Walking back into the office/nursery, Lucius held the vile with a sly smirk across his face.

"Quite extraordinary. Its hard to tell now, but from what i can see, you three may be some of the most powerful of you're kind. No defects, you're DNA is perfect in many regards." Lucius said, setting the blood filled vile on a holding rack. This got a smile from Isalia, and Lucas seemed excited, but pretty confused. They didn't know what to expect, and neither did Lucius. Once they got their powers, it would be like Christmas morning.



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