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Lizards and bank robbers and terrorists, oh my! (Danny and Quick Kid)

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Lizards and bank robbers and terrorists, oh my! (Danny and Quick Kid)

Post by The Phantom on Tue Oct 21, 2014 4:01 am

The warm, syrupy tasting effervescent liquid trickled down Matthew’s throat, the can containing it now having been successfully drained. Matthew dropped the can (that he had admittedly stolen from a local vending machine, having turned invisible and removing the product as said machine was being restocked) into a recycling bin, and continued to watch the activity before him. A man was gathered with a crowd before him, preaching his sermon. This rant was not about any God, however, but rather on Metahuman rights. This man had a, very vocally expressed, opinion that they had far too many; essentially, he wished for enslavement or eradication of such monstrosities. There were places where such sentiments would have been frowned upon, even considered odious. New York City, unfortunately, was not one such place, especially following the assault by Metahumans some time before.

“It is an open insult to every man, woman and child who has lost a loved one to these abominations that we still allow them to breathe, much less walk free among us. They should be shackled and enslaved, forced to repent for the evil that runs through their veins, the maleficence that is their very being. Would our ancestors have allowed a leper to bed them? Would they have given their children to be instructed by a foreign enemy? When this glorious nation was attacked by the terrorist organization Al Qaeda, did we not declare war on them? Because that is what this is, my brethren. A war. Us versus them, for the survival of the human race. Should we not do our best to win, we needn’t worry about the future of our children or grandchildren. We needn’t worry about the state of the economy, or how to prevent the ice caps from melting. Because there will be no future. This is our last stand. Stand with us, or fall before us. Either way, this is a fight I do not plan to lose.”

There was a time when such a speech would have frightened Umbra. However, he could now see why anti-Metahuman sentiments were possessed by the people, his own parents having been murdered by Doctor Necrodium and his invasion of New York. Regardless, it left a sour taste in his mouth. Nearly everything about him was now frowned upon by society, whether it be his status as a homeless orphan, his genetic makeup, or the immunosuppressant virus known as HIV lying in his body. With such cheerful thoughts, he continued to watch the man on the bank steps across the street, speaking to the crowds gathered below.

The Phantom
The Syndicate's Six
The Phantom

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Re: Lizards and bank robbers and terrorists, oh my! (Danny and Quick Kid)

Post by Danny The Sphinx on Thu Oct 23, 2014 10:31 am

Another early evening waned as the sun rested over the buildings of downtown New York. Under the direction of the Benevolent Man, Danny embarked on another cross country trip to find someone. Spending most of her day checking out schools and streets, Danny took a break to catch up on her own personal achievements. She slipped into a dance studio and gave two hours to practice ballet before a phone call pulled her from her special time. Apparently, others within her household and employer did not like her devotion to other pursuits. Oh well, once she found this guy Danny would need to focus on more important issues like getting elected class president back in Northern California.

Sometimes a doomsayer is just a doomsayer. It never turned out true, but at least a young superhero could dream about getting home in time to knock out planning her student council posters at a reasonable hour. Even though her entry alone almost guaranteed her a spot, she still needed to put some effort into a slogan- and this guy on the corner gave her absolutely nothing to work with at all. "Isn't that a little dangerous of a thing to say? It also doesn't make sense. Saying there will be no future because metas aren't shackled does nothing to further the position, because you didn't give linear evidence. Also, you probably check your facts on approval numbers of war and Congressional voting records. Also..." Danny worked her wrist and the magic bracelet towards her cheek as she worked her rhetoric into a blast. "...Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity by shooting lightning and only made up the story about the kite to cover it up. Prove me wrong. And, before saying doubt rests within me to make my own statement, look in the mirror and say the exact same thing."

Danny felt invigorated. No way would this turn out well, but it felt good to be good. Now, if the crowd parted before her and nothing out of the ordinary occurred, Danny would make her way to the street and keep on walking.
Danny The Sphinx

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Re: Lizards and bank robbers and terrorists, oh my! (Danny and Quick Kid)

Post by Bonjove on Thu Oct 23, 2014 2:52 pm

It was a very tiring day for QuickKid to say the least. He say been running around New York all day doing more superheroing as the others say. He didn't know what caused the great city to be destroyed in te dirt place, but he really doesn't care to be honest. He just does his own thing and that is that. He even saved a surprising number of school buses from crashing.
After all this, he would be in a random alley taking a good and well earned nap. After beating up a mugger of course. He only got ten minutes in until, he heard a large crowd in the street. They sounded angry like if a riot was happening. He decided to check it out to be safe.
He didn't find a riot, but a angery man talking crap about superheroes or know as meta, he still didn't understand that. He was really pissed at what this guy said. He didn't say anything until a young girl around his age spoke up. He nodde in agreement with her, and ran up to superspeed next to her."She's right, besides you should think of all the good metas have been doing other then the trouble others cause." This isn't going to end well.

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