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Pulling a D. B. Cooper...on christmas (Double XP thread) (Open)

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Pulling a D. B. Cooper...on christmas (Double XP thread) (Open)

Post by Red on December 31st 2014, 3:19 am

Christmas, a time of snow and presents, cheer and giving. But all in all a huge waste of time, at least that's how Daniel saw it. People this time of year were in a constant rush, its why theft and pickpocketing rose so much whenever the holidays came around. Since embracing the fact he was at a higher stage in evolution then humans Daniel didn't see the point in celebrating a day that was quite normal in all but name.

Holidays were a human invention to keep them sane, to cut through their day-to-day work. Daniel couldn't believe he actually wanted to study just to work most of his life away, he was grateful  he was fortunate enough to escape it. He was doing something for Christmas, though not very traditional in any sense. He was hijacking a plane, a Boeing 747 to be more specific.

The reason for doing this was not money, but actually an extremely rare element owned by one of the passengers. The element in question had properties many scientists think are responsible for some forms of the meta gene. It can also be harnessed into a near infinite power source, though Lucius seems to think he is the only one that knows a way of doing that. The bottom line was they needed it and Lucius was busy, so it was up to him to seize this rare opportunity.

Him, John, Isabel, and Leo would board the plane in only a few minutes, once on they would extort the crew and passengers into giving them 2 million dollers and the case of Kithricite held by one of the passengers. Which one was unknown and the person that has it would likely protect it at all costs, so they would need to be convincing in their threats. After obtaining the cargo they would use the emergency parachutes to exit the plane then Daniel would port them to safety once near the ground. It was a pretty classic plan, but the originals are original for a reason.

"Here you go, 4 tickets to Las Vegas" The clerk said handing the four of them their passes. They walked outside and boarded the plane specified on the ticket and in no time they were off.  "I hate flying, makes me sick" said Leo as he rolled up the blind on his seats window. "Just keep your cool, in a few minutes we'll make our move" Daniel said from the seat next to him.

After 30 minutes in the air they were ready. Daniel poked his head out to look into the pilots cabin just as a flight attendant walked into it. Instantly he disappeared, then reappeared in the flight cabin. Seeing this the passengers flipped out, screaming and pushing over each other as if they could just run out of the plane. Leo let out a "Merry Christmas" and all the passengers fell to the floor in deep slumber. He willed a few of the people not to fall under his spell, most notably the pilot and co pilot. The passengers would be out for 20 minutes to give Danial some time to negotiate without everyone panicking. In the cabin, Daniel held his high tech pistol to the pilots head "Now i want you to listen very carefully....."


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