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Elena Vexus Advancement Purchases

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Elena Vexus Advancement Purchases Empty Elena Vexus Advancement Purchases

Post by Elena Vexus March 4th 2015, 9:46 pm

Item/Character Advancement Name: Erhöhen Kämpfen Geschicklichkeit

Item/Character Advancement Description: This utilizes the already existing microchips that area spread throughout Vexus' body. She has upgraded them to learn various programs to aid her in hand to hand combat.

Item Power(s): This is activated with a certain hand formation where specific microchips in her hand line up with each other. Afterwards, sparks can be seen jumping along Elena's body, some arching off her body to the ground creating a bit of a aura about her. Other various physical transformations can take place such as altered skin tone, change in eye color, pupil size, etc. The electrical charges that run through her body temporarily allow her to move her body at very extreme speeds while also dramatically increasing her strength. While also having memorized multiple fighting styles, she also programmed them into these chips. When in combat her mind works with the microchips to move her body accordingly enabling her to successfully fight against even the most skilled of combatants. At any given point, she can exert extreme bursts of speeds that an untrained eye would find impossible to follow however these cannot be sustained. She can also muster up enormous amounts of strength for single attacks, but not consecutive streams of attacks.

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es): 1)The electrical pulses that keep this power active are much stronger than the ones the body uses naturally. This is because they need to over power the natural signals that the brain is sending, because of this keeping this ability active is excruciatingly painful. The electricity tears Vexus apart from the inside out, even though her high healing factor compensates for most of the damage the pain is still there. The extreme stress from the increased strength and speed also cause internal damage from muscles tearing due to them not being conditioned for this level of use.
2) Because this ability utilizes all of the microchips in her body, it prevents her from using the other abilities that require the chips for activation. (Drachenatem, Ocean Rache, Allmächtigen Blitz.)
3)Her Celestial Eye can be utilized while this ability is active, however it is extremely dangerous. Any damage taken would be much more severe. Punch would bruise more and much easier, a cut would bleed more, etc. Due to her regeneration compensating for not only the damage being done by this ability, but also for that of the Celestial Eye. In addition, because of her greater speed her Technomatter sometimes has difficulty keeping up with her either to aid in offense or defense.

Item/Character Advancement Price: Advancement #1=5Exp


Item/Character Advancement Name: Vorverdichtet Zerstörung

Item/Character Advancement Description: This ability was inspired by her work on her Reality Gauntlet. With some of the discovers she made in the creation of that tool, she used that information in developing this technique. Using the microchips implanted in her body (in addition to new ones installed for this particular advancement), they conjure a very large amount electricity which is then used to charge particles of Technomatter flowing throughout her body. While her Celestial Eye is active, this technomatter is then concentrated and then released through a single point of her body. The exit point can be, but are not limited to, her hands, a single finger, mouth, or any combination of those. This charged form of Technomatter is a glowing white fluid versus a dull silver like sand.

Item Power(s): This form of supercharged Technomatter can instantly convert the matter in direct contact with it into Technomatter. The conversion happens automatically and cannot be 'switched off'. The Technomatter can be manipulated into different offensive and defensive forms varying in size, or just as its traditional fluid form. It can also be concentrated into various shapes after creation and then fired. Once they make contact with their target they will quickly expand and transform everything within the blast into Technomatter. The radius of the blast depends on how much of the Technomatter is condensed. This supercharged form of the Matter moves significantly faster than its original counterpart. This Super Matter can convert intangible substances which can include, but are not limited to, fire, electricity, light, radiation, air, etc.

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es): 1) This technique requires the Celestial Eye to be active, negating her regenerative abilities.
2) Continued use of the Supercharged Matter will force deactivation of the Celestial Eye. Prolonged or extensive use will damage the users vision, perception of depth, speed, size etc., cause the user's eye to bleed, and also prevent reactivation for extended periods of time.
3) Due to Vexus' lack of magical ability, this Supercharged form of Technomatter is unnatural and forced making it extremely difficult for her to adequately manipulate and even create. With only one Celestial Eye she can generally manage to perform a single offensive or defensive move before the Eye is forced into submission.
4) When the Supercharged Technomatter converts other matter, that substance becomes regular uncharged Technomatter. The original state of the Technomatter cannot be manipulated simultaneously with the Supercharged state.
5) Because Vexus cannot deactivate the conversion process of matter, she is also vulnerable to being transformed into Technomatter.
6) If another form of matter is being manipulated by an individual (whether tangible or otherwise) the Supercharged Technomatter cannot convert it.

