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Sweet sweet revenge (Khell and Ryan)

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Re: Sweet sweet revenge (Khell and Ryan)

Post by Khellendros on April 29th 2015, 2:24 am

"Lovely, ever the vindictive little shit aren't we Lucius?" Khell could only watch as the hole in the floor he made was sealed by the corrosive red energy Lucius produces, he prods it with Wrath before deciding that it isn't worth the effort to try and break through. "Is this fight really going to be between you and me while you try to murder a BOY? For all your bravado and supposed power, you seem to need to REALLY tip the scales to your favour in order to even try to win." Dropping the volume on his vocal speaker significantly he quickly forwards an idea to Ryan. "I have no clue how far your ability goes, but if you're able to do that water morph thing and latch onto my back or similar I'd have a much easier time destroying multiple surfaces while keeping you safer." Sheathing Wrath and drawing Surgeslinger, Khell starts letting loose with plasma shots in a barrage in Lucius' direction, most aimed at harming his opponent with some purposefully going wide to tax the floor and barrier surrounding the building.


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Re: Sweet sweet revenge (Khell and Ryan)

Post by Red on May 1st 2015, 8:10 pm

The boy was slippery even without his full array of abilities, if Lucius was to get rid of him he would need to change it up. Of course, no one could actually shut their mouths during a fight. Khell spoke up, throwing an insult or two that really didn't hit any mark. Then again, all insults directed at Lucius were less then nothing to him.

"What was the phrase.......all is fair in love and war." Lucius said simply in response. Fairness wasn't really a concept to him anymore, who was going to stop him from using a supposedly dirty tactic? Obviously not these two. Great generals throughout history didn't achieve anything through chivalry, and nether would he. This time Lucius saw the bolts coming, tracking them with his HUD he got ready to defend himself. Some of the energy arrows were obviously aimed at the building itself, Lucius knew he could only keep this building under his control for so long so he would press the attack. Three arrows came right at him, the first he simply side stepped, the second he fired an energy blast at to redirect, and the third he flew out of the way of with his thrusters. Now hovering Lucius could see the bolts did some damage to the building, nothing too critical but it couldn't keep it up forever.

"If your going to finish off the boy, do so quickly. With that knight person obviously trying to destroy the buildings containment field i cannot say it will hold for long." Hector said telepathically. The AI was right, if he was going to get Ryan out of the way he needed to quit playing around. His next attack wouldn't help the shield problem, but perhaps it would get rid of the need for it. Channeling energy within his core for a second or two he unleashed the mysterious corrosive light in large quantities. The pulse was both terrifying and destructive, but Lucius made sure to minimize damage to the shield using the same method he did to avoid destroying his own gear.

The near translucent energy would travel outward at high speeds from Lucius, enveloping the entire inside of the building more or less. It was like a crimson explosion, both acidic and fiery. Horrifying yes, but quite pretty if you looked at it like you would fireworks. After the pulse ceased burn marks could be seen all along the walls and ceiling. The shield was now making a hissing sound and spiting with electricity, wouldn't be long before Lucius would lose his box.


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Re: Sweet sweet revenge (Khell and Ryan)

Post by Eric Slattery on May 2nd 2015, 2:20 am

Ryan was getting really annoyed by this guy, and for all of the right reasons. They had met once and already the guy wanted to murder him, that was just so wrong in so many ways. It was cowardly, but villains were cowards, always fighting underhandedly because they knew they couldn’t win otherwise. Also, this guy was perhaps the reason people feared meta-humans more than anything else, the way he killed people without regard. He needed to be stopped but there was nothing Ryan could do, not while he was being attacked, not while he didn’t have access to his own element of all things. It was then that he actually thought about something, that the field should have some kind of limit but Ryan doubted he could do anything without being attacked. All he wished for in that moment was that there was someone that could help him, little did he know that his wish would be realized, just not before his eyes.

Ryan was busy trying not to die, and the attack that came next from Lucius, well that was something he could not avoid, something he could not block. The attack came in the form of a pulse that came outwards from the villain, there was no room to dodge and turning into his water form would have only lead to him being evaporated. If anything, Ryan knew the fiery acid was bad, and he couldn’t let it hit him. Almost as if acting upon that thought, all of the moisture from his clothing rapidly pooled outwards into an impromptu shield, not by any means thick but it did absorb enough of the force to keep it from killing Ryan. The frail ice shattered and he was thrown back, a large amount of burning pain lancing through his right side, mostly around his arm, midsection and upper leg, throwing all senses to hell.

The wall met him with a thwack, consciousness nearly leaving Ryan was he sort of slid down against the wall. It was about now he really wanted his powers to start working again, though the sound of something pounding could be heard ever distinctly, even with his ringing ears. It was as if a large first were slamming against the barrier that had enveloped the building, inhuman almost in force as likely it would go down in only a few more hits. Now he was completely defenseless thought, his clothing had been singed and burnt, the flesh that had been hit was likely not going to be any better. It was pure agony, and took all Ryan had not to want to cry from the pain alone. He wasn’t a warrior, just a child in pain.

Attempts to stand up were fruitless, as they only lead to him falling down again. He really needed someone to help, Silus or Cale would have not been out of place, but something told him they wouldn’t be there to save him. He was royally screwed.
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Re: Sweet sweet revenge (Khell and Ryan)

Post by Sponsored content

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