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Vampiro Complete

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Vampiro Complete

Post by Vampiro on September 29th 2014, 11:33 am

"I Am Addicted to pain and im so crazy that neither hell nor heaven will take me"
Basic Biography

Real Name: Unknown (Long forgotten to time)
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Vampiro
Title: The Unstoppable Mercenary
Alignment: NE
Age: 125 (aging is stopped by regen)
Race: Psychopathic Mercenary  
Height:around 6'
Weight: 198lbs
Blood type:AB-

The Looks

The Legacy

Personality:An absolute psychopath he has no value for human or meta human life he just cares about the money and himself so far he hasnt met anyone he actually had a 'special' thing with even an enemy no one has put what he thinks to be enough of a fight he enjoys pain and can take near any measure of it he would sooner kill everyone and get the money from his contract then do a completely stealth mission. always shoot first ask questions later. never respects others power because he knows himself to be very difficult to kill. cocky and full of one liners.

History: Growing up in Spain, born with a name long forgotten, having been abandoned by his parents and finding his way through life and having been born with the uncanny ability of not being able to take damage and uncanny strength not many people tried to mess with him and by the time he was 17 people with money heard of his skills and trained him and by the time he was 20 he knew how to fight and win in near any situation. He then got his first mercenary contract that was actually killing a vampire that wasnt known to have been one till much later he is thought to have succeeded but no evidence has proven that he has or hasnt  he was given the name Vampiro because of this contract and because of his vampiric appearance. he then served under differing allied countries to assassinate high ranking and key military and political members helping with winning the world wars but at the cost of gaining him an international reputation as a murderer and the very countries that once supported him denied ever being involved with him and sold him up river and he became a ghost. he is believed to be a key implement used in many assassinations of "enemeys of the state" since 1945 but records about him are sketchy and rare all that can be said about him currently is that he is not the one to be easily found nor beaten and he is not one to be graceful nor stealthy

The Powers

Power 1:Regeneration (minor wounds heal in seconds and major ones heal in under a minute)

Side Note Only physical attacks can be dealt thus far but does carry weapons such as a sword and rifle Favorite being a FN SCAR with a heartbeat sensor with a broadsword  end side note

Fighting Skills:4
Wealth:2 (Buys weapons from military)



Quote : I'll Bring You The Gift of Pain... Do You Prefer Steel or Lead?

Status :

Warnings : 0 Warnings
Number of posts : 21
Location : In The Darkness of Your Dreams
Age : 73
Job : Privateer
Humor : Vampiro: A German, A Hungarian, and A Russian Walk into a Bar and walk out without hearts ... sounds like the start of a bad joke
Registration date : 2014-07-13

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Re: Vampiro Complete

Post by Entei on September 30th 2014, 12:30 pm

Approved and moved.

Quick Draw

Quote : Entei
Quick Draw

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Warnings : Banned
Number of posts : 394
Registration date : 2014-07-13

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