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Were-Alien Creation Lore/Pantheon

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Were-Alien Creation Lore/Pantheon Empty Were-Alien Creation Lore/Pantheon

Post by The Doctor January 26th 2015, 11:08 pm

Blessing or curse? Circumstance or cosmic inspiration? Coincidence or intention?

     The questions of creation are ever endless, especially to the creation itself. Why have I been given this life? Why am I what I am? Who am I? What am I to do with my life? Generally this is a question one might ask themselves in a spiritual break down, or a question one might expect a robot with newly acquired sentience to ask. But this story is a little different, as the ones asking these questions are not robots, nor are they people at all for that matter... but from the moment they saw "people"... they wanted to be. A race of abominable creatures, born amongst the stars, with no place nor planet to call their own. Creatures that believed they were born for nothing other than slavery and labor. Creatures who knew so little of themselves and wanted nothing more than to know the answer to a very simple question.

  But perhaps the best place to start with this story would be at the beginning. To see things as factually and holistically as possible. After that you may decide for yourself can answer the question that these people have asked themselves. Is this existence a cursed one, or a blessed one?

      This story begins amongst a nomadic race of aliens with fierce military and intellectual force. An alien race so priminant and respected that all the races have come to know them only as "The Master Race". All but one that is. You see, while they prioritized in a fierce military power it was not militant towards others, nor was it designed to conquer. It was, instead designed to defend, and keep integrity on the last remnants of a devastated homeworld they had been driven from. The home they were driven from was a world conquered by the most devastating and catastrophic race of creatures they had even laid eyes upon. Sleek and dark grey carapaces with blood red iris that blended into a strange orange with black almond like slits. Two appendages protruding from the shoulder blades with piercing telsons that could be used as weapons, or attacked to red luminescent wings. Humanoid in form with a crowned arrow like natural plating that covered it's mouth and head, leaving only its eyes and certain areas under the plating exposed. One of these creatures came from the skies and one alone was able to cause immense chaos. It's natural shell provided a strange amount of durability, it's strength was unrivaled and it's speed went beyond that of sound itself. This thing was obviously meant for war. It's entire mind frame was based upon war.

   One alien alone was able to kill entire cities and wipe out tens of thousands of their people before it was finally detained. When questioned the creature displayed a very strange and otherworldly social grace as it simply revealed that it being sent there was no coincidence. The world they were on was a very precious one, one that was desired. But this alien also revealed that it is always sent down to a planet with "sentient" life to attack and challenge them. If the life is truly sentient and worth keeping within the Galaxy they will be able to kill him and his people would leave them to their own devices. However, in this case, the aliens had failed. This alien spoke truth as within hours there were a legion, and entire armada that assaulted from the stars. The "Master race" had no choice but to leave their homeworld in a fit of desperation to save themselves. A few space fairing vessels escaped and managed to regroup within the void of space. It was then that their technology advanced. Seeing the weaponry of the powerful dark grey aliens and seeing their combat prowess. It united them all to repopulate and recondition themselves. To adapt in a dog eat dog universe.

    Thus "The Master Race" was born as they went throughout the galaxy and began to subjugate other people and their technologies, doing whatever they could to empower themselves to retake their homeworld and be prepared for the worst. The reign of the "Master Race" was not a malicious one, nor vindictive. If anything it was a reign of assurance, a series of alliances simply headed under their banner. Alliances that may have been forced through militant means, however allies were enemies of their enemies. After years of research and tracing these strange world-destroying aliens that attacked their homeworld they eventually traced their origins back to a strange galaxy. The Milky Way galaxy. The "Master Race" lost the lead there, but they managed to find several worlds charred black an unable to sustain life. Ashen and grey with blotches of molten core. The appearance of the planets held an uncanny resemblance to the dark creatures that ravaged them. These dangerous and savage, yet sophisticated creatures had become known only as "The Blackened".