Item/Character Advancement Price: Advancement #2=10Exp


Item/Character Advancement Name: The Celestial Arm

Item/Character Advancement Description: This arm has been imbedded with 10 separate Faux Celestial Eyes with one addition linking eye in her right socket. They are spread out across the arm from the palm, back of the hand and along the arm up to the elbow. This is a left arm that had been stolen from an angel and modified with the DNA of an incredibly durable Metalhuman. To further enhance the durability of the arm and also to help it withstand the immense amount of energy passing through it she also replaced the veins, arteries, nerves etc. with carbon nanotubes. The 11 total eyes she used were taken from other magical beings in order for them to properly function. She created this arm with intention of making the Supercharged Technomatter a more practical form of offense and defense. When not in use, the arm is covered with a layer of flesh woven from carbon nano tubes that protects the eyes and keeps them dormant while also hiding them and giving the arm a very normal appearance. To activate the eye she puts her hands through a specific sequence of formations, which then causes the microchips in her arm to unravel the nanotubes.

Item Power(s): Each eye, faux or otherwise, is capable of utilizing the supercharged Technomatter once giving Vexus exactly 12 uses at maximum. With the extra eyes it provides additional control and stability of the Supercharged Matter allowing easier manipulation of the substance. Due to the enhancements of this left arm it has been altered to be unaffected by the conversion of the technomatter. Even when the arm is not active it requires a very significant amount of power to damage it. If the arm manages to be severed from her body at the shoulder, it can be reattached and healed rather quickly.

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es): 1) The eyes on the arm will remain active until all 10 have been utilized.
2) The Faux Celestial Eyes cannot manipulate the standard form of Technomatter.
3) Creating and/or manipulating larger and/or more complex amounts of the Supercharged Technomatter can cause more than one eye to close simultaneously.
4) Any use of the Supercharged Technomatter, no matter how minuscule, will result in at least one of the Eyes closing.
5)The SuperCharged matter will normally dissipate after use, though sustaining its presence for an extended period of time will cause eyes to close more quickly and place an enormous strain on the user's body.
6) If the arm is damaged in any way, whether active or dormant, it cannot regenerate.
7) At minimum, at least of the Celestial Eyes in her right or left eye must be active for the Celestial Arm to work, which negates her regenerative abilities.
(The arm can only be used once per topic.)

Item/Character Advancement Price: Third Advancement: 15Ep


Item/Advancement Name: Doppelgänger

Item/Advancement Description: This takes advantage of Elena's ability to regenerate rapidly in order to create a second fully functioning body. There are two ways in which Vexus can create this second body. If a large portion of her body is removed, then the portion severed will regenerate into a full standing Elena Vexus. The other option requires her to remain motionless for a period of time and forcibly increase her regeneration so that a clone of her emerged from her body. This method requires another hand formation that activates some of the microchips in her body which help stimulate the regeneration process. In order to expedite the first meths of creating the clone, Vexus has created new swords fro her bodyguard. They are composed of a concentrated Supercharged Technomatter that he can extend and retract to a predetermined length with just a click of a button. These he can use to bisect Elena if needed, as well as serving as an excellent new weapon. This ability also works in tandem with her new body which was required after the first field test of her Celestial Arm.

Item/Advancement Power(s): Once the clone has fully recovered, it has the same elemental, physical, and regenerative abilities as Elena. Their visions are shared which allow for perfectly timed and synchronized attacks. In addition to the vision, they also essentially have a shared mind. What one knows, the other knows. The clone will come to life wearing whatever Elena has on, and the clothes will regenerate with her body. If Vexus is finished with the clone and no longer needs its assistance, she can detonate it in a devastating explosion.

