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All That Glitters [invite]

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All That Glitters [invite] - Page 3 Empty Re: All That Glitters [invite]

Post by Artemis May 5th 2015, 9:54 am

"Are you going to fight me or are you too chicken shit?" said Opal getting into a fighting stance. As it stood at the moment This man couldn't really touch her and she could touch him but not be two effective. Opal went over possibly options in her mind, trying to figure out what to do. All she got where two options: Take his sword or us his own strength against him. Both of which seemed do able as he could barely touch her as it stood. Side stepping the blade of wind she darted towards Deathbringer. She didn't exactly have much time to think. In that case time to start with her counter attack.


"That doesn't tell me what you want. You saved my life so you obviously want something in return and even though you are a meta-human you are hoping my honor will keep me to my promises correct?" said Natalia staring blankly at the TV. Natalia was furious, not just at her daughter but herself. She should of seen this coming, Opal always wanted to help people. She was like that since she was a child although Natalia had no idea who she got it from, probably her grandfather. But Natalia was actually kind of impressed with her daughter's fighting. Although she didn't know where it originated from. Natalia never signed her up for self defense, she would always assign guards to her. She never wanted her daughter to fight.

"Not really, they chose this for themselves. However you are not the only person I owe. Do you see that girl, the one fighting the man with the sword? She saved my life. I want you to pay her back for me. She is out numbered and I don't believe that man will keep that fight one verses one for much longer. Teleport her somewhere safe and away from that rally. Do this for me and I will do whatever you want me to do and more. Does that sound fair?" asked Natalia. It was has to keep her voice from cracking as she talked about her daughter. The CEO's eyes never wavered from the TV, trying to think of why Opal would fight. She recognized the extremely quick reaction times. That was a sign of her seismic sense, the only power Natalia thought Opal had. Long before Opal knew her mother's stance on meta-humans she recognized the signs that came with seismic sense. Although those signs were hidden by Opal once she fully understood Natalia's public stance. Natalia never though she had another power, she never showed signs and to be completely honest her daughter was a horrible liar and unlike Natalia who could steady the ground to hide her lies Opal never could do that.

Natalia's brain went crazy as she thought of what Opal's power could be and after minutes of silence came upon one solution, her fighting. Her level of fighting was extremely high for some reason. Could it be because of that week in LA? She did return rather brusied up but that was one week, there was no way she could of gotten to that level in such a shor- then it hit her. Opal always caught onto things fast, even if she didn't always understand what she was doing. Natalia always chalked it up to Opal being extremely smart and a natural at most things she tries. Could that be her power? Could that even be considered a power? It was the only thing Natalia could think of.

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All That Glitters [invite] - Page 3 Empty Re: All That Glitters [invite]

Post by Forceaus May 19th 2015, 1:00 am

With this day already won, Deathbringer was allowing this young superheroine the chance to retreat and save herself. The thing was, she wasn't taking that chance and was acting like he was refusing to fight. He wasn't refusing to fight, nor was he afraid too. In fact, he laughed at her claim that he was afraid. No fear was present within him. Deathbringer was just not interested in fighting anymore today, but that seemed to be beyond her comprehension.

"Your idiocy is immeasurable, dear girl. In case you haven't realized the obvious by now, I have been fighting you, and it's been a complete waste of time." he said as he saw her dodge the wind blade he sent flying at her. "Oh just die already, will you?" he thought when he saw that happen. The girl was running at him again as if she expected something to work for her. "You're wasting your time." he said and swung the sword to unleash another wind blade. "You're not going to accomplish anything by fighting me, but go ahead and continue to demonstrate failure. I don't mind taking my time killing you. I've already won this day, I'll enjoy this little added incentive." he told her without a care in the world as to what she was trying to do.

After this was done and over with, he would go about finding that strange man and make him suffer for interfering. He could also finish off the Duval woman even if he didn't plan on killing her in the first place. Might as well clean up all possible loose ends though. Speaking of loose ends, there was still Alpha whom betrayed the Ultra gang. That was a matter that would need to be addressed.

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All That Glitters [invite] - Page 3 Empty Re: All That Glitters [invite]

Post by The Doctor May 23rd 2015, 5:04 pm

Tsxero still really had nothing to do, so he figured he'd give the signal...and by that he sneezed. Boom, cannon ball. Stargirl would likely be feeling a whopping force of magic to the back of the head. Well it was magical energy that basically made Tsxero's punches look like a pillow fight. If she somehow miraculously dodged it then that was a different story. If not then Tsxero would need to pretend to fight his brother whom had returned from his capture of Alpha. If she got hit she would likely be knocked out and allow everyone else to progress in the storyline unhindered and unwaiting. Yay teamwork. But seriously, if she somehow managed to dodge that it's impressive.

  Samhain kept to the deal and snapped his fingers. He could play ignorant for the time being, but in the end all he cared about was that information got where it needed to go. Opal would suddenly glow and then turn into smoke as she was teleported across the world and was now perfectly safe inside an ancient pyramid. " Dearie... I've saved your savior, became your savior and am about to get you your little friend back. Well...not YOUR friend but I'm thinking he's a friend of a "friend" of someone you might or might not know... oh for the love of God. I know he's useful. I'm going to give you what you need to get him back." Samhain said with a little smile. Withdrawing form his jacket a little piece of highly advanced technology. This wasn't Natalia's area of expertise but it was quite obviously very valuable and of course it was bearing the Gene-Tech logo on it. "UI think about...two days from now at around 7 pm a certain someone will be contacting the Ultra gang and demanding their useful ally be returned to the, The gang won't listen and all out war will break out and neither side will win...UNLESS... That someone had a bartering chip I just so happen to KNOW they gang wanted." He said with a little smile. He stood and took a pen and piece of paper and wrote down an address.

  "This person would be wise to give them an address conveniently lost on the floor...whoops...and a certain item I managed to forget and leave in here...and then they should see that the item reaches that address...and then said person would have their ally back...whomever that may be. Are we good? Good, I need to wipe my memory now. Tootles." Samhain said as he walked off without another word. What was up with this guy? Friggin weirdo.

All That Glitters [invite] - Page 3 The_do10
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