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Queen Chelle, A God Complex 2.0

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Queen Chelle, A God Complex 2.0

Post by Chellizard on February 23rd 2015, 11:28 am

Queen Rochelle Felicity DiMartino-Takeiro
"I have come to cleanse this world of filth and decay."

Basic Biography

Real Name:  Hell- Figlia del Diavolo Angelo Fuoco. (The Devil's Daughter, Angel of Fire) 
Earth- Queen Rochelle Felicity DiMartino-Takeiro 

Renegade  Name: Queen Chelle
Title: Queen of Thrones, God Complex, [the] Angelic Vampire
Alignment:  Chaotic Neutral
Age:  Appears- 22 Is Actually- 3,508
Gender:  Female.
Race: Unknown, though some pin her as a demonic/angel/vampire.
Hair: Long, naturally straight.
Eyes: Auburn.
Height:  5'11"
Weight: 159lbs

The Looks


The Legacy

Personality: You could say that this woman, Chelle, is quite your average female. That's only at first glance, though. She's usually quiet, reserved, and her temper being that of any "normal" person. A temperate attitude, really. She's fun loving, and sweet. Some would sometimes label her as almost too sweet. It's a casual assumption. She likes people, exotic places, mild attention, Halloween, dark things, blood shed, death, Gothic trends, dresses, children, jewelry, art, and classical music. She dislikes being annoyed, depression, over dramatic people, loud arguments, excessive bickering, and ignorant people.

History: A normal baby, born in a normal stable, back in normal 1,100 AD and some odd years, was born with an odd gift, and an even more odd distinctive birth defect. Wings. The child's mother was an Angel who had been bound to earth because she became impregnated by a Demon. How tragic, right? This baby was given the name 'Rochelle.' Beautiful, and simple. No last names were needed back then, and some hardly existed.

As time drug on, the child grew quicker than expected, and reached a fond age of 22. Then, all the aging process stopped and the child was frozen in time. There were children five years younger than Rochelle that would grow older quicker than the Angel baby. She was cursed, in the eyes of her village. But the Angel mother knew that her child was not a nuisance. She was a beautiful creation and she was something to be cherished more than her own life. The mother taught her child everything there was to know about Angels and Demons and then, finally, Rochelle learned how to visit her 'father' in hell by using witch craft.

The day came when she met her father in the depths of Hell, and that is where she met her younger brother, Nathaniel. He looked nearly twin-like to Chelle, but was a bit younger than her. They became close while Chelle lived in Hell, hated by her demonic father for being a girl, and also his first born off spring. Nathaniel, on the other hand, disliked seeing his sister so sad and decided he hated their father, too. However, as the only son of their demonic father, Nathaniel could not leave Hell until he was of age. Chelle, however, could leave at any time. So she did, and vowed to never return.

And she did not. She became Earth-bound and learned of many things. She was called 'Vampire' rather than Demon by the people because of her nasty blood drinking habits. Her gray skin, red eyes, clawed hands, and sharp canines were also another benefactor. And then there were the black feathers of her wings. She learned of her strength, speed, and durability as a child, of course. She was faster, stronger, and could withstand much harder hits and etc than a regular human. She was some kind of super hero. But that was basically because of her Angelic and Demonic attributes.

As Chelle lived on Earth, time went by faster than she had imagined it would. She learned all she could about the world and how to live in it. She learned all the languages she could stand to learn, and became quite the rich woman. She fancied jewels, parties, and especially the 18 and 19 hundreds.

During all those years, she ran into Nathaniel from time to time, finding out he had finally left their father to rot away in Hell with no heir to his corner of the land. She was proud of that bit, but Nate became a nuisance and Chelle was sick of him following in her footsteps so she banished him from her side until she finally met up with him again and gave up hating him and just helped him out and cleaned him up. He was a gambler. A good one, but he would lose so much money or win big. But he did a lot more losing than winning.

Another important tid-bit of her history would have to be this: She married twice, and has been engaged five times. She adopted one child, and lost one child due to a fatal attack from some Japanese man. He stabbed her through the chest, with her own sword, and shot up her back with a mini-uzi when her wings were 'away.' This shows how she got a few of her scars. Her adopted son, Malus, was killed by a band of pirates on his seventeenth birthday. He had been misguided by one of the pirate women that worked for the crew.

Now, in 2029 she is a 'Keeping Up With The Joneses' type of girl, that runs the Organization known as Thrones. This organization had been started back in the early 18 hundreds, and was mostly secretive until now. Now they would rise and cleanse the world. One corrupt man and woman at a time.