Item/Advancement Weakness:
1) The clone cannot utilize any Celestial Eyes or arm. Faux or otherwise.

2) The clone cannot manipulate Technomatter.

3) Unlike the main body, the clone can be killed by decapitation.

4) The severed part of the body must be more than just a arm or leg. There needs to be more material for the clone to grow off of.

5) The severed part of the body must completely finish growing into an entire person, if it is destroyed or damaged during the process it will simply stop.

6)This cannot take place if her regeneration ability is inactive. (i.e. when the Celestial Eye/Arm is active)

7)Only one clone can be created at a time.

Item/Advancement Price: Advancement #4: 20Exp


Item/Advancement Name: Verordnung

Item/Advancement Description: With the new body she has acquired, Elena has included new self-producing microchips. However these she can release into her surroundings in order to manipulate them. They can exit from any part of her body that is touching the object she wishes to control. The largest difference between these, and the other ones she utilizes in her body is that these are significantly smaller. Billions can cram themselves into a singe drop of blood. When they enter an object, they spread out in a grid like formation that give Elena the best control over the object.

Item/Advancement Power(s): These microchips are linked to the larger ones that are placed throughout her body. This allows her to freely manipulate whatever they are injected into. Things that she can manipulate with these chips include, but are not limited to, any sort of rock or ground, metals, plants, water, ice, some forms of energy such as fire and electricity. Basically anything that she can touch she can then control. The chips are very durable and can sustain forms of energy like fire and electricity for a fairly decent amount of time before they burn out. Elena is really only limited to her imagination as to what she can so with the manipulated substance.

Item/Advancement Weakness:

1) She cannot control living things. (unless with permission)

2) The microchips cannot be injected through any obstacle, whether clothing or otherwise. There must be direct contact between Elena and the object she wishes to control.

3) The large the object, higher quantity of an object or heavier weight of the object to be controlled the more microchips are needed, and the longer she has to remain in contact with the object.

4) The heavier, larger, or higher quantity of objects to be manipulated will cause a delay in manipulation from reaction of the user to the movement of the object itself. The manipulated substance will additionally become gradually slower depending on the mass/size/quantity. It also requires more focus and concentration to adequately control.

5) As long as the objects are composed of the same or similar components, they can be controlled together. She cannot, for example, control fire and water simultaneously.

6) If a Doppelgänger has been created, it cannot utilize these smaller microchips in order to control various objects and substances.
Item/Advancement Price: Advancement #5: 25Exp


Item/Advancement Name: Ancient Magical Codex

Item/Advancement Description: This is an ancient instructional book on how to utilize magic. Vexus only recently became aware to the near endless amount of magic ability that she has to access due to her extended possession of the Celestial Eye. When coming in to ownership of this ancient book, Elena immediately began utilizing it in order to use her own personal magic ability to its full extent. Due to the ancient nature of the magic that Elena now possesses it is extremely potent and can be difficult to control at times. This older magic also still utilizes magic circles to aid in casting spells.

Item/Advancement Power(s): In essence, this new magic replaces her need to her Fire, Water, and Lightning creating attacks that would normally damage her. She can now cast destructive elemental spells varying in power. Fire, water, lightning and newly wind spells can be cast in terms of offense. She has elemental earth spells that allow for effective defense, and supplementary healing spells. The power of the spell depends on the number of 'magic circles' that appear before the spell is released. The number of circles typically ranges from 1 to 5. A number of circles 6 or higher are generally elementally combined attacks or defenses. She has a single Darkness Elemental Spell which utilizes no less than 10 Spell Circles. It is her most powerful attack and she has not yet cast it in any situation, she does believe however that she would lose her life if ever brought to using this spell. Vexus can conjure spell circles with her hands, fingers representing the number of circles, or a chant. She can focus on a specific area, even if it is at quite a distance, and create circles away from her immediate person. The circles can also vary in size. This only changes the physical size of an attack and the area it can hit. However the smaller a spell circle, the more condensed the attack will become. A multi-layer spell condensed down can prove to be extremely destructive with devastatingly explosive properties.
The power of a single circle attack has enough energy behind it to decimate a sky scraper, a five layer attack has the capability of leveling mountains. In testing these magic abilities she has also discovered that utilizing a three layer lightning spell circle and running Technomatter through them will convert it into her Supercharged Technomatter. Any of the elemental spells that she utilizes with five magic circles (or more) turns black in color.

