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Meeting Of Immortals (Vexus and Vampiro)

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Meeting Of Immortals (Vexus and Vampiro)

Post by Vampiro on Tue 23 Sep - 22:24

Kessler was walking along one day feeling bored and in need of a fix or annihilation of others  but did not feel like acting out on anyone at the time then after continuing to walk for a while three police cars begin to surround him and get out asking him to get down and that he was under arrest he smiles at their bravery for taking him on but that did not change the fact they were against them so he would lift their cars and weapons with one of them who was holding on too tight to his weapon and then pointed their weapons directly back at the cops and says nice and loud for all those to hear him who were already afraid
"Is this not much better and natural for you normal human people? is this not where you belong? bowing to the will of those you already oppressed?" he was referencing that he recognized two of the senior cops as people who had harmed him as a boy when he still couldn't control his powers they had brutalized him when he was young and arrested him causing him an injury that would leave a permanent scar that he would now touch as remembering these cops as he cocks their weapons in mid air



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