  Through all of this, The Masters (members of the Master Race) had come to a sore and somber moment in their history. They turned to their Pantheon of deities. Ones they believed had been guiding them and watching over them this entire time. Many of the Masters believed they were too advanced and too superior to believe n such rudimentary forces such as deities, especially deities that had not done a thing to help them or their circumstance.   Lunastra, the wolf Goddess of the moon and stars.  Kǣlkaxia, the strange looking the god of life, air and restoration, the son of Kax and μrshala.  Zhȅɍ Kal Renek, the saurian Goddess of time and all botanical life. SinƩ'thal, The aquatic Capricorn goat with a squid's lower half that meshed together to look like a fish tail. He was God of the afterlife, the waters and the washing away of sin, Patron God of forgiveness. μrshala, the red veined humanoid lady of fertility, reproduction, passion, mercy and altruism. Goddess of the soul, love and pain. She was the twin sister of SinƩ'thal. Rɇriaan, the hulking demonic God of justice and order, the overseer of vows and the God of labor.  Ʊla Marah, the sheep headed rock-tailed Goddess of land, animals, as well as the patron of hunters. Jetȶeuran, the three headed fox God of muse and arts, the lord of innovation and commerce. Selendras Kaϕ, the spider goddess with twelve arms, holding six swords and four candles and two Shepard's hooks was the Goddess of harvest and agriculture, the lady of preservation and vigilance.  Tsxeren Jadah, the brother of Kǣlkaxian. The Falcon headed, anthropomorphic lion God of kings and rulers. Lord of gemstones, preparation and frugality. He was also the Lord of intellect and the figurehead of protection. Dednɐ was the twin-headed serpent goddess of illness and remedy as from the white head came the cure and from the black came the ailment, the goddess of miracles.  Finally was Kax, Death itself and the progenitor of all life, a Xenomorph like creature for all practical purposes.

Others, however, held steadfast to the beliefs and said that their situation was nothing more than trial and tribulation put before them or perhaps even punishment for upsetting their pantheon. In the end of their century long debates, The Masters had come to a conclusion. They decided that they would delve into the project of creating creatures in the images of their Pantheon. If the creature was able to survive without extensive assistance required by the Masters then it was truly certain that the deity itself must be real, or at least be possible. So the experiments were funded. From this they hoped to establish once and for all if there was the possibility of such entities even existing. For if it could not exist in a universe "created" by these gods then it was painfully apparent their fear were accurate and that there were no gods.

   The Masters were in woe as they could not recreated the several first series of creatures. There were six labs, all assigned to six different members of the pantheon. One male, one female each. Lunastra, Kǣlkaxian, Zhȅɍ Kal Renek, and SinƩ'thal were unable to be created without serous complications which would require Master intervention. Their inability to even make it beyond mere fetus stage was concerning, let alone when breeding one genetically couldn't happen. The first sign of success was the Masters creating a living, but nonsustaining creature. It was humanoid to be sure, but it was comatose. It required their intervention to put it on life support, but the creature could exist. It looked remarkably familiar as well. Running systems began to show that these creatures were not "original" creations. They had been detected and identified as a race that called themselves "human".

  Rɇriaan, Ʊla Marah, Jetȶeuran, Selendras Kaϕ, Tsxeren Jadah, Dednɐ were all unable to be supported as well. The Masters issued the order to discontinue their research, surely if none of the others could be made then Kax was a lost cause. Dei ex machina, the order reached too late. At 0100, military time life was given to the embodiment of Death. Kax's physical form was born and the entire Master race rejoiced that they could at least hold their "All father" deity to their faith, along side of his supposed wife, whom awoke the exact same moment that the Kax formed creature had been born. Of course because this "goddess" was the very conception of a race lower than themselves they disowned her and her divinity, bt allowed her to live with the aliens. The Masters oriented the Kax looking creature, the ones that the Masters had come to call "The Blessed ones".

  The Blessed ones were quickly created in masses. Numbers born hours upon hours. A female created for company and reproductive purposes. The numbers were growing exponentially. Over six years the numbers were in the hundreds. Thirteen years and the second generation was breeding. After that the numbers were soon to rival that of the Master's population itself, all of them proving to be physically equal to the terribly power that they had seen once long ago when the strange race appeared on their homeworld. This race was more than their creation and the image of their God, it was their salvation. In order to not risk being out numbered the Masters settled onto a planet and called it their own. They kept their migrant nature but kept the planet for a breeding ground of sorts, while they took measures to regulate the Blessed ones rates. Instead of focusing on breeding, the masters began to introduce a teaching curriculum and they started it with basic skills. Of course the creatures were never happy, they were just animals. Restless and many of them showing signs of advanced depression. That soon changed however when the race learned about humanity's place in the history of the Master race.