Important notes: Chelle's wings are black. She gains a red feather with every life she has taken. Her wings are, at this moment, about half and half black to crimson wise. She may be taking lives; but every person she kills is not worthy to live. Only a few deaths have been in cold blood.

The Powers and Weaknesses

Physical Priority

1. Endurance
2. Reaction
3. Strength
4. Agility

FLYING/Wings: As redundant as it sounds... she can fly. Her wings are like a metallic shield almost matching Captain America's shield (still made of feathers, of course!). Sort of.

Regeneration/Healing Factor: She has the ability to regenerate and heal smaller wounds over a period of time. This healing/regen is slow, but effective. She can instantly heal small, simple wounds, and the help of her saliva quickens the healing process of tiny, simple wounds. This also means she does not age and is essentially 'immortal' but not unkillable.

Tough Skin/Durability: Her durability while in her normal form is mostly contained to her wings. Her skin is still a bit tougher than an average humans, and with the healing factor she has, things should be fine. While in her actual Vapiric Form her skin is harder than diamond. She is also able to quickly metabolize and overcome poisons, viruses, and toxins introduced into her body.

Super Strength: Chelle has the ability to lift a maximum of 2,000 pounds with ease.

Super Speed (Emphasis in Flying): Chelle's wings allow her to fly faster and with more dexterity than other PCs. She is one with the sky, alike to a fish in the water.

Enhanced Reflexes: The reaction time that Chelle possesses is much higher than an average person. She can sometimes dodge bullets.

Heightened Senses: The ability to hear, taste, see, touch, and taste things at a higher level than humans and even most animals.

Shadow Stepping: Allows for small leaps through shadows that are present for Chelle to walk through. This shadow stepping ability only works as long as the shadow is large enough for her whole form to stand in, and she cannot use her opponents shadows to do so. Maximum travel distance is thirty feet.

Flying Vulnerability: Her flying ability can be hindered due to harsh weather conditions, as well as harming her wings. They act as a sort of shield whenever in full tact, though, and this only occurs when they're curled around of her defensively; this means she cannot attack you or the et cetera. ***ALSO! Whenever she's protecting herself with her wings, her back is the most vulnerable. This is especially from her waist down- unless crouched, of course.

Thirst for Power: Chelle will do whatever it takes to win a fight/meet a goal she has her mind set on. She is ruthless, and has been known to kill others if they are in her way.

Blood Addiction: Anyone with O- blood types can make Chelle cripple at the knees if they suffer a big enough wound or injury.

Soft Hearted (Emphasis for Family/Friends only): Family, friends, and loved ones that are in danger can tear the beast away from the beauty that is Chelle Takeiro. She will not let anything bad happen to anyone she loves.

Shadow Stepping Limitations: She can only travel up to 30 feet, and must see the shadow she travels to. She cannot travel into a shadow cast by a PC, NPC, or Minion that belongs to another PC.

Speed Weakness She is only fast while flying, and as stated before, harsh weather conditions or damage to her wings can hinder her movements.

Strength Weakness: If she is hungry for blood, which she often is, and she has not fed in a while, then she will not be able to lift things past her own body weight.

Life of Luxury: Because of all of her accomplishments, Chelle prefers a lavish lifestyle. She does not like the idea of being placed in a dirty hotel, or building, and enjoys clean rooms and pristine living conditions over all.

RP Mechanics
Vampire/Angel Attributes: The small need for blood on some occasions. The ability to heal small, simple wounds with her saliva*(see Regen.). When "bleeding out" the process of death doesn't strike as quickly as it would on a mere human. Serenely beautiful.

Vampiric Mode: Hello and Welcome to Chelle Takeiro's "Dark Side." While in this form she is stronger, tougher, faster, but she loses her ability to fly, as well as her ability to regenerate from heavy wounds. She does gain, however, Heightened Senses and shadow stepping.


Xian, the God Blade: Power(s): This sword is made from a very tough steel alloy that can slice and dice through most organic and inorganic materials. The blade is also extremely sharp and has a regeneration factor. Only Chelle can command the sword. She can also will the blade to come to her if she drops it. Weakness(s): The blade can become damaged if it has not drawn blood for a long time. For example, if Chelle were fighting someone with a combat suit that prevented her from cutting their flesh, the blade would wear down over time and eventually break, likely forcing Chelle to surrender the fight or finding other means of repairing her blade (e.g. self mutilation to feed her blade's need for blood).

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Re: Queen Chelle, A God Complex 2.0

Post by Alpha on February 23rd 2015, 3:26 pm

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