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A song of fire and molten earth [Seth]

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A song of fire and molten earth [Seth] Empty A song of fire and molten earth [Seth]

Post by Maverick February 2nd 2015, 5:49 pm

Something had changed within the strange trinket given to him by the weird blond guy, a low dull thrumming that originated from the item for around three days now. At first, Ryan had thought it was just his cellphone going crazy, and each time he found out it wasn't, only to forget about it by the next time the incident happened. It took around three times for him to catch on really, and soon, he was beginning to wonder what was happening with the amulet itself. Evry time he would remove it from his pocket, the blue gem would begin to glow a soft light blue, causing the flesh that had touched it to turn icy blue, this color spreading along his arm until he returned it to his pocket, where his flesh would slowly return to normal.

Each time he touched it, there was that chilling sensation, something he had never known within his life until now, only appearing when he touched this thing. Of course Ryan had considered getting rid of it, but each time he got close, there was always a feeling that kept him from actually tossing it away. It felt as if the amulet were drawing him towards something, a strange sensation within his chest that continued to draw him closer and closer towards something. The feeling was relentless, and eventually Ryan could not deny it any longer, forming a single puddle of water from the rain that had been falling around him. A portal to a place he had no idea where, but within a second his body would convert to liquid, and then he was off, slipping through it. It only took a second really, and then he would appear on the other end of the water portal.

It seemed to be already raining within the area, pouring down upon the city and the male that had appeared within it. He was dressed simply, in a dark blue band tee, underneath a thick jacket and khaki cargo pants, the perfect pants for carrying more than just pants that had two pockets. Something about the utility of them appealed to Ryan, though it wasn't the time to worry about something like pants right now. There was this strange drawing feeling, one that caused the amulet around his throat to glow an ominous blue, growing cold within the pocket it had been held within. Unbeknownst to him however was that the amulet released a strange energy signature, uniquely magical yet something else as well. If there were any magically inclined individuals within the area, they would have likely sensed the strange sensation that it let off. Besides, he was following something, even if it was a non-distinct feeling, rather than anything logical.

Ryan was not known for being logical anyway, so there was that. Since his arrival however, the rain had picked up, becoming a heavy downpour rather than just a drizzle, drenching anyone in it, causing people to produce umbrellas or go running for shelter, save for Ryan, who was unaffected by the water, though he did unconsciously protect his phone from getting wet. Something called to him, and so he unwaveringly followed, oh the cons of being simple minded.
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