   The Blessed ones were so enthralled by humanity, and this began to worry the Masters. The higher ups began to fear that if the Blessed ones began to love and idolize humans more than them, it would cause them to attempt to integrate humanity into their list of allies. To this the Masters were hesitant, as the humans weren't anywhere near useful to them, even as bullet shields they were more of a liability than anything else. It was safest for humanity and for the Masters and the Blessed ones, and all other parties concerned that humanity remain ignorant to the Blackened threat. The Masters began to believe that if they tried to "teach" the Blessed ones that humanity was the lowest of the low then they would give up their fascination and desist the meaningless pursuits to become more like them. The plan ultimately failed as the Blessed ones formed  hierarchy, that the Masters were forced to crush. If the blessed ones managed to form a hierarchy it endangered them, because then they would feel more "independent" than they actually were.

  The Masters began to help the blessed ones setting up their life. Building structures and preparing to teach them basic rocket sciences. The fundamentals to surviving on a planet were important as well. If they could not survive on planets then they could not survive in space. Of course the views of the blessed ones were limited, and they did not understand what the Masters attempted to teach them. The Masters always said that the blessed ones were not to look upon their true faces and that they were "blessed by the Masters". To the Masters this was because they felt unworthy to be looked upon by the image of Kax in fear of being revolting or not meeting expectation, and to be "blessed by the Masters" was akin to the way that humans were told to bless their so-called God. These two miscommunications would soon lead to one of the bloodiest domestic violence to ever sweep the galaxy.

  The Blessed ones misunderstood. They believed that the Masters attempted to berate and belittle them, and soon when a plague struck the blessed ones the Masters had to act in order to ensure the survival of the entire people of both Master and Blessed races. Quarantine and a purging was needed, for both races. It was the most logical course of action. Though the Blessed ones failed to see that there were Masters being killed as well. This spawned a bloody war between the two species. Masters started out on a horrible loss, though they had more numbers than they once had, and it saved them from suffering an utter genocide. After a short time they developed counter measures and their superior intellect won them the war.

  To show they were not the enemy they agreed to a treaty, terms and conditions. The Masters were devastated to learn that the image of Kax preferred the humans in comparison to themselves. They honored Kax and agreed, however they were stunned to find that the Blessed ones wished to actually blend in and pretend to be humans. This was a fascinating request, but the Masters would agree to this...but only as a tool of deception. The Masters changed the biological coding within the blessed ones. It granted them the ability to survive in oxygen, as Oxygen like the potency of earth's atmosphere would char their lungs to a crisp. In changing their lungs they also embedded a gene that allowed them to, with enough focus,  suppress certain traits and become more human like. Unfortunately in all their knowledge they had no way of knowing that would happen until they all went to Earth...and by then it was too late.

  The Masters then sent with them a genetically altered tree, a tree made form the corpse of the human they created. After seeing their genetic coding and comparing it they found that there was indeed something genetically that brought these "Blessed ones" towards humans. Something made them love humans and want to be like then. Studies were taken and done but they feared that their research and genetic alterations were not enough. The Masters gave a sorry farewell to their favored creations and sent them to earth, the tree in their position was to be planted immediately. In doing do this tree would produce microscopic spores that would give the oxygen a peaceful scent and a pacifying quality. These spores were not harmful to anyone, in fact it was beneficial because it actually dampened the damage oxygen naturally causes to ones lungs, even human lungs, which theoretically could extend longevity.

   The Blessed ones crashed to earth, and soon enough they began to try and venture into the world. They soon found that the atmosphere was painful to breathe. They naturally blamed the Masters and labeled them evil as they began to search and try to coordinate a way to go into the open world. They found that as they did they transformed from their human forms into their xenomorph forms and began to spread terror. This life was a curse to them, and so they called themselves "The cursed ones".

    The Masters continued their attempts to study their prodigal children from afar, trying to understand what in their genes compelled them to humanity. The theory shifted from science to spiritual, seeing at the image of Kex and the image of μrshala. It was a hard thing to accept, but it was something they knew to be true. It was simply the natural state of things. For humans were the image of μrshala, their love, their passion and their pain that they both caused and felt. The Masters also kept tabs upon their types of coping mechanisms and their "government".

