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Khellendros, The Black Knight

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Khellendros, The Black Knight Empty Khellendros, The Black Knight

Post by Khellendros February 24th 2015, 2:53 am

Khellendros, The Black Knight

"Honour is not something one is born with, it is earned in the crucible of circumstance and forged in the fire of our deeds to create something that cannot be taken from us and is only destroyed by the very fire that created it."

Basic Biography

Real Name: Cromwell Sephtis Faust
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Khellendros
Title: The Black Knight
Alignment: True Neutral
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: White
Eyes: Gold
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 210lbs
Blood type: A+

The Looks

Cromwell is what most would call a handsome man. Tall, with a strong physique and a usually messy head of hair, as if he just shakes it out instead of actually doing anything with it, most find it odd that he has such white hair regardless of his young age but his most startling feature is the piercing golden eyes that gaze from behind his round framed glasses, some say that those eyes are more than capable of judging the kind of person you are in one glance, a theory that he has not done anything to dissuade people of. He is well dressed (designer suits, watches, etc.) most of the time unless in the comfort of his home or in the presence of close friends and family... or if he's screwing around in his workshop devising his next most dangerous device.
Civilian Cromwell:
When he dons his armour, Cromwell becomes the destructive force known as Khellendros. In this armoured persona, his height is amplified to a full 7" tall and his already naturally great size becomes even more imposing. The armour is midnight black with dark purple lighting accents around the edges of the plating, which occasionally change base on the mode of his armour, revealing part of it's more technological nature with a royal red cape that flows down to barely brush the upper heels of his sabatons. As he is capable of masterfully wielding a multitude of weapons, his overall appearance in that respect changes dependant on the situation at hand, his most common choice is a shield and sword combination which more often than not invokes the image of a knight ready to enter honourable combat.
Armoured up:

The Legacy

Cromwell's personality is like that of any other guy his age, he's fun-loving, tries to be a lady's man (whether or not he can pull it off is debatble), lives life to the fullest he can but it is offset by some of his experience as a mercenary which has caused him to be a little too serious at times depending on the situation. He is quite cynical on occasion and sometimes an immensely sarcastic human being, especially if confronted with someone of exceptional ignorance who is inflexible and unwilling to learn from their mistakes or correct their lack of knowledge. He is fiercely loyal to his allies and will go out of his way to shield them from harm if able, this is possibly a side-effect of his usual lone-wolf nature as a mercenary, he has very few friends and a very close-knit family, therefore he will commit any act that keeps them intact.

Born to the Faust family on August 1996, Cromwell was always an intelligent person from the get-go and took to creating things with creativity and zeal. He built his first computer when he was 7 from spare parts, this unfortunately lead to a visit by CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) when he attempted to figure out how powerful the computer was by putting it's processing power up against their mainframe firewall. Seeing potential in the 7-year old before them, instead of the openly malicious criminal they thought he was upon noticing the threat to their systems, they chose instead to see to funding his future education in the field in the hope of gaining an individual that could solve future security issues.

At age 14, he graduated top of his class in the field of computer sciences as well as robotics and engineering and was later recruited to CSIS' Cyber Threat control program when he had his employment approved by a government panel... as well as his skeptical parents. He trudged through this job for a while, blocking threats and backtracking to the criminals for other agents to catch eventually became stifling and tedious, the only thing that kept him occupied was the contracts that he began to run on the side when he showed promise with a research division, designing and building devices for the military and private interests, specializing in intelligent robotics with limited learning abilities.

Once he had gathered enough funds to self-sustain through his private contracting, Cromwell left CSIS behind to pursue his preferred field of employment while consulting for them as his new side job. With his finances secured through contracts and his consultations to CSIS, he began to pursue his own projects and in the pursuit of excitement, even began to take on mercenary work after he turned 18. It was on one of these mercenary contracts that he learned he was quite possibly something more than the average human when he was struck by bullets in a firefight and was not harmed in the exchange regardless of later finding holes in his gear where there was no armour to protect him. His interest piqued, he began to do research on the ever increasing population calling themselves "Metahumans" in search of answers, as well as looking for ways to keep up with others like him but different at the same time. He eventually found that it could also account for his above-average intelligence, but he prefers to chalk it up to natural talents. He eventually settled on two projects, one was to hide his identity as well as enhancing his already formidable physique to be able to compete with his fellow metahumans in the field, the other was to create a sort of battle companion that would help him cope with the challenge of dealing with opponents and targets that were out of his reach either due to using various equipment like helicopters or those metahumans out there capable of flight.

After about two years, several months where he didn't sleep nearly as much as he should have, and many trial and error scenarios, he finally created his masterpieces, the Variable Response Suit (VRS or "Verse") which he refers to as Stormbringer, and an intelligent construct given sentience by an AI he gave the name of Malystrix, designed after the dragons he was told about in stories and the subject of many of the games he's played. After giving her name to her, Malys ended up taking on a life of her own and after interacting with her he realised he had not created just another machine, but quite possibly a family member, admittedly one that could fly and definitely crush a bus or industrial grade machinery if so inclined, but otherwise a caring, REAL individual.

