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Return to action....There is going to be action, right? (Zell, invite)

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Re: Return to action....There is going to be action, right? (Zell, invite)

Post by Forceaus on January 12th 2015, 6:03 pm

Prestige? This guy has prestige? The movie? Was he talking about the movie? Isn't prestige part of a magic act? Does that word have another meaning? This was something he would have to look up later. Google could answer his questions later. Tomorrow, after he got some sleep. Forcewave was looking forward to this being over with so he could go home and rest.

Anyways, they needed to get to the museum and Zell didn't even know where it was. So he knew what that white rabbit person wanted to steal and where it was, but not how to get to that place. So Forcewave would have to show him the way. However, they needed to go find this 'Ailill Hale' person along the way and Forcewave had no clue where to find this person and Zell had yet to say if he knew where to find him either. This was sounding a lot more complicated than it should be. Was the villain going to get away with his major crime simply because of a lack of organization? It be fitting if it did since this guy was obsessed with organization.

Hale? That name sounded familiar. Wait. Isn't that that family that Tyuki is related to? The family of mages that lives here? Yeah, that's them. He still didn't know who this Ailill guy was though. But he did know where the Hales lived. Perhaps it was time to ask if Zell knew. Would make it easier if he did. "Are you going to get in touch with this 'Ailill' person on the way or do we need to stop by somewhere first?" he asked seeking this little bit of crucial information.

As soon as the question was answered he got moving. Forcewave would leave the bar through the same door that he entered it and walk around the block for a few minutes. He kept looking behind him to see where Zell was. He was following him from a distance just as Forcewave had suggested. Forcewave gestured at an alleyway as he passed by it for Zell to wait in as he got out a wireless communications device. Forcewave preferred not to use his actual phone while out on patrol or whatever else he may be doing as it would jeopardize his secret identity. Most of the time he turned it off or left it at home. This communicator thing made a suitable replacement despite its terrible internet connection. He called up a cab for a ride and then briefly headed into a separate alleyway from the one he had pointed out for Zell until it arrived.

While he had been waiting, he had kind of changed via altering his clothes a bit. His mask was lifted up to resemble a beanie and his outfit already resembled casual clothes to being with. He just made it fully resemble them. Once the cab arrived he got in and told the driver where to go. To the part of the city where the Hale manor was, and hopefully Zell would manage to follow. On the way there he glimpsed a motorcycle following in the distance. The cab driver didn't notice at all. Once the cab arrived he paid the driver the fare and got out. Forcewave would readjust his costume to its proper state and waited outside the gate for Zell to draw closer. Once he arrived they would head towards the manor's entrance.

It was almost 11:30 at night when Ailill Hale was told by his aunt that two people were here to see him. He had been reading an old book while drinking a cup of homemade tea that had been brewed that morning. Now he was having to get out of bed and head to the door. He opened the door to see two random people that he didn't recognize standing outside.

"Okay, so who are you fellas, and why are you stopping by so late at night?" he asked scathingly. The slightly taller one wearing a costume that metahumans typically wore took a step back and indicated that the one with the visor should say something. Ailill chose to look specifically at him as he waited for one of them to provide their reason for being here.


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Re: Return to action....There is going to be action, right? (Zell, invite)

Post by Zell on January 14th 2015, 7:44 pm

Arriving at the Hale house was never something Zell liked to do. Sure, he wasn't exactly on their bad side much any more, but he still felt uncomfortable with Aaron. Arianna was ambivalent to him now that he semi-redeemed himself, ambivalence seemed to be a common strain in this family. It only made him remember his discomfort, then again there were many reasons for that...honestly none of those things anything Zell himself would be responsible for, but his God is a cruel one. Such is life. Wait why was he at the Hale house again? Was he supposed to be borrowing a cup of sugar? Oh damn. He had entirely forgotten he was focusing on that dragon that just burned down his village... Uh oh... his friend just said how he was gonna come home after fighting this dragon and get married. Death flag, fare thee well friend, you will be missed. The door opened again and he saw a familiar face, immediately reminding him as to why he was here. Oh, he looked stoic as always. sounded rather irked or inconvenienced. Hmmm, well He and Ouro may have to have something in common in the end.