   The blessed ones established a communistic government and oriented themselves to the human months with the 12 deities of the Master's old pantheon. It took the blessed ones a while to adapt but they had their shaman, the female matriarch of the tribe and her husband. She attempted to have children to carry on the legacy and lead the tribe, and under unique circumstances she was blessed with two children. But it wasn't long before the Masters noticed a genetic anomaly "triggering" within the blessed ones. The human forms were born with strange tattooing, and all of them having the same anomaly. With the capturing of a couple blessed ones they began to painlessly and harmlessly look at the trait. Thus they found that their creations had a gene that they had seen before but never differentiated. This gene was named "The God Cell".

   Each cell functioned on a neurological impulse that was generally generated by a series of compiled words. When the words were spoken it initiated a forced adrenalin rush which amplified their natural talents. After this realization there was a slight scare within the Master race, as this believed that the other warmongering race would catch wind and come to eradicate the blessed ones, and their beloved humans in the process.  Sooner rather than later they knew that in order to protect their blessed race they would need to detain them once more. Power is something that needed to be earned and that must be struggled to obtain in order to learn respect for it. To be given power never bode well when one was not ready to earn it.

Religious Pantheon:
It is customary and mandatory within the Blessed/Cursed one's race that the child have the "symbol" of the deity that is of their birth month somewhere in the name. If they do not have a first name then they require the first three letters of the name to be present and together in the name.

Religious Belief:

   Kax is the progenitor of all things, and it was within his power to create other things, though it was impossible to give them life. He created the other dieties. Lunastra howled and from her howl the entire universe rippled and within the black abyss of death the stars were born. With new-found light the gods all dispersed and left Kax, save for Tsxeren Jadah  and μrshala, whom remained obediently by Kax's side and heeding his warning that they would get lost in the void of space. Tsxeren Jadah  then took it as his duty to rally his the gods and bring them back to their creator.

  Kax approved of his leadership but warned him that he should first seek out Dednɐ, as she would be instrumental in the salvation of the gods. Tsxeren Jadah first called to Dednɐ, bidding her follow him as Kax decreed. Dednɐ agreed and followed as they went to find SinƩ'thal. SinƩ'thal then traversed the void, after having lost his way his tears streamed all throughout the universe looking for Kax, leaving behind an invisible stream of energy which all souls flow through in order to return to death and their final resting place once he was returned to Kax. Tsxeren Jadah then departed to find Ʊla Marah. After having found Ʊla Marah, they found her in the middle of a hunt of "the perfect prey". Through the use of Dednɐ's maladies they were able to hunt the best and Ʊla Marah returned to Kax, having been satisfied.

 Selendras Kaϕ was meditating for elightenment while Jetȶeuran began to innovate and create new ways to try and find their way back to Kax. They had been chasing Lunastra to try and return her home, however they did indeed lose their way. Had it not been for Tsxeren Jadah they would not have never found their way. Tsxeren Jadah quickly instructed the others to return home while he go after the remaining three entities. Tsxeren Jadah  eventually wandered the void for many years before encountering  the old and kind Zhȅɍ Kal Renek, alongside her large and intimidating demonic counterpart Rɇriaan. Rɇriaan refused to return to Kax until he found Lunastra, as he vowed. Tsxeren Jadah understood and instead sent the two females home as he and Rɇriaan hunted down Lunastra.

    By time they found Lunastra and returned home, Rɇriaan and Tsxeren Jadah had come just in time to meet the newest addition to their group. Kax and μrshala had conceived another child, this child was called Kǣlkaxian. The child quickly became ill as it could not survive in the void that was death. Tsxeren Jadah quickly commanded the other gods and they obeyed. Upon the command of Tsxeren Jadah, Lunastra howled and light was created, stars and suns of warmth. Then Ʊla Marah was commanded to create land and earth, so she did so, and granted the place a boon of animals for companionship and hunting. But the ground was too baron and could not support life. It required water, so Tsxeren Jadah commanded SinƩ'thal to spread his waves across the universe and supply water for life to grow. With water and dirt present the worlds were ready for Zhȅɍ Kal Renek to grant the world her boon, as the botanical life flourished. Selendras Kaϕ  quickly created all the prey for , but soon they began to find that they were dying. Had it not been for Selendras Kaϕ's powers of preservation the sustaining of the lives would not have been possible. Jetȶeuran created natural beauty, he painted the colors of the water, the sun and all the planets, all unique in their own way to make them appealing and beautiful for Kex and μrshala. Dednɐ created herbs, berries and other medicinal items to add to the visual appeal. Rɇriaan was charged by Tsxeren Jadah to keep order and ensure every one of the Gods did as they promised to ensure the creation of the world for Kax's son to survive.

