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Santa Darren

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Santa Darren Empty Santa Darren

Post by Swordsmaster Mon 29 Dec - 3:29

That's right you heard it right folks, for those of you that read about it in the box you know what's up; for those of you that don't well that's the point of this topic. Now that Douple XP Christmas/Holiday Themed Threads have been started Santa Darren is ready to run. It'll all be explained how he ends up with this list of names for gifts to give out in his first cameo (or maybe it won't) you'll just have to wait, look, and read all his lovey gift giving, and cookie stealig posts.
Now as not to steal more posts than the people actually in the threads Santa Darren will be limited to one post per topic unless otherwise specified by the actual rp'ers. Essentially if you want Santa Darren to stick around for some reason let me know!

Here's how it works:
If participating in a Douple Xp Holiday thread post below what present you would like Santa Darren to bring you, and remember this will be a Darren interpreted gift. Be ready to have your cookies stolen as well because Santa needs his fuel. If you have any other ideas let me know!
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Santa Darren Empty Re: Santa Darren

Post by The Nekromonga Mon 29 Dec - 3:59

Xiao would simply like her friends and family together for a happy Christmas dinner.

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