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Stargirl! Empty Stargirl!

Post by Orsy on March 2nd 2015, 6:18 pm


Basic Biography

Real Name: Stargirl
Nickname: “Star”
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Race: Energy Being of Deep Space
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5’11”
Weight: About as much as a star..
Blood type: N/A

The Looks

Stargirl has the appearance of a young human woman in her late teens to early twenties.  Her skin is very smooth and has a slight tan to its color, no wrinkles or blemishes present on her body, completely flawless.  Her figure is very feminine with a perfect curvy shape, not too skinny, not too large, the perfect amount of tone to her muscles.  Her long hair has a beautiful and radiant blonde color to it, almost gold.  Her face is of pure beauty, and like the rest of her body, is physically perfect in its features.

Stargirl doesn’t really have a super suit or costume because she’s not actively a super hero.  She never had the desire of wearing clothing, because clothing itself wasn’t even a concept she had.  She does wear clothing now, although; a sort of black, tribal bikini looking outfit gifted to her by an alien tribal civilization who thought she was a sun goddess. Her outfit consists of a black bikini-top, a long black loincloth-like skirt, a black collar necklace with a golden sun pendant in front, and no shoes.

The Legacy


Stargirl is a very young minded, and innocent creature.  Her lack of experience in anything due to her utter isolation made her a being of child-like curiosity and wonder.  She may not know exactly right from wrong, but she developed a love for life-forms she spots when roaming deep space and doesn’t enjoy seeing them die in wars or disasters.  Normally, Stargirl is a happy being; always giggling and enjoying herself, but when she’s faced with something that makes her upset she becomes a force of destructive nature.  She’ll do anything to protect innocent life from being destroyed.


Somewhere in deep space, at a time unknown in the past or future, there was a star.  Massive, bright, and full of energy.. this star was at the peak of it’s life cycle, where it was at its hottest and most massive.  It was a lonely star, although, with not a planet to have in its orbit.  It was a star very far away from any others of its kind, but stars don’t feel loneliness, or the warmth of company, they just exist for billions of years like this one had and will continue to until it Supernovas.  That is what would happen normally, but something was off about this star, its energy was fluctuating violently, shooting off bursts of solar radiation in a state of instability.

Suddenly, when only in its half-life, the sun began to nova.  Its massive size began to quickly shrink in on itself, collapsing from the inside.  The total density and mass of this bright giant shrinking down to a seemingly impossible fraction of its normal size.  The density was finally too much and the event reached singularity, causing a supernova.  The explosion brightened the darkness of space for millions of lightyears in all directions, becoming the brightest thing in the sky for many planets.

Normally, the death of a star that massive, and a supernova of that scale would result in the birth of a black hole.  But in the core of this event was the humanoid form of a woman, holding her knees in a fetal-like position.  She appeared human in every way, which was absolutely odd considering how far she was from any human.  The creature born from the star opened her eyes and began to float around space aimlessly, as if she was just a force of nature with no sense of self.  She didn’t get a notion of sentience until she happened to wander onto an alien planet warmed by two suns.  She curiously observed weird objects that moved all by themselves in weird ways, this is when she discovered life.  Once she saw life, she began to think that she was alive too, because she moves where she wants to, not like the asteroids or comets that just aimlessly move.

The young energy being continued to wander the expanse of space, visiting many planets that had life on them.  She found herself enjoying watching life move around, finding food and having families, it made her happy.  But none of them seemed to act like her, they were different from asteroids, but they still looked like they were moving around on a path already made for them.  They all moved the same as each other; they slept, they ate, they drank, they mated, they died.  None of them really went around observing her, like she was with them, they didn’t look down into the water and see themselves like she did, they just drank.  This confused her, and she moved on.

At one point, after exploring another planet and looking at its life, she saw something even weirder than the life she was watching.  She saw creatures, with not only four legs like most creatures she’s seen, but with two arms like she has!  They were holding sticks and rocks, they lived in things made from other things, and when she approached them, they looked right at her with the same look she gave them.  They didn’t try to eat her like they did with other creatures, they let her live with them, and they gave her things to put on her body, like they had on theirs. They taught her how to speak like them, and repeatedly called her something that meant, “Stargirl”. This was her first experience with the concept of sentience, and people, and for the first time she knew what she was.  She’s Stargirl.