   When it was finished, it seemed as though it was not enough. Selendras Kaϕ's power quickly began to fade as she was not strong enough to sustain life. Everything, plants and animals had died. Kax and μrshala ventured to the created worlds with their son, hoping that he could see all they attempted to give him. Kǣlkaxian's eyes opened and in that moment he took the first breath, giving air and life to all things. His breath not only restored life, but it gave new life. When he spoke his first words they took form, and the words became the names of the people and races that would embody the universe. Unfortunately given the powers of Kǣlkaxian, his father Kax was forced away, driven back into the void of space. Before leaving, Kax told μrshala that her job was the most important job of them all. It was to teach all life that which she had taught him, to teach that which death may have but cannot teach. To have passion. To suffer and grow stronger, to have and create more life, but most importantly to teach all the races of all the universe to love.

  With Kax faded away the gods turned to μrshala who nodded and knew her part. She told the Gods that All things come from death, and that death loves them very much. One day, all life must return from where it came. μrshala told Tsxeren Jadah that this was what to be, and that it was now his job to make Kax's will be done, as hers was to do as she was told. She would be the mother, and take all of life to show them and teach them all they could learn from her before they were to return to Kax, when she would then be forced to give them back. Tsxeren Jadah understood and he assumed the role as the leader of the Gods.

    Tsxeren Jadah commanded that Selendras Kaϕ no longer preserve life longer than needed to learn these lessons. In order to gauge time however, he ordered Zhȅɍ Kal Renek to create time as she helped raise the son of Kax. Dednɐ was ordered to ensure that life end, but also that miracles and the lessons could be learned by miracles and healing.  SinƩ'thal was commanded to lead the souls to the ceaseless stream of tears he had created, so that he might wash their wickedness away and show them forgiveness, then that streams might lead them directly back to Kax without risk of being as lost as the Gods once were. Jetȶeuran was commanded to take all of creation and whisper into their ears the whispers of his grand creations and to show them the way of creativity, innovation, cunning and commerce. Selendras Kaϕ then assumed responsibility for teaching all life the value of livestock and being vigilant when guarding them. Ʊla Marah took over the creation of animals and the assurance that there would forever be challenging game to hunt and to be hunted by. Rɇriaan created order for all life, so that through organization they could always better learn the lessons that Kax wanted them to learn.

   The final command, however was given by μrshala whom spoke to Tsxeren Jadah. She told him it was his job to not only lead all the Gods, but to now lead Kings and leaders of all peoples, to whisper to them the responsibility of righteousness, to teach them the willingness and ability to learn. Without the willingness to learn and without his ground work then her lessons could never be taught. She told him how he must show all that he is...kindness and protection without compromising the ability to take action when needed. μrshala then kissed her child upon the forehead and granted him the very thing that made her unique from all the Gods. Her gift to her son was her very soul, which allowed her to inherently know all of the things Kax wished to teach but could not. Mercy, love, and altruism. Pain, sorrow and heartache. From that and that alone sparked the sentience, the very soul within all things. She held her child close and said "This is Kǣlkaxian, and as he was born to me, so shall he be born to all whom live, and through him they will learn love. Through him and his brother all eyes will be opened and no one of his people shall ever fear again."

  Thus was the dawn of the Promtherion. The dawn of "The Master Race".

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Were-Alien Creation Lore/Pantheon Empty Re: Were-Alien Creation Lore/Pantheon

Post by The Doctor January 27th 2015, 7:19 pm

Blessed/Cursed One ability information

 All members of the "Blessed" or "Cursed" ones have a power called "Painful Duality", and they all come equipped with a unique tail that is made of the same metallic materials as all other member of their species. Going to explain and delve into these abilities, their uses and restrictions.

Painful Duality: (Rp Mechanic) - ALL members of the species have this ability. It is not optional. They have been genetically augmented by "The Master Race" in order to grant them the ability to "become human". In doing so they all must have a form where the only stat that can exceed 8 is their fighting skills. When introduced to extreme pain, or rage they will transform to their large (7-11 feet) tall Alien form and then will function on their full grid.
 Explanation: All of them are genetically wired to have a human form, but in times when a potential adrenalin rush can trigger they may transform.

