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Fun times in the city of angels [Tyuki]

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Fun times in the city of angels [Tyuki] - Page 2 Empty Re: Fun times in the city of angels [Tyuki]

Post by Silus May 15th 2015, 8:23 pm

Silus made particular note of the comment of not ruining the hang-out time with something like being adored. Well that one made him paranoid if nothing else. He could blame his genetics for that one. The paranoia and reading into things too much that is. He blinked and cocked his head to the side as the feeling of pressure was slightly relived. He honestly could have done something to help but...his pretending to be a fairly normal kid was a requirement at this point in time.

Zell was accustom to the whole having a driver thing, though he wasn't exactly accustomed to having OTHER people with drivers and things like that. He almost wasn't exactly sure how to respond to it initially. Unfortunately he could tell that the beautiful young Tyuki wasn't the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree. Explains why she and Sean get along so much at any rate. Silus just followed aimlessly, which subsequently dictated Zell's actions as well. Silus withdrew one of his two favorite little beanie. from his large hoodie jacket pockets. Snugly fitting the stitch face over his head he walked out the door, thanking Tyuki for holding it for him. Zell nodded in thanks while the others did what they wanted.

  "Well I don't want Silus and I to bother you guys." Zell said, giving himself and Silus a means to opt out of this. Of course Silus immediately looked to him with a slight disappointment as he looked at him. Don'tcha  gimme those eyes ya little bastard. He thought to himself before sighing a little with a crooked brow at Silus, the message was quite clear that Silus didn't exactly want to leave. Silus looked to Tyuki with a little smile before looking to Sean and then back to Zell. He was the kid here, what was Zell expecting him to do everything? Did Zell even answer Tyuki? What an airhead. Before you ask which one the answer is yes.

  "If we walk your stalkers might follow...but if we have someone drive us away it might draw more attention." He offered up the information, though me made it sound like he didn't much consider Zell's attempts to break away. "I say walk." He finally concluded, though no one ever said where they were walking to. Silus was just content to stick by and watch things unfold, though his little mind was running through so many things he wanted to ask and wanted to say. Sadly, "Si the Shy-guy" seemed to simply remained with the group silently. Silus almost blurted out that they could all fly if Zell called his exosuits, but then he realized how stupid the idea was. The point was to avoid attention. Nerd.

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Fun times in the city of angels [Tyuki] - Page 2 Empty Re: Fun times in the city of angels [Tyuki]

Post by Arcana September 4th 2015, 12:51 pm

So the day was going pretty well from what Sean could tell, meeting up with an old friend and somehow managing to introduce them to Zell without having set anything up. All in all it was optimal one might even say. ”Pop and rock?Wow, that’s pretty cool.” Sean said with interest and a small nod, granted he wasn’t one to follow j-rock bands that was more an overall laziness than anything else. That was when it was suggested they should leave, considering the group in the corner were making the whole thing greatly uncomfortable. Something that Sean could agree with considering he did not actually like it when weird people stared at him for too long.

”Walking works for me.” Sean said with a shrug, not really caring what they did one way or another. Having rabid fangirls/fanboys following you tended to happen when you were a celebrity, which was what made Sean happy he was not a celebrity. Just thinking about it made him shudder really, but then again that was something he could get over if it came down to it. That was when he noticed Silus’ beanie, which made him wonder when he got that. Granted Silus did have a life so he may have gotten it anytime, not that it was any of his business to inquire into every nuance about his sons life, that would have just been….well controlling. So now that they were leaving the small cafe, that was when something sent a shiver down his spine.

The only time that ever happened was when there was something magical afoot, or it was really damn cold….or .. well lets not go there. ”Am I the only feeling that? Because...and now things are getting weird. I didn’t know girls were supposed to do that.” Sarcasm of course, but maybe that was also what they meant by it being their time of the month. As one of the girls that had only moments ago been giggling while looking in Tyuki’s general direction looked a little more demonic and...well things were on fire. ”Please tell me we’re not dealing with demons...I really hate demons.” Especially that one that liked to burn cops, he was the worst.

“Capture the girl, kill the rest.” The ugliest of the demon girls hissed.

”Yeah, i’m gonna have to stop you there.”

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Fun times in the city of angels [Tyuki] - Page 2 Empty Re: Fun times in the city of angels [Tyuki]

Post by Chellizard September 14th 2015, 7:54 pm

Tyuki had to just gush with a cute squeal escaping her lips at the sight of Silus' adorable beanie. It was totally Stitch! And it was adorable as all heck! She reached and touched the hat as the four of them stood around in the doorway of the cafe.

"Walking would be fun, yeah! I could use a good walk. Treadmills don't take me anywhere. Let's adventure!" she said, grinning like a fool.

Leading the pack, like she did with her band, Tyuki skipped with each step she took down the sidewalk. Her mood couldn't be better. She was elated with a very rare natural high. Grinning still, she stopped and turned when Sean spoke out abruptly about things being weird.

