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Quest: The Price of Gold

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Quest: The Price of Gold

Post by Zell on October 27th 2014, 6:42 am

There were teams of all kinds there, left and right there were people and specialized anti-metahuman units. There were all kinds of people, left and right that gathered around this factory. Of course the Villain had hostages, so this was not an easy situation. S.W.A.T units, Federal ant-meta units, all of them go in, yet never come out of this place. Their fates were still unknown and unfortunately there was no way to figure out or ascertain their fates unless you ventured in. Up-and-coming heroes as well as veteran heroes alike had done in already, one by one. None returned as of yet. Some began to compile groups, running around and interviewing people and looking for specific types of powers to complete their "perfect group" to ransack thid place and play the heroes. But the truth be told no one really knew what to expect in there. People were informed as to who they were, and what their powers were. But ultimately they had no clue as to what they were up against. It was a bunch of superhumans from Canada, all from the same city though. So they decided to call in the only person who could really be called an "Expert" on these homicidal super-powered peeps.

   Zell stepped out of the car and let out a sigh of annoyance when he noted all of the heroes and police lined up. Of course you had police yelling at metahumans, you had metahumans yelling at police. Apparently none of them had  the faintest clue that there was a serious problem going on. Funny how in times of need, we'd even blame those who are helping us just to make ourselves feel better. Zell walked over to a man in a tan trench-coat and gave a smile as he extended his hand, greeting the man and introducing himself. The run-down was pretty standard. There was no ransom, no motive really and from what they could tell they were keeping several prisoners. Word of them being alive or not wasn't exactly given, but regardless Zell could work around this...not like he'd actually need to "work" on anything. He had his new "friend" to work on this situation. He looked to the officer swiped the mega-phone and stepped onto the hood of a cop car. "Wh-what the hell are you doing Atterrius!?" He asked. Zell waved him off before holding the megaphone to the groups amassed around this building.

  "Ladies and gentlemen if I may have your attention. If you are afraid to die please vacate the area immediately. Those of you who actually have a pair of testicles, or if you are a woman with the gull to crush them, would you please come see me. We're bringing these people out of there!" Zell's voice rang out through the megaphone as he stepped off the car and cleared his throat, looking to the officer. "Before you bore me, please keep in mind I don't actually care about anything you have to say." He reminded the man before he pressed a button on his watch. The button emitted a frequency that triggered a remote lock, which opened and caused the back of the Gene-Tech car to open up. Within moments his new "friend" stepped out with a mechanical collar around his neck. Zell whistled to grab the attention of this man, which worked apparently as he hurried over to Zell's location.

  "I thought you said I'd have to take care of a small problem." The man said hushed to Zell. Zell just looked at him and smiled. "I also said that installing the collar wouldn't hurt." Zell said with a smile. "Which you lied!" The man said, still bitter about the pain he felt from the new neck-piece he was "gifted". "NO! It didn't hurt me. This situation isn't a big deal...for me. I didn't lie... It's just all heavily influenced by MY perceptions. Now hurry up and start collecting people." He said as he began to get all the files together. The man with blonde hair growled, but ultimately did as requested. "Recovery team over here! LAST CALL FOR PEOPLE JOINING THE RECOVERY EFFORT!" He prompted, eventually screaming as loud as he could to gather up anyone interested in joining the last effort.


"Gone from light, lead astray. Soul turned to darkness in a single day. Lead me back to the light. Killing me...the only way to set things right."

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Re: Quest: The Price of Gold

Post by Cerek on April 24th 2017, 3:43 pm

One day was as good or as bad as the last, people died and lived almost regardless of Cebra's efforts. The top of the brick building Cebra was using as a sniper nest was rather uncomfortable. The heat building up in the bricks, bird crap and shattered glass bottles made staying in his position a pain. Never the less Cebra remained focus staring through his sniper scope at the building looking for any sign of movement. The commotion of the various teams below in argument and shouting were enough to make Cebra momentarily fantasize about turning his rifle on the officers below. This was one of the primary reasons he always worked alone, everyone gets caught up in their own ideals and their own way of doing things. Cebra did not care for anyone besides the people inside being held hostage, not even his own life mattered.

There was no real reason for Cebra to be here, he had been on the road back home when he intercepted a police radio. Since there was nothing pressing on the agenda he decided to stop and lend a helping hand though keeping a good distance from the real authorities . Cebra couldn't get a lock on any target inside the building so he picked his rifle up and started to move to another position. Suddenly a single voice breaks through the shouting crowd, enough so that Cebra stops to listen. A young man speaks offering anyone capable and brave enough the chance to stop bickering and take action. Suffice to say this offer is far too intriguing for Cebra to pass up.

"Huh so maybe one of these flatfoots isn't so incompetent, well it's worth having a look I guess"

Cebra jumps down the side of the building into an alley, he grabs a piece of metal fashioning a crude mask and puts it on. He cautiously walks out trying not to attract too much attention. Cebra walks up to the angry fellow with the blonde hair and introduces himself rather brashly

"Hey, you need help yeah? Sign me up, just call me Blacksmith."

Status :

Quote : "Humans are comprised of whiny, entitled, arrogant, fat, ugly usurpers and I will be damned before I care what they think" -Cebra Ulkenne

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