Bond: (Rp Mechanic *PC permission*) - all cursed/blessed ones are able to use their tail in order to dig into the nape of ones neck where they are able to interface with the other person's nervous system using their metallic tails and "hack" into ones brain, using them and their collective knowledge as a google search engine. While doing this he is forced to feel everything that the person he is bonded to feels, and he is only able to bond to one person at a time. Bonding with someone also requires their permission.
   Explanation: The metallic like tails are actually able to pick up on neurons and the electrical impulses sent through the body from the brain. Every tail is slightly different but the common theme is the tipped tail. The tip can be needle like to being a wedge with Velcro like teeth and barbs that can gently grip and dig into the skin. One might believe that driving your tail in could cause sever damages and kill the bonded person. While this is true this is thy the nape of the neck is a preferred area to "hack" into. This area is close to the brain and has little muscle. A tail needs only be able to pierce the first two layers of the epidermis in order to bond with another person's nervous system. A drawback is that while you're meshed with this person's nervous system you can feel everything they feel, so don't let someone you're bonded to get shot, or you'll feel it.

The God Cell: (Rp Mechanic) - This is a form of power similar to Painful duality. Every Blessed or Cursed one is liable to be born with a crest, or a marking which is tattooed like a natural birth mark. After reaching 34 points on your grid you can have activate your God Cell and think of crazy and cool RP explanations to power and explain your super stats.  
   Explanation:"Crests" and God Cells are all activated through a phrase that causes certain neuron impulses in the brain, once these impulse go off n a set sequence your brain produces a rapidly spreading hormone that activated the "God Cell".
   Example: Alurtsx's God Cell grants him two energy looking thruster wings and turns his arms into pure energy.  The thruster wings explains his 1 flight and his 10 speed, and the energy arms explain his 10 Strength. This in no way circumvents the rules as Strength is still limited to what strength can do, and you must pay the points to do what you need to do. This is just an RP mechanic that allows them to break away and be unique in comparison to their brothers and sisters.

Blessed/Cursed One Living information

  All members of the "Blessed" or "Cursed" ones live in their colony, a reinforced base hidden away from mankind and undetectable my many forms of technology, if not all. This place is a safe haven that is known only as "The Dream".

  "The Dream" is the home to the very tree which allows the Blessed/Cursed ones to breath oxygen without burning their lungs and putting them into extreme pain. Thanks to the help of a couple allies the genetic problem with breathing Oxygen has been "corrected", however the Blessed/Cursed ones still live in their high tech colony, trying to repopulate.[/b][/b]

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Blessed/Cursed Tails (In depth)

 What are they?: The tails are actually metallic constructs that are unique to the Blessed/Cursed race and them alone. This metal allows them to actually receive and send a neurological impulse to "bond" it's nervous system to another being.

  What do they do?: While using these tails, the Blessed/Cursed one also has access to the other being's memories as if their mind were a "google" search engine, and control them almost entirely. (Emotions, physical movements, etc.) While doing this it is possible for the Blessed/Cursed one to be able to grant access to their minds as well. The drawback is that the Blessed/Cursed one and the thing they are bonded to are both able to feel one and others nervous systems as one. So if an individual is harmed, both will feel it.

How do they do that?: All tails must be close to center or a direct access point to the nervous system. Their favored point is at the nape of the neck. Every tail has small micro-hair like teeth that allows them to pierce through and latch onto almost any surface and stick into it like Velcro. The nape of the neck is so close to the brain and the spinal column that they need only to place these small micro-fibers into the skin (not even deep enough to bleed when removed.) Once bonded however there is a literal neuro-magnetic connection created to keep either form separating too early and sending them both into a coma.

Advanced uses?: Blessed/Cursed ones are able to actually use their own nervous system to hack into a recently dead individual and "jump start" their brain for temporary access to memories and thoughts. They are also able to "upload and download" information from one and other as a means of quick information sharing. It can also be used to preform "Xeiahshuu"

  What does the tail mean to them?: To the Blessed/Cursed their tail is actually said to be "The physical manifestation of the soul". This part of their body is considered sacred and they have a very specific code of conduct with how it is to be used and cared for.

 What is this code?: The code is simple. The tail is the manifestation of your soul, as such treat it that way. Do not tarnish your soul, be grateful to have a soul, care for your soul and be careful whom you share your soul with.
  Da heck does that mean?:
1) Don't abuse your tail
2) Don't use your tail as a weapon. It is your soul and as such there is only specific times you may use it as a weapon.
3) Be grateful for your tail and it's gift.
4) Don't bond with just everyone and everything.

