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Helior's Items

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Helior's Items Empty Helior's Items

Post by Helior on November 19th 2014, 6:06 am


Spear of the Swift:
Name: Spear of the Swift

Abilities: A spear of immeasurable sharpness that can morph into a duel bladed sword, once in staff 'mode' it can be split into two single blades but must be rejoined to take its other form. Switching between staff and spear mode has a 2 post cool down. The weapon can be illuminated with a blinding white energy in both forms, allowing it to send out pulses and blasts of energy in a variety of ways while attacking. 1 post in between uses for energy attacks.

Description: Made by Helior's late father specifically for the fastest member of the army he recieved it and made yet more modifications to it, infusing the most destructive part of his soul into it, meaning his weapon does his devastating light attacks as opposed to him, he wades forth fighting with flurries of destructive blows

INT Allocation: 8

Spear Form:
Helior's Items 300px-Suntouched_Spear
Sword Form:
Helior's Items Dual_bladed_sword

magic crystals:

Empowerment Crystal:
Name: Empowerment Crystal (statbooster)

Abilities: Magic crystal with the ability to increase Fighting Skills, Strength , or Speed by 2 for 2 posts when crushed. (can only be used once per topic)

Description: Crystal enchanted by Helior himself.

INT Allocation: 8
rejuvenation crystal:

Name: Rejuvenation Crystal (Healing ability item)

Abilities:  Magic crystal with the ability to heal even major wounds in about about minute when channeled and focused upon (cooldown of 3 posts between uses)(7 ABI healing factor)

Description: Crystal given to each member of the order instead of a medical kit.

INT Allocation: 7
Horror/ Lightstorm Gem:

Name: Horror Gem named Lightstorm by Helior

Abilities: An enchanted stone that, when thrown, pulls objects inward that are within a 30 foot radius, then explodes with a violent explosion of both harmful white light and electricity that sends the objects flying. (Also a 30 foot radius)(Carries 4 at one time, 3 post cooldown)

Description: Gems created by Helior and his brother by integrating both their powers and magic into them. Utilising a dual crystal release system where the other storm crystal draws in objects with a static field whilst corroding at the light burst crystal within, causing it to combust in searing light and crystal particles.

INT Allocation: 7
Other Magical Items:

Lightning Armor:

Name: Armor of the Chosen

Abilities: Armor with magical properties. There is a white gem in the chest that can produce a invisible field around the user that attacks bounce off of with a duration of 2 post and a cooldown of 4.

Description: Specially crafted for him by his father Helior's armor employs a crystal that creates a shield.

INT Allocation: 7

Item count:
Occ 8: 2/2
Occ 7: 3/3

Status :

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Helior's Items Empty Re: Helior's Items

Post by Forceaus on November 19th 2014, 5:52 pm

Approved until stated otherwise


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