Her defensive magic consists of utilizing surrounding elements. Her magic then exerts an amount of force that cannot be obtained with any mechanical device in order to condense the elements as dense as physics allows to create an absolute defense. The size and shape of the defense can vary depending on how many magic circles are utilized and Vexus' own imagination. A single circle defense spell allows for a shield with durability properties close to that of a diamond. A Five layer defense spell could, in theory, protect Vexus from the force equivalent of a Supernova. Experiments with these spells has allowed Vexus to stop the spells mid way through allowing her to just apply the otherworldly force to a designated area. The amount of force exerted depends on the number of magic circles. However utilizing a five layer spell with only the force may slightly warp space.

Her healing magic is not as powerful as her offensive and defensive spells. This magic is especially unique due to the fact that she is manipulating the flow of time in a small, very specific, pocket of space. She can use these on herself and others in order to 'undo' damage that has been caused. The number of spell circles for this magic alters how fast an injury is healed. One circle could reverse severe internal damage, where five could completely restore a body that had been turned to ash.

Spell Circles:

Item/Advancement Weakness:

1) Without activating her Celestial Eye, she can only perform magical attacks utilizing no more than three spell circles.

2) Her healing abilities can only be utilized when her Celestial Eye is active.

3) The spell circles are rather obvious, making stealth attacks nearly impossible.

4) Despite having a large reserve of magical, rapid use of magical spells can deplete her power quickly.

5) Heavy manipulation of Technomatter simultaneously with her spells can cause a rapid depletion of magical energy.

6) If Elena runs out of magical power, she can utilize her Celestial Eye to draw on her own life force for power. However the damage caused by using her own life force as power cannot be reversed by her healing ability.

7) Vexus is unaware that her healing ability manipulates time.

8) The small pocket of space used for healing can only flow time in reverse and can ONLY be used to heal (unless with permission for plot reasons).

9) Her healing abilities can repair and restore long destroyed bodies, however she CANNOT restore life.

10) Despite her research, she cannot protect herself from her own magical attacks.

11) Elena cannot alter the course of her magical attacks. They will be fired off in one direction and will continue in that direction until an outside force acts on them.

12) In order to properly use her defensive magic she must be on a solid surface since the spell utilizes surrounding objects in order to create an adequate shield.

13) The defensive spells generally take a couple of moments to properly form and draw materials from her surroundings. Sometimes the immense amount of pressure exerted to combine the materials takes longer depending on the number of spell circles utilized. The size and complexity of the defense can also effect the time it takes to form.

14) Where a 5 layer spell can use a large amount of Vexus' power, utilizing six or more circles when combining elements can prove to be exhausting. She does not know how many circles she can create before either losing consciousness or death.

Item/Advancement Price: Advancement #6: 30Exp


Item/Advancement Name: Dark Technomatter

Item/Advancement Description: This is a radically different from of Technomatter that does not exist as prominently as the other two forms do.  When activated,  her faux Celestial Eye in her right eye is converted to a genuine one which is done by sacrificing most of her magical energy for the conversion process. This Dark Technomatter courses through her body, infecting every vein, cell, and strand of DNA in Elena's body. Doing so produces a number of results, both positive and negative for Vexus herself.

Item/Advancement Powers: The Dark Technomatter allows Vexus to absorb most forms of energy. This energy is then converted into magical power that Vexus can use at her disposal. This absorption happens automatically and constantly, heat and light being the most prominent energy absorbed. Because of the absorption of light, there is a dark aura that surrounds Vexus while the ability is active. With all of the extra energy absorbed it exponentially increases Elena's magical output. This allows her to multitask much more effectively, utilizing multiple magical abilities, spell circles that exceed her normal limit of 5, larger amounts and faster movement of Technomatter, even granting her to use her 10-circle darkness element spell that would normally bring her near death. Exiting all of the Dark Technomatter to deactivate this ability does give her some level of protection since the pure Dark Technomatter can cause a sharp and lethal drop in body temperature to anyone standing too close.

