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This town has too many problems(Invite only)

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This town has too many problems(Invite only)

Post by Streak on February 26th 2015, 7:58 pm

Streak was in his civilian clothes, consisting of a light blue long sleeved shirt. jeans, and white sneakers. He was walking down the sidewalk on this sunny afternoon. Much had hhappened lately. For one, his encounter with Lucius left him with a small scar on his face from the mostly healed wound. He also ended it up with an ancient alien artifact in his room. He should probably give it to the authorities, but with Lucius still on the loose, nowhere was save.

Streak still remembered the screams if the guards at the base as they turned to ashes. The hero swore to never let that happen again. He had his red and yellow spandex suit under his clothing should a crime happen. He was ready for anything.

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Re: This town has too many problems(Invite only)

Post by Alpha on March 1st 2015, 7:43 pm

Pain swam through Alpha's skull in a swift motion, much like a thousand tiny needles jabbing at his brain rapidly before fading away. A small fit of pain that only occasionally troubled him but perhaps it was all because of the lack of sleeping he had been going through recently. Still, sleep was something he could do later, when he was not buys with trying to catch something that would help with the many plans he had in mind. This involved capturing a metahuman he had been following for a small while, one that had moved to New Orleans of all places and that was a place that Alpha had never bothered to visit before. Maybe it was their love for extravagant celebrations of chucking beads at one another, but something about the city just did not sit well with The Perfect Boy.

Alpha was cruising through the streets in his favorite black car, hands crossed over his lap while Omega did most of the driving. The sun shone through the tinted black window, softly shining across his check while he felt over the black mask sitting upon his lap. Omega was already drawing out this metahuman and all he needed to do was wait, watching through his window before what looked like some manner of bank. If he remembered the plan that had been hatched out, Omega had set up a small bank robbery to happen around this time at this bank in particular.. Until he needed to do anything, he would sit and watch from across the street, letting so many plans flash through his mind. If the metahuman he had been looking for would appear was unknown but someone would appear, so he would deal with whoever.

3:00 p.m, a rather jittery looking man would enter the bank and that was when the gunshots happened.


Alpha's underlings:


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