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Steel Empty Steel

Post by Orsy January 7th 2015, 2:55 pm

”Jokes on you, I’m bulletproof.”

Basic Biography

Real Name: Daniel Mason
Hero Name: Steel
Title: “The Indestructible Man”
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 182lbs(A ton or two when powered up)
Blood type: A+

The Looks

When not powered up, Daniel is a tall caucasian male with very short dark brown hair, blue eyes, and a muscled physique.

Steel looks the same as Daniel in every way except his flesh has been replaced by a silvery metallic coat.  His new skin is very shiney, and smooth.  His dark brown hair turns into a metallic gray, darker than his skin.  His eyes lose the pupils and irises, leaving only white.  His suit consists of black combat boots, black cargo-pants, and a black sleeveless vest that has an S on the chest in a style that looks more like a backwards Z.

The Legacy

Personality: Daniel/Steel is a hero at heart, he’s always the first into the fire despite any odds.  He can be stubborn at times, and a bit hot headed.  But when the day is desperate, he’ll die to protect the innocent.

History: Daniel Mason was born in a small town somewhere in New York state, he led an average life nothing too special about him.  

After he graduated high school he enlisted into the Military, the marines in particular.  He led an average tour, a couple close calls on the battlefield, won a few medals for heroic acts, overall he was a good soldier.  

At the time of leave, Daniel was first confronted by Zell Atterius, CEO of “Gen-Tech” to assist in the development of a new mechanised exoskeleton made out of a “super metal” Gemini, specifically they wanted him to pilot it.  The paycheck was nice, and the mech thing sounded interesting, so the marine accepted his offer.

Daniel was flown down to Nevada to the testing facility, where all the new age technology was being developed.  He was greeted with a bunch of scientists and lawyers, making him sign a contract making the facility not liable for any… accidents.  This didn’t bother him, he was a Marine after all.

On the day of the test he was suited up in some fancy underarmour to help the comfort of piloting the suit, but it didn’t help the discomfort of being seen in a leotard.  The suit powered up fine, and moved easily with his body.  He tested the weapons, they all were easy to use.  So far so good.  His final trial was straight out of a science fiction movie, making the thing fly.  Daniel activated the suit’s rockets and launched into the air. He struggled a bit but learned to get the hang of it and was soon flying around like some superhero.  Then it all went to shit.

There was a malfunction in the suit’s flight system.  It went into autopilot and was soon on a collision course with another experimental machine, a fusion reactor.  There was nothing he could do to stop himself from crashing into the reactor.  The energy of the grand machine immediately incinerated most of the suit, all of its weapons and lesser base metals.  But the strange thing occurred when the Gemini metal did not get destroyed, and neither did the human being it was encasing. As a result of the reactor, the metal Gemini began to fuse with Daniel’s body at the molecular level.  

The whole process required a massive amount of energy and overloaded the reactor, causing a meltdown.  Daniel woke up in a crater, but he was forever changed.  His entire body was now made out of the Gemini element, his skin now appearing like a shiny, silvery metal.

Numerous tests were performed on him, apparently the metal fused with him perfectly, he was in perfect health.  The Gen-Tech scientists wished to perform even more tests on him, but Daniel refused and wished only to go home.

He now uses his metal body to save people, feeling it as his responsibility to help those who are helpless.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Very High Durability: Steel’s entire body is made out of a extremely durable supermetal.  Any normal attack will not be able to penetrate this metal.  Normal weapons like firearms, blades, or explosives created by average manufactures, (Meaning any weapon currently existing in real life), will not kill or harm him.

Super Strength: Steel’s new metallic body no longer follows the limitations of an average human body.  His strength is multiplied by a massive extent to match perfectly with his high endurance.  He can cause massive damage without causing any to himself.

Advanced Combat Training: Steel used to be a Marine.  That being said, he’s had extensive training in combat situations.  He was always something of a natural at hand-to-hand combat, having naturally quick reflexes and a good synchronization between body and mind.  He was good fighter before he got his new body, now he’s even better.  


Weight Gain: Because Steel’s body is entirely made of a metallic substance, he’s pretty damn heavy.  This means whatever he stands on, has to be able to support his mass, or else he’ll fall through the floor.  This is also the case with water, he can’t swim anymore, he’ll sink straight to the bottom. (Note: Because he’s heavy, it does not mean he’s slow.  His high strength makes up for his high weight.)

Extreme Temperatures: Another downfall to having a complete metal body, It’ll behave like metal. At extreme cold temperatures, his body will lock up and give him trouble with movement.  At extreme hot temperatures, his body will become more malleable, which can cause his endurance to drop.  Now, this doesn’t mean Steel’s useless on a snow day, and vulnerable near fire, the temperature must be extreme.

Something to Lose: Steel is not completely untouchable.  When we was Daniel Mason, he lived a good life in his family home with his parents.  He loves his family and because they are still alive, they are a liability to Steel’s integrity.  He’ll do anything to keep his loved ones safe, leaving him vulnerable to the whims of any villain who wishes to use them against him.

RP Mechanics

New Body: Steel can never change back to a normal human.  His body is forever encased in its metallic form.  His new shiney body sometimes makes him self conscious and envious of others with good old fashioned flesh and bone.

Physical Priority

Agility: 4
Endurance: 1
Reaction: 3
Strength: 2

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Steel Empty Re: Steel

Post by Forceaus January 11th 2015, 12:01 am

You have 27 points spent as the first 3 points of Intelligence and Occult equate for each other.

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Steel Empty Re: Steel

Post by Forceaus January 13th 2015, 8:30 pm

Approved until stated otherwise

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