Item/Advancement Weaknesses:
1) Impending Hypothermia: The Dark Technomatter automatically absorbs heat, including body heat. While this ability is active Elena's core body temperature slowly, but steadily, drops. She has fire spells which may slightly extend her use of this power, but they can only warm her exterior.

2) Crippling Exhaustion: The activation of the ability utilizes most of her remaining magic power which will bring Elena to the brink of exhaustion. The lack of magical ability limits her dramatically from defending herself adequately, leaving her incredibly vulnerable. Ideally this ability is activated out of harms way where she can wait a moment for her magic power to be restored by the Dark Technomatter.

3) Significantly Impaired Movement: The Dark Technomatter is incredibly dense. In addition, the intense concentration of energy also increases her mass. So much that Vexus can barely move on her own. She can transport herself using a cloud of regular Technomatter, but running or anything involving legwork, besides standard walking, is out of the question.

4) Deactivation Sequence: If/when Elena needs to deactivate the energy absorption it requires her to force all of the Dark Technomatter from her body. This will also places her in an extremely exhausted state, however recovery takes significantly longer. Her Celestial Eye and any other magical based abilities would be completely unusable for an elongated amount of time. Its also best for her to stay hidden during deactivation, however the release of the Dark Technomatter is very dramatic and hard to conceal. Her right eye also reverts back to a faux Celestial Eye.

5) Immediate Energy: The Dark Technomatter an only absorb energies that are directly touching Vexus, hence why heat and light are a constant source. Also, if Vexus is cut off from any/all light, heat, or any other energy this ability becomes void. Elena cannot absorb her own produced forms of energy.

6) Damage Susceptibility: Despite the Dark Technomatter absorbing most forms of energy, this doest not protect her from the damage associated with them. (I.E. If she is engulfed in fire, she will sustain burns. If she is punched, she will still feel pain and bruise.) She will still experience damage and pain as a human does.

7) Increased Fragility: Utilizing the power of one Celestial Eye keeps Vexus' regeneration busy, so with two genuine Celestial Eyes at work her body does begin to physically age. And with age comes increased fragility and lower levels of stamina. If the hypothermia doesn't force her out of the heightened state, then the old age will. Elena does what she can to ensure that her regeneration is focused on her brain so that it does not get eaten away by the self-destructive cost of the Celestial Eyes. Vexus' body is simply not conditioned to utilize two genuine Celestial Eyes simultaneously so she does occasionally experience lapses in control as well.

Item/Advancement Cost: Advancement #7: 35exp.


Item/Advancement Name:The Final Form

Item/Advancement Description: Vexus uses her Celestial Eye to convert every molecule of her being into Technomatter. Skin, bones, blood, veins, cells, everything. Her body functions much differently in this form, but she is still very much alive and in control of her body. She does not bother with specifics of the human body leaving out facial structures such has the nose, mouth, hair, and ears. Her appearance becomes a very ambiguous humanoid form with only one eye. She can form a mouth in order to speak if necessary.

Item/Advancement Powers: This form focuses more so on dramatic increases to her speed, durability and strength. With the Technomatter being so densely packed her body has become insanely durable, not to mention significantly increased weight. Most nerve endings were not recreated in the transformation so Elena does not feel pain, or most of anything. The lack of a cardiovascular, respiratory, and essentially all of the human body's systems prevents her from being infected by any form of drug while also clearing her system of any ailment whatsoever when transforming. The Celestial Eye, along with her brain and necessary information receptors, are the only objects not converted. The eye has been relocated to the center of her head to aid with vision. With it active she can still freely create and manipulate Technomatter both within and outside of her body. She can turn her body into a fluid form, reduce her size, increase her size, create clones, and all the started abilities of the Celestial Eye. She is also able to fly with very adept skill in this form, being able to reach speeds that can outrun fighter jets.
Because of her bone structure fluctuating between fluid and solid, she can move her body at the same speeds that she can achieve while flying. This Final Form also utilizes Elena's ability to substantially increase her combat proficiency (Advancement Purchase #1).

