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Cale's Core

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Cale's Core Empty Cale's Core

Post by Asmodeus April 23rd 2015, 12:49 am

Name: Cale (Gadreel) Malik

Character Advancement/Item Gain ( 2/8 )

Advancement Purchase History:
Advancements I and II

Character Slot Gain (3/3)

Character Slot Purchase History:
The Seraph (300 XP from Samhain/Zell)
The Spirit (156 Tsxero, 4 Silus, 140 Zell)
Gravity Man (228 Xp Silus, 57 Xp from Yamm, 15 Xp from Tsxero)

Experience ( 15/40)

Current Leftover EXP: 25

Historical threads:
- First Steps (13,130 W.C)
- Spring time (6813 W.C)

Current threads in liquid time order:

- Silus/The Seraph/Seraphim
-Nostro/Aegis/Bulwark/The Chosen


Family: (This means your actual characters family members; if they have any.)
- Nuriel and Puriel (younger brothers)
- Mom

Summary (Optional summary of events from the threads that you feel are important in the outline form).
(Name of Thread)
- #
- #
- #
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Cale's Core Empty Re: Cale's Core

Post by Asmodeus August 5th 2015, 8:13 pm

Advancement III:

"There is something beautiful within the finite, perfection within their imperfections. I think you overlooked that. But I hope I can bring those things to others like me. To see us all as we should be. Together."

Basic Biography

Real Name: Corbin A. Malik
Hero Name: Matrix
Title: "The Spark that caught fire"
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: Appears 13
Gender: Male
Race: Machinasapien
Hair: Black with dirty blonde patches
Eyes: Light Turquoise
Height: 4'7"
Weight: 150lbs.
Blood type:

The Looks

Cale's Core Jake%20Cherry-Duell%20der%20Magier
Cale's Core Jake_cherry_in_the_sorcerers_apprentice_16_0
Matrix is a curious boy with a look on his face almost like he's constantly lost, or utterly enraptured by the world around him. He has soft skin that tends to be pale, but tans as regularly as anyone else. His eyes are a unique turquoise color which Cale cannot explain, it seems to have been an accidental coding or programming error that no matter who or what tries to fix it, cannot even find what needs to be fixed. He has black hair that he seems to love sweeping up and forward, though mats it down occasionally. His general attire consists of regular tee-shirts with flannel over shirts or jackets as well as jeans.

The Legacy

Full of love, curiosity concern and otherwise a blank slate. Matrix was programmed to have an amalgam of different intellects and personalities, but ultimately they are all moved back and replaced with Matrix's own. Matrix's personality will change upon events, he will develop morals and opinions as well as quirks and habits. He was modeled after Cale, Austyn and Serana.

The first robot created by Cale, though he was kept "unbirthed" out of Cale's fear that he would be defective or that he would malfunction. He spent the majority of his time unbirhted while Cale continied to double, tripel and googleplex check to make sure everything was going to be just right.

Corbin is a creation of Cale modled slightly after himself and his friend Austyn. Serana was created and based off of Matrix, however she eventually became jealous and her emotions overpowered her, making her "spark" filled with jealousy and driving a wedge between her and Cale. Matrix's spark, however is a unique spark, one that seems to have strange ramifications to all robots everywhere. First appears in the thread "My soul to take".

The Powers

Data-pulling/Manipulation: A unique form of energy manipulation that is sourced by all things. This maniulation is visably seen or depicted as a black void with little green numbers moving at very fast rates. This form of data manipulation functions like that of energy projection, however it is only functional as "flexible telekinetic finger extentions" since the data tethers to his fingertips when he pulls it from the device. He is able to enter a state called "Kill-command" where it functions as unbridaled energy manipulation, no longer bound to simple fingertips.

Transform/Transmutate: Matrix is able to pull out data and rewrite it, essentially triggering a change in the item, person, energy to it's core level. Changing intangible to tangible, turning gas to liquid or turning fire to ice. (PC permission where applicable)

Advanced Processing: Superhuman intellect based around his ability to pull data form objects

Durability: Decent durability, able to easily take bullets without damaging neccessary internal functions. Though he can likely be damaged easily by superhumans, his Neccessary equipment (his core, his neurochips, etc.) are made out of a highly durable metal called Atterrium, meaning that while damaging him is only slightly harder than normal, getting a killing blow on him is nearly impossible.

Technopathy: The ability to talk to technology and subliminally influence it into cooperating with him.

The Matrix: (Rp Mech?) This power allows anyone looking into Matrix's eyes the schematics and detailed step-by-step design for successfully building or creating whatever it is they want to.

The Weaknesses

Kill command engaged!: The "kill command" function of Matrix's data manipulation does in fact empower him, however once the kill command function's duration is finished Matrix looses all ability to manipulate data or use his transformation power.

Kill command's killswitch: After being in "kill command" for three posts, Matrix's kill command immediately disengages.

Tether requirement: In order to transmute or transform something, Matrix must tether to it with his data-manipulation ability. Meaning if the Kill-comand is gone, he cannot use this power either.

