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Nɇaroviin Character Advancement

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Nɇaroviin Character Advancement

Post by Atlas on February 28th 2015, 11:08 pm

Character Advancement Name: God Cell

Character Advancement Description: God-Cell: It is upon speaking a phrase that his God Cell activates, radically altering his body into a stronger and more versatile form. Upon taking this form, it body seems to become almost demonic in appearance, black carapace condensing along with the large, bulky body that once formed it. In this process, its loses nearly three feet in height, becoming a smaller and more compact killer, making its hit and run tactics even more valid. Along with this decrease within size, something happens to the carapace itself, turning a milky white as if trying to oppose the darkness of the shell before it. However, it is considered that the chemicals released by his God Cell actually caused the condensation of his body, also causes the strange change in color of the shell itself.

This condensed carapace, as well as the flesh under it allows the creature to take more damage without falling, and in fact it's ability to take damage is more than doubled. Weapons that would have damaged him before do little to nothing, and it would require the most powerful of these weapons to even hinder the creature, let alone hope to kill it. High ordinance, such as explosives would only slow it down for a few seconds and that would only be if they had managed to bury him under a considerable amount of rubble. The claws that adorned its hands have shrunk by around three inches, becoming shorter for sure, but this deficiency seemed to be made up for by a few  mutations, weapons almost that form upon it.

Jutting out of each fore arm if a blade like protrusion, strangely sharp and more than capable of cutting through all but the most durable of elements, though even them they can damage. Its back is covered by small but painful almost crystalline spines, ones that normally would lay down to form a smooth layer, until he wishes them to act, rising up as a layer of sharp death. They work to discourage any sort of strikes at his back, as any attempt would lead to a painful damage to the extremity. Unlike the rest of his body, these spines take on a cyan hue, distinguishing them from the rest of his body.  They seemed to be made of a strange crystalline substance that his body produces, and it can be theorized that his carapace becomes tougher also due to this substance being laced through it.

Unlike his cursed form, the carapace now becomes smooth, and almost flesh like, making it seem as if he had become something totally different, however he works similar to his prior form, save for a massive boost within his physicality. His tail is still a almost as long as his body, and serves the same function, granted it has a different color, but the same appearance. Within this form, their skull becomes smaller, more streamlined, much like the rest of their body and allowing them to move at speeds over twice as fast as before, and even striking with a strength that dwarfs their prior records.

In essence it becomes a swift moving killing machine, stealthier and overall more of a hazard to anyone that faces it.

Item Power(s): Increased speed, strength, durability and reflexes

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es): (e.g. Cannot work while wet, weak against a certain substance/ This is OPTIONAL for purchased advancements, but are encouraged to have better character qualities.)

Character Advancement Price: 20 exp

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Re: Nɇaroviin Character Advancement

Post by Amethyst on February 28th 2015, 11:34 pm



Quote : "Insert Quote from Character Here" or etc.

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