The final ability that she is granted can be utilized in any form that she takes. She has named it "The Divine Zero" and it is basically a self-destruct. This is activated by tearing her Celestial Eye from her left eye socket. Immediately after, her entire being begins to condense itself around the eye. Her body is converted into Technomatter, and then that in to SuperTechnomatter. All of which is condensed down into a singularity. All of the energy and SuperTechnomatter is then released in an explosion that covers a 600 meter radius eradicating every molecule it touches, immediately converting them into Technomatter. The Techonomatter created by this explosion then slowly assimilates with its surroundings. As for Vexus, the Eye and some crucial pieces of Vexus float away to an undetermined location in the form of Technomatter. Once in a safe location, the Eye will seek out the nearest human with the lowest trace of Meta-Human genes. This ensures an effortless and seamless takeover. Once the Eye inhabits the body, Elena's conscious overrides the current occupant's. She then can pilot the body to the necessary location to transfer herself back to a more suitable body. If need be, she can transfer bodies if the one she is currently inhabiting becomes to weak, fragile, or damaged. Vexus is able to use the abilities of the Celestial Eye while inhabiting the human body.

Item/Advancement Weaknesses:

Sensory Deprivation: Vexus completely loses her senses of smell and hearing. Her sense of touch barely exists, only allowing her to know when she's made basic contact with something. Due to the one eye, her sight is severely limited. Depth perception, peripheral vision, and clarity of vision are very impaired.

Sustained Damage: Any damage taken while in this form will still be present when she returns to her original form. The stress of the transformation alone generally leaves her with a number of broken bones.

Magic Deprivation: Elena is unable to use any of her spells while in this form. She CANNOT use her Celestial Arm or Dark Technomatter in this form.

Weak Points: Since Elena's mind contains too much information, its impossible for her to convert it all into Technomatter for a sustained about of time. Because of her brain and some nerves are still intact, she will feel sever pain if struck in the head or at the base of the neck.

Atrophy: The longer Vexus holds this form, the less powerful she is. The grouping of the Technomatter becomes less dense, making her much more susceptible to damage. Her movements begin to become increasingly slower. Her Technomatter response time decreases. Her strength will plummet and eventually her Technomatter body will become a formless mass of grey matter. Reaching this point prevents her from returning to her original form until she can arrive at one of her laboratories to reassemble herself. She cannot cause damage when reduced to this state, but she also cannot receive damage. Prolonged use of this form also stresses the Celestial Eye. If used for too long it may force the eye into remission, making reactivation incredibly difficult. If this occurs Elena will not be able to utilize any of her magical abilities.

Desperate Measures: In order to activate her self destruct, she must have already utilized either and/or both the Celestial Arm and/or Dark Technomatter. Extended use of her Final Form can sometimes merit activation of the self destruct.

Suicide: Vexus (obviously) becomes completely incapacitated after self destructing. The human body she inhabits after relocating is very temporary. Since there is no metahuman regeneration factor, a normal human body inhabited by this eye is deteriorated incredibly fast. Utilization of the Celestial Eye while in a human body is incredibly risky. Adeptly manipulating Technomatter is nearly impossible and it will also speed up the decay of the currently inhabited body. The window for Vexus to return to her laboratory to transfer into a proper body is dangerously slim. Even when she does manage to return to one of her bodies, she is still incredibly weakened. She will have difficulty activating the Celestial Eye and keeping it sustained for extended periods, adequately manipulating Technomatter, using her magic spells with ease, and so on. Her overall state is significantly weakened for a very extended period of time. (Elena will have these side effects in the following topics. At least 1 (or more) topics Vexus will be in this weakened state.)

Item/Advancement Cost: Advancement #8: 40exp

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Elena Vexus Advancement Purchases Empty Re: Elena Vexus Advancement Purchases

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Approved advancement.

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Elena Vexus Advancement Purchases Empty Re: Elena Vexus Advancement Purchases

Post by Zodiac April 12th 2015, 10:46 pm


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Elena Vexus Advancement Purchases Empty Re: Elena Vexus Advancement Purchases

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