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Caged Bird Singing (closed to Alpha)

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Caged Bird Singing (closed to Alpha) Empty Caged Bird Singing (closed to Alpha)

Post by Thorgron April 11th 2015, 1:46 pm

Tuck away into the lush Argentinian jungle, the sound of low moans crept through brush. Ten people, men and women marched in a strange circular formation, their shuffling gates giving the impression that something might be wrong with them. Each of them was decked out in a wide array of clothing. Amongst them; a Somali warlord, a suburban housewife from the midwest, two United states border patrol officers, a handful of villagers from a northern Mexican village and n elegantly dressed Hispanic gentleman. But nothing of their identities seemed to remain. All of their eyes were glazed over and drool dripped lazily from their open maws. And at the center of their "zombie parade" was a man of great stature, his gate one of purpose and determination. The crown atop his head locked firmly into his jaw and covered his entire mouth, rendering all verbal communication impossible. So no sound escaped from him as he lifted his right hand and his thralls about him stopped dead in their tracks then turned outwards from the circle. The King had come here to be alone and now he could here something moving in the jungle around him. Each thrall scanned the jungle searching for the source of the noise. Then without warning a jaguar sprung from a patch of foliage to the right of the group aiming for one of the thralls. Without conscious thought the thralls shifted to the side, putting the jungle cat in a direct path to The Broken King. Cocking back his far hand, The King would bring it up to the jaguar's jaw with great force, stopping its head but allowing the momentum from its jump to push the jaguar's body beneath it. With his other forearm he would drive into the cat's chest, tackling it to its back on the ground. Thrashing with fangs and teeth the Jaguar struggle to right itself but The King would not tolerate this senseless attack. Taking both of his hands he would hold the jaguar's head in place then force it hard against the ground. With the thud the animal's limbs fell limp, but its chest settled into a slow rhythmic beat. There was a time when The Broken King would have killed the animal without mercy. But he was a different man now, looking only for solitude and peace.

Caged Bird Singing (closed to Alpha) Pbucket
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Caged Bird Singing (closed to Alpha) Empty Re: Caged Bird Singing (closed to Alpha)

Post by Alpha April 12th 2015, 8:52 pm

The lush jungle was wild in a manner of speaking, everything lost within an endless brush of trees and whatever else there may have been. Omega had warned against the venture, but Alpha wanted to follow a lead personally, so he had gone out. Others had wanted to go with him, yet this time he went out alone, without a single person to aid him. He had something in mind and no one would stop him, so strong was his determination. All around him this jungle stretched, seemingly endless and yet he knew differently. He couldn't help but frown at the insects that buzzed about him, one succumbing to an unknown pressure that reduced it to nothing.

”Where are you?” He muttered softly, letting the low utterance go lost within the quiet. Alpha had dressed as he usually did, black pants with a black shirt under a black jacket, minus the mask he usually wore so proudly. He had a feeling he wouldn't need it, not here of all places and so he would continue on into the dense jungle. One thing drew him onwards and that was the possibility of a being that contained unlimited knowledge, possibly the knowledge of thing beyond their own universe, if his ears were to be believed. There had been other stories, of things that made this venture seem less desirable but he had no time to waste on what ifs.

Whether or not he succeeded, his time was short anyway. What had caught his attention was movement through the underbrush, rustling that suggested something was moving somewhere near by. Wit arms crossed over his chest, he would maneuver through the brush, happening upon a scene. That being an unknown man standing over a downed beast, seemingly having struck it down with his own two hands. Standing not so far from them was a small group of people, dressed differently, almost jarringly so. Another thing about them that caught his eye was an almost blank expression across their faces, as if they themselves held no minds, as if they were nothing.

No thoughts reached from them that his telepathy could registers, which made him wonder if they were even humans. Stepping out of the brush, he made himself known to them. ”You are a hard man to find.” He said letting his voice sound off within the quietness of the forest, a birds cry audible in the distance. ”If you are the man i'm looking for anyway.” He then added approaching without a care in the world it would seem.

Caged Bird Singing (closed to Alpha) CjhXQha
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