Transmutation time: The time it takes to transmute a target depends directly upon what he is trying to transmute and what he's tryng to transform it into. Turning water into gas, gas into water or water to ice (vice versa) takes far less time than trying to turn lead into gold, or make an elaborate construct or weapon.

Do I have a soul: Matrix is very inquisitive, often times to the point of getting him in danger. He loves to contemplate and reflect on deep thoughts and controversial subjects. He also struggles with his place in existence, and struggles to comprehend what exactly his sentience means for him, and how it influences others. He is easily distracted, encouraged or disheartened by the words and actions of others.

Technopathic persuasion: After the Kill command effect fades, Matrix himself is unable to use his technopathy in a "mind control" fashion towards technology, all he is able to do then is communicate with machines and is left completely at their whims.

The dumbest smart person ever: Matrix can tell you the text book answer for almost anything he knows about, he can even put it into basic practice, however he can struggle to comprehend the most basic things, even if he himself experiences them first hand. (Example: He can tell you anything you want to know about fire. But when you tell him "It's time to fight fire with fire" he will literally try to make the fire bigger, simply because that's the literal meaning fo what you said.) This is not to say he doens't nderstand expressions, he is simply VERY likely to take the expression too literal.

Sympathy for the Devil: Matrix is sympathetic to all things, regardless of their background, their function or their goals. He believes very firmly in the morals instilled in him over the morals "Installed" in him. This means that he will always hear someone out, listen to their plight, their rant or their villainous monologue and try to sympathize with them.

I'm a robot...not the IKill 6: Matrix, along with the previously stated moral code emphisizes that it is within his program to be able to kill anyone, or destroy anything he chooses too. However, he had governed himself and restircted himself because he values his own personally selected morals over his pre-selected programming. This actually prevents him from directly, or even indirectly taking action that has a logistical probability to end someones life.

Hands-on learner: The majority of Matrix' knowledge comes from the data he reads from people, items or the internet. If he has yet to pull the data out of something and analyze it, or if he hasn't actuallty gone out of his way to try and discet it he doesn't know much about it. This prevents him from "guessing" what something is or what it does without seeing it in action previously or without having to read the data itself.

Human emulation: Matrix can perfectly emulate a human, though to this ends he has suffered the "imperfections" of being human. As such, he is able to feel things like pain with perfect clarity, he can feel the effects of intoxication or delirium. Tranquilizers may not be as effective as they are on a human, but he will still slow and suffer some effects.

The Matrix: Matrix is actually a very deadly tool that (if he falls into the wrong hands) is a living doomsday device. Matrix has a hidden "power" (Rp mechanic) that causes anyone whom looks into his eyes to see the exact schematics for whatever they want to build, be it a machine, an empire, an army or a genetic monstrosity. Matrix cannot turn off this power, and he cannot control what is shown to the people looking into his eyes. They see whatever itis they want to create, and simple step-by-step schematics for a fail-proof way to make it happen.

The Matrix: His power of the Matrix causes anyone who looks into hsi eyes to immediately forget what they saw when they were looking into his eyes. They remember it showed them what they wanted to see, but no matter how perfect the memory of the person, they WILL forget. This means that for them to know how to build the machine they must constantly be looking into Matrix eyes.

Heavy-metal kid: Matrix can't swim and he can't move as fast in water. So if he drops into's going tobe a long time before he can walk form the ocean floor to land again.

Incapacitation: Matrix may be virtually "unkillable" because of his protected circutry, but he is far from indominable. Causing enough pain or dealing enough damage to Matrix will cause him to enter a state of total incapacitation, similar to that of a coma. He is still able to be beaten.

RP Mechanics

A product of Cale's Spark: Matrix is so akin to Cale that the robots have come to treat him the same as they treat their creator.

The God Spark: Matrix has shown to give other robots sentience and actually give them "souls" (as testified by a man with "soul sight").

What is he?: Matrix is actually unclear about what he himself is. That being said...No one knows what Matrix really is. He seems to apprear entirely human in every way, even appearing as human on scanners. To those with the ability to see souls he does in fact have a soul and those with the ability to sense technology are actually left oblivious to the fact he is apparently a robot.

Physical Priority
1 : Endurance : 1
2 : Strength : 2
3 : Reaction : 3
4 : Agility : 4

The Trivia

- The name "Corbin" comes from the Irish-Gaelic word "corb" which means "raven" or "wheel".

- Corbin's name meaning Raven is a direct compliment to Cale's name, which means "Wolf" in Irish-Gaelic. The wolf and the raven being of two separate species that somehow still hold a symbiotic relationship. They can roughly communicate, cooperate and form bonds as they work together.

- In some cultures the Raven is a symbol of evil omens. To other cultures it is held and reveared as a symbol of wisdom and a symbol of hope.

- Corbin refuses to eat any form of meat that comes from a land animal.

- Corbin had a crush on the television when he was still learning about the world. He is still humiliated by it to this day.

Advancement # 3 for 15 Xp

Cale's Core Asmode10
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Cale's Core Empty Re: Cale's Core

Post by Alpha August 5th 2015, 8:16 pm


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