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The Seraph's Sword (Advancement page)

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The Seraph's Sword (Advancement page)

Post by Zodiac on May 14th 2015, 1:03 am

Styx, The Gentleman's companion
: A three piece set. The first being a the sword that this advancement take part of. It's a highly durable weapon that could survive incredible amounts of punishment. The second piece is a simple RP mechanic which is a cane, and the third part is an attachment on the exosuit prototype, which appears to be a type of shield mechanic. This multi weapon can mash together to become a large axe-like construct, which unfurls and collapses into a spear-like weapon.

Advancement description: Adds a sword with gold trim and black on the interior, significant and beautiful silver swirls and elegant design on the interior. An ebony metallic cane with an ivory wolf head at the top of the handle. One of a kind and irreplicable. Looks like this. With gems in the eyes. The spear appears to be that of gold, adorned with ebony markings and silver swirls. The tip of the spear is not solid but is rather two separate blades with a space between them.

Advancement abilities: Adds an impressive sword to Seraph's arsenal. Adds an RP mechanic cane. Sword is particularly useful against highly durable people. Can become a spear is connected with the cane.

Advancement Weaknesses: The weapon's melee power is not effective against those with lesser durability. The lower your durability, the less this weapon will hurt you. (ex: Unable to cut paper, but able to gash nearly indestrucable skin.)
Advancement cost: 5xp

Acheron, The Gentleman's Charm

Advancement description: A simplistic charm of a wolf's head crafted in a golden colored metal while holding a very, very unique wolf fang. similar to this picture. Larger though.

Advancement abilities: Item abilites lie dormant until Advancement 5.

Advancement Weaknesses: None
Advancement cost: 10xp

The Gentleman's Steed, Phlegethon
Advancement description: a sleek, black old styled muscle car with a very distinguishable red hood ornament of a black wolf head with ruby eyes.
Advancement abilities: A plated, incredibly durable car, reinforced to handle incredible feats of damage. In addition, the car is equipped with flame thrusters in the back. Complete rotational 360 degree tires with secondary tire support. The car has the ability to fire on water, leaving a fire which even water does not quench in it's wake.
Advancement Weaknesses: None
Advancement cost: 15xp


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Re: The Seraph's Sword (Advancement page)

Post by Humanity on December 4th 2015, 9:32 pm




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Quote : "If you can call me a hero...the next shot's on you."

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Job : The Villain
Humor : I used to be the dragon king, but then I took a can of plot bullshit to the knee. I'm just waiting for my powers to "miraculously" come back now.
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Re: The Seraph's Sword (Advancement page)

Post by Savior on December 5th 2015, 2:02 am

Approved until stated otherwise

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Quote : "Insert Quote from Character Here" or etc.

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