When can a tail be used as a weapon and define "weapon"?:
  1) A tail can be used as a weapon to subdue someone or something you're bonded with. Because it is believed that since you are both bonded you have the same soul. The tail is used to re-bond with them and pacify them. If they cannot be pacified then it is only honorable and proper that they are vanquished by their own soul (people who are bonded are believed to have fused souls)

  2) A piercing weapon. Your tail may be used to deflect blows or grapple things, or even swat things, but using your tail in an offensive mean with the intent to kill is frowned upon and generally forbidden.

What is this "Bond" and who/what will it work on?:
  1) It's the neruo-connection between a Blessed/Cursed one and it's "target". The bond actually binds the two together, familiarizing each other binding you two together, even after the connection is broken and free will is restored. It allows you to feel, experience and share lives with you and another creature.

2) You can use a bond on any living thing with a nervous system. HOWEVER it should be noted that typically one is only able to bond with one individual animal of any given species. Each "personality" and life is a different experience, each soul is unique. When you bond to a member of another species you take on part of them while they take on part of you. Therefore trying to bond with another creature is painful and unable to be done. You may bond with any number of Blessed/Cursed Ones, however it is still considered sacred and not something done liberally.
Note: There ARE individuals that are able to bond with any number of things.

Blessed/Cursed "Jobs" and Factions:

Medical Technician: Individuals trained by more seasoned and experienced individuals to use the highly advanced technology to administer medical treatment.

Hunter: Individuals that are trained by the "Huntsmaster" from youth. They are taught to trap, hunt, and how to domesticate and care for wildlife.

Knight: Knights of The Dream, a Knights Templar sort of group that is composed of the warriors, fighters, scouts and protectors of the race. The children of this class are trained by the Brigadier General.

Pupil/Student: Anyone under the age of 24 is considered to be a pupil or student, regardless of any other job they hold.  

Research and Development: The research and development that helps them keep evolving. They may understand rocket science, but a television still baffles them.

Knights of The Dream:
  The knights of the dream are the paragons of the people. Held with reverence an respect there is no more honor-bearing yet dangerous group to be part of. Their training comes in several parts and lasts for 16 years before they are squired to their own individual knight, which they shadow until the knight believes them worthy of presenting to the people. The knights have their own code of conduct, similar to the human concept of Chivalry.

  • To serve, save and guide the people and ensure their general welfare
  • Do not fear death. There is no greater honor than to fall in the defense of others whom could not, or were not prepared to defend themselves.
  • Never refuse a challenge from an equal, or superior.
  • Obey authority as long as it serves the people.
  • Do not offend, nor be offended. Offense is catalyst to the poison of revenge. Do not poison your family, and do not drink poison when presented.
  • Honor, cherish and fear thy blade.
     - One who does not honor thy blade has dishonored themselves.
     - One who does not cherish thy blade does not cherish thy people.
     - One who does not fear thy blade hath no right to wield one.
  • Never flinch to raise thy shield, but tame thy sword with a righteous heart.
  • Conduct yourself with honor, integrity and valor. Even in the face of death.
  • To follow this code is to give thy life to Kax and his people. Give your life to Kax, and one day he will give it back.

  Blessed/Cursed Language - Dictionary:
Just a few terms used between Blessed/Cursed ones.

Kaxkain: (Noun) - The male leader of the race
Note- they are socialistic in nature but the leader handles disputes the public cannot decide upon.

µraidai: (Noun) - The female leader, chosen by the male ruler to take power for him after his death. Religious leader and teacher of children.

Vos: (Noun) - Brother from the same biological family

Vayne: (Noun) - Sister from the same biological family

Eos: (Noun) - Brother (Not biological, but from the same race)

Eayn: (Noun) - Sister (Not biological, but from the same race)

Owayn Mas: (possessive noun) - the word for "mine". The race does not have a literal translation. This is used to describe a bonded person/animal belongs to that person or individual.  Translates most closely as "That which I own, which also own me."

Mas: (Verb) - The bonding process itself.

Xeiahshuu: (verb) - Ancient process of merging two beings into one

Ki'chien: (Adjective) - an individual who is shunned. An "Untouchable".[/b][/b]

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