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A Taste of the Future (Vanguard, Invite Only)

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A Taste of the Future (Vanguard, Invite Only)

Post by Black Steel on October 17th 2014, 7:28 pm

Aah, New York City. This was the birthplace of Black Steel, or as he prefers to be called in casual situations, Ell Aspida. Although, the last time he had seen it was eighty years ago, when the world was still in a ripe age. Ever since he had awoken from his sleep in this time period, Ell has had to adjust to this entirely new atmosphere. After about a month, he was starting to get used to it, and now he walked along the sidewalk towards a popular nightclub, wearing a plain black t-shirt with a gray tuxedo jacket over, and a pair of jeans, with black and white sneakers.

As the man made it to the doors of the nightclub, he was stopped by the bouncer, who looked him over once and said, "Excuse me sir, don't you think you're a bit young to be goin' in there?" Ell smirked at the large bouncer, who made him look like a puppy in comparison, and flashed his ID. Once the bouncer got a look at the number of his age, he looked skeptical, but let him in anyways, just to be rid of the annoyance. Ell pocketed his wallet and walked inside, watching as the lights of the nightclub flashed in many different colors around the dance floor, and the music that he could hear as he was walking in boom through the room. The music was strange to him, but he had gotten used to hearing it over the radio over the last month.

The man walked straight over to the bar and caught the attention of a lovely-looking bartender, with sparkling blonde hair and emerald green eyes. As she leaned over the counter and asked him what he'd be having, he placed a finger under her chin, whispering, "I'll take the Devil's Springs. Hold the ice." Her eyes widened at the request of such a strong drink, but she obliged, taken in by his smooth and confident voice. He took the drink and slipped a bill into her blouse, winking at her, then turned around and took a large swig of the intoxicating liquid, feeling the burning sensation hit as soon as it touched his throat.

"Aaaah! That's great stuff right there."

Black Steel

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Black Steel

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