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Welcome to The Abyss [Odien]

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Welcome to The Abyss [Odien] Empty Welcome to The Abyss [Odien]

Post by Samael Christensen January 21st 2015, 5:31 pm

Rescuing Samuel had been easy enough, while humans had their exceptional defenses, they were nothing when compared to an Abyssal One. ”Now we get out of here.” Ripping the necklace from around his neck, it would glow, before shifting into a scythe and with a swing it would cut the air much like fabric. Beyond the rip was a blackened landscape, colored with various shades of red, orange and similar colors, though to Hyperion there were some that the human eye could not perceive."Warning, the air isn't exactly breathable for normal folks. Ya might want to hold your breath." With a welcoming motion, he would step through and wait for his ally to step through before allowing it to close. The necklace would return to its true form, and return back around his neck, both now standing within The Abyss.

”Welcome to my palace.” Hyperion turned to Samuel, making a sweeping gesture and taking a slight bow. While it would have been frowned upon for a king to bow before his subject, something about him garnered the males respect.

They stood before the towering doors that would lead them into the palace, opening with a simple thought of Hyperion. Standing there was a female, dressed in black leather, two black blades upon her hips and hair flowing down her shoulders. ”Welcome back My Lord.” Sheiara said, considering the tall metahuman with a single raised brow, his seneschal leaning against the wall, pushing herself off of it.

”You sure love to hear yourself talk.” Hyperion muttered, stepping through the threshold, and past Sheiara.
Samael Christensen
Samael Christensen
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Welcome to The Abyss [Odien] Empty Re: Welcome to The Abyss [Odien]

Post by Odien January 21st 2015, 6:20 pm

Odien furrowed his brow in consternation. Could it really have been months since he had been imprisoned? The number did not seem right, though he knew not whether it was too short or long. The days had “blurred together”-a result of several factors, the fact that sleep was now neither required nor possible for Odien chief among them. He raised a corner of his lip slightly when the nonhuman stepped closer, the indent deepening with the comment made about him being a “not so gentle giant”.

So it would appear that the other male had not shrank, rather that Prisoner 53445 had grown. “They say that Hell was not made for man,” he remarked, “and yet I have endured it all the same.” After another outburst resounded through the facility, the Ethereal made a surprising move by kissing Odien. Before the convict could react, a portal was conjured by Angel Boy, who promptly stepped through, seeming to indicate that he wished for Chambers to do so as well. A comment was made about the poor air quality-a result of pollution, no doubt-and so Odien held his breath going in.

He appraised their surroundings rather incredulously. For untold scores of miles to either side there were desiccated wastelands; to his back there was much the same, until it reached a precipitous drop, ending beyond his vision. Turning back around he would see a large set of ornate metal doors, the color of vantablack. Walls stretched out around on both sides of the doors.

The Angel Boy bowed to Odien, something that would have once amused him, but was now beneath his notice (primarily because of the male’s stature; it almost did go unnoticed). He opened his mouth to speak, inquiring as to what this place, and the female creature, were, but then remembered the comment about not speaking. To compensate he merely raised both eyebrows before following the male through the doors.

Welcome to The Abyss [Odien] Ul10
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Welcome to The Abyss [Odien] Empty Re: Welcome to The Abyss [Odien]

Post by Samael Christensen January 21st 2015, 6:36 pm

”Not to annoy you or anything, but you may need to help the metahuman out. I don't think he can hold his breath forever.” Sheiara noted, the idea hitting Hyperion as soon as the words left her mouth.

”How did I forget about that?” He muttered, before turning upon his heels and returning to Samuel, removing a small purple crystal and taking one of his arms. ”Okay, this may sting a little.” he said, before pressing the item against his skin, a small hiss emanating from it. It would not burn, but feel like a needle rapidly pricking into his skin, as he would move it along flesh until the rune was drawn. ”There, now you can take a breath.” He would say, waiting for the male to do so, and see the that nether within the air felt much like oxygen. The rune would glow a soft purple, and then turn to black.

”Now come with me.” He said continuing walking through the hallways, the sound of footsteps echoing out, his hand sburying into the pockets of his shorts, which were spattered with blood. The image made one consider him fitting of the title of death, despite the otherwise young and physically unimposing appearance. The hallways were ornate, various decorations covering the walls as they walked along. ”While I imagine you would think this place Hell, I prefer to call it The Abyss. Its where me and my race, The Ti'taens live, where I rule from. Perhaps where you could rule as well.”
Samael Christensen
Samael Christensen
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Mega Poster!

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