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Pat's characters

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Pat's characters Empty Pat's characters

Post by Alpha May 13th 2015, 4:41 pm

Pat's characters Tumblr_m2fgrcF2Xl1qh9icuo1_500
Apex- Sean Collin
Sean Collin is the son of the infamous Crimson Witch Elena Marie, not that it would come up too often in conversation. Initially he had been the dreaded Ti’taen lord Thanatos but thanks to the intervention of the existential Archon, the two were separated and he became APEX. Works for The Agency, a group that works to keep meta-humans under control and protects humanities interests, one of their ultimate weapons in the effort. Part time hero and full time ass kicker.

Pat's characters Large
Damian Miles/Atlas
A hero that many would venture to call the strongest and perhaps in physical power he's somewhere up there. Forged through the latest of genetic engineering, he is what you would call the top of the line in metahuman weapons save for the fact he was created to be a hero. He's a walking, talking hero complex with a human form, and does what he can do to save people, and defeat the bad guys. His sense of morality is rather black and white, mostly due to a stringent upbringing making him unable to see grey where others would be able to.

Pat's characters VA0eMXv

The Archangel/ Hyperion
Son of the Existential Archon and that one Apex guy, only half of a whole Archangel is a naturally kind person that does what they can to help people. That makes things difficult when they're having to deal with Hyperion always getting in their way, but life is as it is. They work with the angelic themed hero group Seraphim, holding the title of Gabriel.

Hyperion's theme

Pat's characters Tumblr_inline_mjs3j8m5S21qz4rgp

Travis Masters – Alpha
Alpha is first of his line of test tube children, an attempt for human perfection and something else entirely. Whether or not that actually worked was unknown, but it is known that he is powerful within his own abilities. He  leads an underground family of test tube projects much like him, hoping to have his family take over as the dominant species in time. When not acting as Alpha, he takes the persona of Travis Masters, a well known humanitarian and actor who many would consider to do more good than the heroes down on the streets fighting crime. A token perfect boy in almost every way, and the one responsible for the completion of The Vanguard suit.

Alpha's theme

Pat's characters Tumblr_maqcdkpHl41rula8b
Colin Wright – Vanguard
Son of one of the most brilliant minds in the world Aaron Wright, Colin is the youngest of his three sons. Carrying the guilt of knowing he was responsible for his mother’s death, he is the only human in a family of meta-humans. He works for Masters Pharmaceuticals and pilots the suits created by his late father known as The Vanguard suit. A powerful piece of technology that allows him to fight almost any meta-human or superpowered being on equal footing.

Pat's characters Tumblr_inline_mrlfoviJtW1qz4rgp
Ryan Lester – Deluge
A powerful hydro and cryokintic, Ryan is a meta-human that actually really hates his powers. He is affiliated with the hero group Prodigy and tends to do a lot of the mission work involving the group as a whole, living in their base which is a mansion actually. Ryan is what many would call dim, and that can be blamed on a lack of proper education, meaning he can barely read and his mathematic skills are abysmal at best. (Well, he can now thanks to a certain vigilante by the name of Humanity) Still, he has a sort of heroic streak within him and will try to help people however he can, even if that means getting hurt.

Pat's characters M5Lrb5S
Ryan Masters/Scion
Son of the masked villain Alpha and the now ruler of of Belarus Lucius Alba through the same process that has made many other powerful metahuman children, he has found himself given the position of being the next Alpha. Born with high expectations already on his shoulders, as well as with a shy disposition, he tries his best to live up to those expectations. Luckily he had family that are willing to help him with that.

Pat's characters Tumblr_m5afvg379R1ql9rca
Sebastian Lazos/Espada
Ignore the  bored face above,Espada is far from boring but he is probably bored. He's your friendly neighborhood shadow dude, doing what he wants, when he wants and don'r give a damn about what you want him not to do. Likely to be found in Chicago, but you'll likely find him anywhere he feels like being. If there's someone to piss off, he's likely pissed them off more than once. Not exactly the best ally, but should you find yourself on his friend list, well he is perhaps the most loyal friend one could find. Otherwise, well trolling is all you can expect really.

Pat's characters Tumblr_n5juk9gpvq1ttqo5qo1_500-gif
Patrick marks/Withdrawl
A human vigilante, he works to deal with crime usually in the area of Los Angeles. Riddled with far too many insecurities, and eccentric within their own right, the name is accurate to describe their personality more than anything else. Occasionally, and more frequently working with the vigilante Drifter, he finds himself workings as a defacto and ignored moral compass.

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Pat's characters CjhXQha
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Pat's characters HYoynRj
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Pat's characters Empty Re: Pat's characters

Post by Champion January 28th 2016, 8:06 pm

Updated and stuff
Post Mate
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Pat's characters Empty Re: Pat's characters

Post by Jordan Reynolds April 19th 2016, 5:58 pm

No longer up to date. Will fix that at some point.
Jordan Reynolds
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