"I'll cut to the chase. Pocket watch. In the hand of someone well versed in the occult it can actually be used to stop time. I was lead to believe that you're the kind to acquire rare occult artifacts. I also know someone else is going to try and steal it within the next 30 minutes. I'd rather it in your hands than this other individual. The only thing you need to do is get me into the library so my associate here can do what eh does best and save lives. Time is off the essence." Zell said rather plainly and quickly. He remembered that this guy wasn't the one who loved small talk, and he was incredibly blunt when he wanted to be. Less is more in this situation here. Zell's eyes shot to the visor and suddenly his eyes widened. Of course... he had made an mistake. Not that he was about to admit it. He sighed. He proceeded to watch the little virus play it's looping video. It was a video with a little white rabbit, blood red eyes hopping up towards the visor screen before sitting on it's hind legs and saying. "Library. Twenty minutes. Come find me. Don't be late!" the little white rabbit stammered. Zell pressed a button on the visor and turned it off. If Whinston hacked it then he was in serious trouble...he could set any mandates at any time.

"We have twenty minutes to get to the library and find him, or his power will take in affect and he could rack up a real body count." Zell said to Forcewave, Alill probably able to hear it as well.


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Re: Return to action....There is going to be action, right? (Zell, invite)

Post by Forceaus on January 20th 2015, 6:21 pm

Three people were standing by the front door of a mansion in the middle of the night. Not one of them seemed to fully understand why any of this was happening. Was this entirely necessary in stopping some crazy guy from stealing a pocketwatch? A pocketwatch that can be used to stop time. Stop time? Wait, what? Did he just say it can stop time? Since when was that a thing? Why was that a thing?

Forcewave had believed they were just trying to stop a murderer, and now things had gotten worse. Seriously, why was this detail not mentioned earlier? It was kind of crucial after all. What, did he forget to mention something that important, or did Zell not trust Forcewave enough to bring up the fact that the pocketwatch was dangerous? Either way, screw him. How long has he been after this guy and despite knowing so many useless details, couldn't be bothered to deal with the essentials. If Forcewave hadn't decided to return to action tonight then Zell wouldn't be able to do anything to stop this white rabbit guy from obtaining a device capable of stopping time. He was starting to feel like he was going to have to do everything himself at this rate.


Having to wait in the doorway of your own place of residence for someone to explain why they were visiting was annoying. Ailill was looking at some guy standing there looking dumbfounded. The very person whom was apparently here to speak to him was now just standing outside at night not saying anything. Ugh, even Mirshann was better at talking than this, and she could barely speak english. When he finally started talking, he went on about a time stopping pocketwatch at the library. Ailill wondered why it would be at the library. Also it was closed at this time of night. Couldn't he just break in if he needed to get this object so badly? Did he really need his help doing that?

"So you need my help to protect a powerful object from some dangerous fella you know?" Ailill asked bluntly. "Well, I suppose I could try and help you. Providing that you're willing to---" he stopped talking as something flashed across the visor he was wearing. A message came to him saying that they only had twenty minutes. Oh, now this was interesting all of a sudden.


Forcewave was standing there not taking part in the conversation. He was only here because Zell didn't know the way to the library or to this place. But he wouldn't be here much longer when it was announced that they only had twenty minutes before things went down. Zell was still needing to discuss things with Ailill. Forcewave was free to leave though. So he chose not to waste any more time and head for the library immediately.

"Alright. See you when you get there." he told Zell, and possibly Ailill too before turning around heading back towards the road and running off in the direction of the library. He knew where it was and the quickest way to get there after all. There was still a chance he could intercept anyone attempting to get in to rob the place.


Ailill saw the masked one take off in the direction of the library. Seemed somebody knew what they wanted to do. He figured the other guy would be confused by what had just happened, and spoke to him with that in mind.

"I'd say he's got the right idea. The library is only a few blocks away from here. Just take the second left and you'll find it. I'll meet you there before your little deadline hits." Ailill told him before closing and locking the front door to head back to his room. Time to take a little trip, but first, he should get ready.


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