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Post by The Womb on December 10th 2014, 1:33 pm

Womb stalked the damp streets of LA. The winter had brought about a terrible chill which warded off even the more hardy of folk from walking the streets. There were vehicles a plenty, yet there was not a soul to be found in the inner city, ghettoized areas. As The Womb rounded a corner, he found himself headed towards a slipway down to a drainage canal. Below, he could make out the forms of several homeless folk, quivering in the sharp cold air. They huddled together for warmth, gathered about a large can which they had fashioned into a furnace. Flames licked the lip of the can, and the homeless folk absorbed the heat as well as they could, whilst watching their breath escape into the wind. The Womb resolved to himself that he would go down and speak with them, and perhaps offer that they come stay with him in the abandoned hotel he called his home. It would be warmer than the open air, and safer also. He had spent many an evening cleaning the rubbish and scrap out of the hotel for just such an occasion. He felt that now was the time to offer it's facilities to those that needed it.

He began his walk down the slipway and soon enough found himself at the bottom and walking towards the group of homeless folk. Some of them noticed him and stared at the tall creature. His black leather jacket, black vest and black cargo pants tucked into high and sturdy leather boots  was not the most welcoming of attires. However The Womb hoped they would not be deterred by this . He strolled up to the group, all of them now looking at him in nervous anticipation, and waved to them in what The Womb believed to be a casual address.

"Ho, my good fellows! How goes the journey? I noticed your fire and wished to partake in it's warmth. I fear the cold has chilled my bones to ice, I hope you don't mind?" The Womb said as he entered the circle of half starving men.
"What the fuck are you meant to be?" one of the homeless men asked bewildered at The Womb's appearance.
"I am not meant to be anything. I am simply The Womb," he replied easily.
"You look like a god damned lunatic. What are you doing here? We're trying to spend our evening in peace, not be pushed around by masked idiots like you!" Another shouted, a mixture of confusion, anger and fear in his voice. His remarks were met with a few others nodding and muttering their agreement at his words.
"Now now, I wish to do nothing of the sort. In fact I came to do quite the opposite. You see I live in an abandoned hotel, across the city. I fear the walk to be a good hour or two, however, I wished to ask if any of you would like to come stay with me there? It is warm, insulated, and out of the cold air. It is tidy, and although the building is in a state of ill repair it is not as dirty as it was when I moved in. With a little more help, it could be completely livable again," The Womb announced as tactically as possible.
The Homeless folk stared at him for a moment, then broke into murmurs and whispers about the offer. One gentleman, perched on the ground in a sleeping bag and fiddling with a medical syringe looked up at the Womb and gasped to himself, "How the fuck is that thing talking?"
Another cut through the quiet discussion to address The Womb angrily, "wait a minuet here, what's the fucking catch man? You think a'm dumb? You gonna take us somewhere, beat us up, take our shit, rape us, take our drugs, take our food, take our money or what? I'm not fuckin dumb playa, I know what's cookin. You betta get outta here befoh alla us whoop yo ass man! Fuck you!"

"Only from The Womb springs Life and Death" - WOMB
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