Having completed his equipment and arsenal, all that is left now is to put it and himself to the test in the field.

The Powers and Weaknesses

(All characters can be as powerful as they want, as long as they are balanced with proper weaknesses.)

Natural Abilities

Inhuman Intellect
Cromwell has always been an incredibly intelligent individual. He focuses more on technological fields, but is not above looking into other sciences when he requires a solution to problems that technology just cannot solve. It is the primary reason he took to creating various tools and armaments, he enjoys putting his smarts to use. This also means unfortunately that he has created more ways of killing people than most people even think about in one lifetime which occasionally leaves a bad aftertaste once he sees how some of his creations are used once they leave his workshop.

He has learned many fighting styles and is skilled in the use of almost any weapon he can get his hands on, even improvised ones, and he has proven it in the conflicts he has taken part in. Like most skills he learns, he believes there is always room for improvement.

Khellendros is immune to impact damage from most mundane sources on his own without the armour but still requires it to be able to survive environmental hazards and attacks on magnitude with a howitzer shell or greater.


The Stormbringer Variable Response Suit (VRS or Verse for short)
Khellendros' Armour is his most important tool when in the field, it not only hides his true identity as Cromwell, but houses most of the equipment and tools he needs to get the job done. Also contains an AI similar to that used in the creation of Malys, but slightly less complex so that it can run the suit's core programming but not achieve sentience like Malys. Made from Alloy 1090 and infused with a coating of graphene metal inlaid with photovoltaic cells to charge it and help avoid corrosion, this suit is built to withstand heavy hits and quite a few other things, powered by a graphene capacitor that is an in-built layer of the armour about 3mm thick beneath the initial coating and half-inch layer of 1090, this power source stores more than enough energy to run the suit for long periods without having to go through maintenance or recharge through any means other than the photovoltaic polymer coating on the outer shell.

  • Alexander
    An AI Khell built to run most of the suit's background functions while he fights. Using wireless connections provided by the helmet in the armour it can hack into some of the most hardened security systems out there.

  • Powered Exoskeleton
    Makes the wearer of the suit as fast on foot as a modern dragster and strong enough to lift a tank with full crew and ordinance although it will drain the suits power immensely if overused.

  • Environmental Sealing
    Seals Stormbringer's wearer away from environmental hazards such as inhaled hazards, radiation, the vacuum of space, extreme heat and enables him to go underwater without the need of extra diving gear or oxygen tanks.

  • Sentinel's Vigilance
    An all-around sensor package and wireless adaptor built into the HUD of the helmet. Capable of detecting explosive ordinance, radiation levels, seismic disturbances, atmospheric conditions as well as sonar for submerged combat. Optical equipment covers infrared, night-vision and thermal and contains target tracking to make up for the loss of field of vision that comes with wearing a helmet. Auditory input can listen to a conversation out to 150m as well as project Khellendros' voice with variable volume.


Wrath, Sword of The Black Knight
Made of the same alloys that permeate most of Khellendros' personal accoutrements and a depleted uranium edge, this sword is more than capable of cutting through some of the strongest substances known to man with less density than depleted uranium. Wrath is also equipped with a plasma-based assault mode Khellendros calls a Tesla slash, when charged fully it can unleash an arc-shaped emission in the direction the sword is swung approximately 15 feet wide and devastating to anything in it's path of 50 meters.

Aegis, Tower Shield of The Black Knight
Again, made with the same alloys that permeate Khellendros' personal accoutrements, this shield is capable of stopping most incoming attacks, most likely with a violent collision.


The Pain of the Fallen
His armour is worn and battle-tested and it shows in the way he carries himself and how he interacts with others when he dons the armour. It and his sword are stained with the blood of friend and foe alike and it has affected him on a deep psychological level. If anyone attempts to exploit his militaristic past, he becomes enraged and single-minded in his need to remove the one who has cast shame upon those who had "honourable" deaths, whether they had been in his arms or at the end of his sword. Groups of people can exploit this easily, individuals who continue to prod at him may create an opening when his anger goes too far.

I am Far Less Effective Without My Tools
Cromwell can't do his job the way he does without his armaments and armour. He is first and foremost a human being, a highly durable one, but still very human. Without his tools and equipment he has to improvise with what's on hand, which is very time consuming or far less effective overall.

Only Human Under All That Armour
Khellendros is a highly durable human, but still human. Without the armour he is only on par with your average athlete in speed and strength, enough to get jobs done in the workshop, but not powerful enough to perform the tasks in the way he is known for

Don't Mess With My Family!
Khellendros is fiercly loyal to anyone he considers to be his family and will do anything to protect them, unfortunately this can lead to him possibly commiting actions that he would not normally take under different circumstances. His parents and his two cybernetic "children" Alex and Malys are by far the easiest way to get to him and either make him completely lose his cool or do anything to ensure their safety if they are under someone else's power or control.

RP Mechanic(s):

Physical Priority
1. Reaction
2. Endurance
3. Agility
4. Strength

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Khellendros, The Black Knight Empty Re: Khellendros, The Black Knight

Post by Alpha February 26th 2015, 1:01 am

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