After moving on from that world, Stargirl continued to explore other planets, occasionally meeting sentient people along the way.  But just like many times before, she came into contact with something weird.  It was large, made of hard material, had glowing lights all over it, and it moved around like she did, but in space.  It wasn’t alive, but it moved like something alive, and it confused her.  When she got close enough she saw that there were creatures inside of it, making it move.  Her fascination was interrupted when the massive object fired something at a planet she had just been to, one that had people on it.  The thing it fired hit the planet, and caused its utter destruction, causing the deaths of every living thing that called it home.

Stargirl was shocked at what she had just witnessed, all of that life, gone.  She’s seen death before, but that was only to feed other creatures, this was not like that.  Stargirl felt a boiling feeling from within her, she was upset that all that life was gone, and she was upset at the people who did it.  In a few quick moments of newfound anger and rage, she used the energy inside of her to destroy the destroyer.

Stargirl continues to wander the cosmos, exploring planets, and even protecting the living creatures on them from their doom.  Now, she has spotted a pretty blue planet, with more metal things circling around it.  She sees that the life who live on this blue marble are the strangest she has ever seen, most of them sort of look like her, and others have strange abilities.  There are alot of people there who want to hurt the world, but at the same time, many people who will stand and defend it.  Stargirl is very curious about this world, and flies in to explore it.

The Powers and Weaknesses

(All characters can be as powerful as they want, as long as they are balanced with proper weaknesses.)

Nigh-Physical Invulnerability: Because her body is basically a star compressed into the form of a woman, her body is extremely dense.  This results in her being almost physically invulnerable.

Super Strength: Her physical strength is extraordinary, because of the same reason as above.

Flight: Again, because her body is extremely dense, the laws of physics kind of give her a pass.  This is why, despite her high mass, she doesn’t destroy a planet by landing on it.  Her mass warps her own gravity and allows her to fly, and appear relatively weightless.  Her density also allows her to fly at incredible speeds, even faster when in space.

Energy Manipulation:  Stargirl has the ability to project the energy of a star, such as shooting beams of solar energy from her palms, or eyes.


Low Intelligence: Stargirl was born in the middle of empty space. She had no family, no friends, no school to teach her things.  The only way she could learn is by observing processes and trying to figure out what they mean.  Because of this, Star Girl has the relative intelligence of a small child.  Her curiosity tends to get her in trouble, she is pretty gullible and easy to manipulate.  

Magical Vulnerability: Stargirl’s invulnerability is only physical.  That being said, she is still vulnerable to magical attacks because her powers are grounded in scientific law.

Vulnerability to Opposites: Stargirl is a being of pure light energy.  So this means she has a weakness toward pure dark energy.  Not saying she’s a reverse vampire who gets burned at night though.  Dark Matter or anything on that ground is pretty much like kryptonite to her.

Radiation Resistant Material: Materials, like lead, that are highly resistant to radiation could also be resistant to Stargirl’s energy projection.  Strong magnetic fields are also viable shields against her blasts, like the Earth’s magnetic field protects the surface from solar flares.

Phonophobia: Because of her birth, and a traumatic situation involving a planet's destruction. Stargirl has a phobia of really loud noises, causing her to flinch and hesitate.

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s): Stargirl has a visually perfect body.  Stars are the image of perfection in the universe, the same goes for the personification of a star.  She has no flaws in her appearance.

Physical Priority

Agility:  4
Endurance: 1
Reaction: 3
Strength: 2

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Stargirl! Empty Re: Stargirl!

Post by Forceaus on March 2nd 2015, 6:47 pm

You're going to need to add 1 more weakness since she also has super speed and she cannot be truly invulnerable, just extremely tough. Other characters can still hurt her.


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Stargirl! Empty Re: Stargirl!

Post by Forceaus on March 2nd 2015, 10:22 pm

Approved until stated otherwise


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Stargirl! Empty Re: Stargirl!

Post by Stoic on May 24th 2017, 12:27 am

This character has the durability of a star and can fly.

All instances of mass and it's effect on anything beyond allowing her to fly and granting durability/strength are to be ignored.



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