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One who believes he is God. Enter the ungodly amount of force. (Arc Application)

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One who believes he is God. Enter the ungodly amount of force. (Arc Application)

Post by The Perfect Sandwich on March 5th 2015, 3:18 am

A r c  N a m e

Arc name
One who believes he is God. Enter the ungodly amount of force.

I n f o r m a t i o n

Reason for this quest:
I don't know a reason so here is this....

In dawn a city sleeps with boredom grasped nothing special will happen unless it is by the will of someone in power. Suddenly *GGrrusshh* the ground starts shaking making a few things in the house shake around and fall to the floor. Glass shattering and pots banging around was not the best alarm clock. People automatically start calling and announcing earthquakes but they came out of no where and the advanced system's of man could not predict and give warning. With these thoughts people run out side to see any destruction, but only see the sun has gone away and the stars out with cracks running along some of the streets. "This was weird". This though pours into everyone's head while people turn on the TV for comfort. But no news except for warnings of unexpected earthquakes.

A few hours go by and *GGrrusshh*. Like again another one goes off without warning and it was much stronger. It collapsed a few buildings making the epicenter near a school. It was off the outskirts of town but it was easily felt by people in the downtown center of the town. people were in a panic and scurried about some gathering belongings and leaving others waiting it out to see if it would pass. But no luck they only got worse and now news of this was spreading quickly across the nation threw Youtube and the news.

Surely everyone would see this and people would respond. Again a few hours later another one goes off and it is expanding and coming down harder and faster. What was it? Was something coming? Could it or this problem be stopped?

Explanation of quest


  • Task 1 Collect in an area and meet who you are working with.
  • Task 2 Go to the source of the problem.
  • Task 3 Find out what is causing it.
  • Task 4 Stop what comes through.
  • Task 5 The people fight will soon learn what exactly leads the forces in and where they come from.
  • Task 6 The will fight with no success until someone figures out that their are people in the armies with a bit of distortion of marking and a higher, greater power. After killing off one the main boss will get weaker.
  • Task 7 After fighting all 7 generals main boss will begin to fight with much greater power than before.
  • [color=gold]Task 8/color] Kill main boss or he will kill you... no one can stand up to him alone.

Other Information

This will be the bosses weakness, and powers he posseses.

D i f f i c u l t y

Difficulty Level >>> Amount of Words Required

I'm at least hoping:
Legendary : 5000 Words

R e w a r d s

  • Reward 1 This might make alliances and if not its for the thrill and good exp.
  • Reward 2 If some reason you get an item from this good for you.

M i s c e l l a n e o u s
Miscellaneous information

You will work with the full charade of people and depending on how many people there are will determine the amount of bosses and/or boss w/army.

Will be determined when people join.

Character posting order here:

Boss(es) or Boss and Army here:

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Re: One who believes he is God. Enter the ungodly amount of force. (Arc Application)

Post by Jeannie Rose on March 5th 2015, 10:35 pm

sounds interesting, Laughing
Jeannie Rose

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