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Post by Reaper on November 13th 2014, 6:26 am

Death Walks Among You

Basic Biography

Real Name: Unknown
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Reaper
Title: Mercenary/Terrorist
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Meta Human
Hair: Unknown
Eyes: Unknown
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 215 lbs
Blood type: O-

The Looks

He wears a death mask permenantly, it is sealed to his face until someone can cure him of his hyper-degeneration since it hides his head completely. He also wears a black hooded duster coat and armour that is considerably stronger than kevlar on his body with some of his shells strapped to his legs and chest. The odd part is where his shotguns come and go from as they never need reloading, but when he draws and puts them away, they come from his thighs but they're never there afterwards.

The Legacy

Reaper is quite a frightening peron, rarely speaking except when asked a direct question, and then he is still quiet, for the screams of the dying are his music, and he must listen to it diligently. He is a killer first and a person later, but honestly underneath it all he is simply seeking answers, the bloody path behind him that he cares nothing for is only a reminder for all the others, for he is always in pain and pleasure, and he wishes the pain to end and is looking for someone who can end it, stop the degeneration that is, rather than his life.
Some speak of a black-robed terrorist known only as the Reaper. His identity and motives are a mystery. What is known is that where he appears, death follows.

The Reaper is an extremely volatile mercenary, a ruthless and remorseless killer responsible for terrorist attacks across the world. He has fought in many armed conflicts in the last decades, showing no loyalty to any cause or organization.

Survivors have described a black shadow ghosting unscathed through the most hellish battlefields. The few bodies recovered of those he kills are pale, empty husks drained of life, their cells showing signs of intense degradation.

He is the byproduct of failed genetic alteration which forces his cells to simultaneously decay and regenerate at a hyper-accelerated rate.

The Powers

Power 1: Intangibility (3) His form becomes a humanoid cloaked smoke as everything but his mask becomes smokey in appearance, his mask however remains solid but still becomes intangible as whispers seem to emnate from every wisp of shadow that comes away during his movement.
Can do this for 3 posts with a 3 post cooldown (cooldown is as long as he uses it for)

Power 2: Healing Factor (4) Though his hyper degenerative cells match the rate of his hyper regeneration, he can in fact when resting force the regenerative cells to temporarily overpower the degenerative ones to heal wounds he has sustained

Power 3: Occult 8 - His abilities with the demonic and arcane are quite strong, though they could be stronger, he still is happy with how they are now, since his hellfire shotguns pack a huge punch.

Power 4: Fighting skills 6 - He has very good reflexes and these reflexes go into his all out move rather well as a result where he "reaps" everyone within a radius of him with his shotguns.

Occult: 8
Ability: 3(intangible),
4(Healing Factor)  .
Fighting Skills:6

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Quote : "Death walks among you"

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Re: Reaper

Post by Danny The Sphinx on November 13th 2014, 1:22 pm


Danny The Sphinx

Quote : "Insert Quote from Character Here" or etc.

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