"Things don't feel more weird than normal!" turning as she spoke, Tyuki's eyes widened when she was faced with the posse of fan girls.

Except they were no longer innocent fan girls. They were full fledged demons. Like, the bad side of her Aunt, demons!

"I really don't want to wreck this dress! And I haven't gotten to eat my sammich yet!" shouting out in anger, a crowd of roughly ten people on the side walk had formed because of the sudden appearance of the weird demonic girls.

Tyuki immediately slid her hand up and pressed a small button hidden behind of her ear. This activated a slim tuxedo mask that shrouded her identity.

"Ugh, can someone hold these?" she said, offering her coffee and napkin wrapped sandwich to a complete stranger.

The stranger was homeless, and assumed it was for them so they took it and bolted. They were not about to give up free food.

Tyuki, no longer the pop star, had luckily only been recognized by her friends and the three demons. She was really regretting wearing this nice dress now.

"Okay, let's get the cute one to safety," massive ivory feathered wings spread out behind of Tyuki as she reached and grabbed Silus, against his will, and rose up into the air.

"I'm sure your dads can handle this for a moment, but I am not going to be the reason an adorable kid dies. Plus you're practically family. Sean is like a brother from another mother, okay?" she said this all so fast, and yanked Silus away that the crowd was left confused.

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Fun times in the city of angels [Tyuki] - Page 2 Empty Re: Fun times in the city of angels [Tyuki]

Post by Zell October 11th 2015, 12:30 am


"Anata wa warui kotoba o iubekide wa arimasen." Silus responded, equally as slack jawed and shocked as his daddy was.

  "Not the time Si!" Zell said, for the first time ever he regretted the fact that his son had inherited his intellect. Of course Silus was shocked to find that he was being lifted up into the air. Of course he wasn't scared, after all he knew how to fly himself. He actually had been more amused than anything when he realized it was Tyuki. Of course he had just found something he had in common with one of the people he could honestly say he idolized. In response to all that he had to process, Silus looked down to watch his father's in their conflict.

   Zell stood there for a moment after the demon commanded the attack. Zell contemplated what was going on for a moment before he sighed. Sean had likely sprung into action with the plethora of badass abilities that Zell had given him when turning him into Apex. Zell was powerless in his own regards, however he didn't exactly seem to remember that he had recently "disempowered". This forgetful memory ended up costing him a couple seconds as he spoke. "Shatter." Of course the disempowered Archon was entirely taken aback when his voice didn't carry the existential weight that it once had. Reaching down and pressing a button on his watch.

  "Weeeell I'm fucked." Zell said to himself. He didn't need vocifery as a power, especially as one of the demonic women charged at him with her grotesque claws. Swift calculations and sheer reflex made Zell a rather privy individual when it came to the skills of dodging and combat. That and honestly, trying to slip away from Sean sometimes helped matters. Ducking under their claw, reaching out and grabbing the female by the wrist. The human brought his knee up and drove it into their abdomen. Following through with rotating his arm, the demonic chick was flipped over to the ground. Without much time to acclimate to the surrounding areas, Zell found himself the victim of two more incoming enemies. The first was simple enough to deal with; a simple juke left and a back step while ducking to the right. A fist to the throat and a kick to the shin. The second demon leapt over the first and plunged a claw towards Zell. Zell's knee-jerk reaction lead Zell to make it out alive, though the claws went past his skin, rending it like hot butter to a katana.

   The pain was real, the feeling of moisture swamped the area of impact. A carmine red stained his shirt as a chilled burning sensation shot through his arm. Grabbing his arm as he tried to duck away a little he noticed the other demons starting to get up and glaring at him. Well he was an annoying and skilled human, but the extent of his demon-slaying abilities was limited at present. But that would all change...soon enough.

  Silus blinked and looked over his shoulder at Tyuki with his indigo eyes and a rather lax expression, though a little smile playing at the corner of his lips. "Hey uh... can I let my wings out now?" Silus asked. Though Tyuki wouldn't likely have much time to answer the question as Silus' own white wings unfurled, appearing as a bright white light that seemed to come through split skin in his shoulders, burning through his hoodie. Two massive wings of white appeared, both of them causing a lot of pressure between Tyuki and him. Nothing able to really hurt either of them, but enough to make it awkward and likely impossible for Tyuki to contain him. If he were freed he would slide forward through the air a little, the beautiful celestial wings being as perfectly normal as Tyuki's own.

  "Surprise!" Silus giggled a little as he reached up and tugged on his little beanie, securing the little article to his head. Then he leaned back a little, seemingly lazy before letting himself free fall out of the air, laughing a little as he cheered. "WOO-HOO-HOOOO!!! YEAH!" He called out as he plummeted towards the ground, right towards the wounded Zell, hoping to help him out with a little healing of his own.

Fun times in the city of angels [Tyuki] - Page 2 Samhai10

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Fun times in the city of angels [Tyuki] - Page 2 Empty Re: Fun times in the city of angels [Tyuki]

Post by Sponsored content

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