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The Purple Panther

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The Purple Panther Empty The Purple Panther

Post by shamanman on January 7th 2015, 12:56 am

"I have no sympathy for those who squander their lives in service of the oppressors."

Basic Biography

Real Name: Dwayne Davis
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: The Purple Panther
Title: Burned One, Fire of Death
Alignment: lawful evil
Age: 48
Gender: male
Race: Metahuman
Weight: 215
Blood type: Unknown

The Looks

The Purple Panther T'Challa_(Earth-1610)

The Legacy

Personality: The Purple Panther is a cold calculating killer. He has been changed ever since his run in with a powerful group of gangsters many years ago. In his past he was a hero, saving the day whenever possible. He loved to laugh and play, but now he has no love in his heart. Dwayne's only goal is to destroy corruption. The rest will follow he figures. To fully understand why the man is this way we must delve into his past.

History: Dwayne was born like any other. To a large poverty stricken family in the cast expanses of Chicago. Dwayne was a generic ruffian in his childhood getting into a lot of trouble with the law. When he was 14 he discovered boxing and instantly took to it. Throughout high school he had problems with grades, so the school opted to put him into tech classes instead of the core classes normal students had to take so he could stay on the schools wrestling and boxing teams. It was in these classes he discovered his love of machinery.

Some years later Dwayne juggled a hectic life between being an auto mechanic and being a professional boxer. He had to do both since boxers did not get paid as much as they used to in the golden age. Now it seemed everyone was into wrestling, but Dwayne didn't like the professional stuff because it wasn't real fighting. One night he witnessed a woman being mugged. In retaliation he ran the man down and beat him up leaving his unconscious body ready for police pickup. It was then decided that he wanted to be a hero.

to help himself accomplish this task he created many devices to aid in his quest. It was during this time that he formed many enemies in the crime syndicates. Many of whom controlled the government. Sticking to a no kill creed Dwayne brought them all down. All but one that is. The one was a man of the name Gino Mentavieva. Gino somehow escaped persecution, upping his status when he realized what was happening.

A little after Dwayne realized it wasn't worth it to just wait for Gino, he went back to low level crime fighting. His exploits had been noticed by many, so the community raised some funds together to buy him his very own boxing gym. He converted the downstairs to a general fitness area putting the training center upstairs and the Ring in the basement. It was a little after he opened this place that he found a young Joshua Cristopher rummaging through the garbage like a little raccoon. He called the kid such and crime fighting history was born as he took the young one on as his sidekick teaching him the ways of the hero.

One of the many aspects of heroing he passed down to Joshua was the invention of gadgets to help. Originally it wasn't his plan to bring Joshua along to take down Gino once and for all, but due to intervening opportunity he brought the kid along to gelp him test out his new gadget. Going inside first he realized a trap had been sprung. The Purple Panther was jumped by nearly 100 men as it seemed. Instead of letting them catch Joshua Dwayne gave himself up to Gino.

During this time Gino personally tortured Dwayne. By burning him and splashing acid with little regard. It was during one of these sessions that Dwayne snapped. He was done with corruption. The deceit has gone to far. It was evident the liars would never get caught if Dwayne didn't do something.  When Gino let his guard down Dwayne simply caved his head in with a punch. Tge dude was just a stooge  after all.

Over the following years Dwayne has been growing funds, and assassinating those he deemed unworthy or unrepentant of tgeir evil deeds. Now The Purple Panther will make a return.

The Powers

Power 1: Enhanced Reflexes: simply put he has faster reflexes than normal, as well as being a champion boxer.(7fs)

Power 2:Enhanced Senses: Much like a cat Dwayne seems to have better senses than average all around (1 abil)

Power 3:Superior Intellect: Dwayne is a genius to put it simply. Ever since he was a kid he has been tinkering creating gadgets.

Power 4:Superhuman Physique: From years of experience Dwayne has sculpted his body into that of a perfect human. (Barring the whole burnt up part.)

Fighting Skills:7
Wealth:5 (4 in the hole already)


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The Purple Panther Empty Re: The Purple Panther

Post by Danger on January 8th 2015, 5:48 pm


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Quote : "Totally saved Sadie."

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