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Vampire slaying [Reaper]

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Vampire slaying [Reaper] Empty Vampire slaying [Reaper]

Post by Arcana on September 23rd 2014, 9:07 am

With nothing better to do, and with a certain moral inclination, Apex would find himself moving about the city of Los Angeles looking for an interesting individual. A serial killer or something along those lines, though why he would waste his time on a small time killer was a good question. The answer was that this killer was some manner of metahuman, and Apex was made to deal with then, just like he head dealt with Thanatos once before. A soft breeze blew across his cheek, drawing a small shudder along Sean's back as he adjusted the snug jacket, and drew the zipper up until there was no slack. To deal with the ghastly chill that had fallen over the city, Sean was wearing khaki cargo pants, pulling the hood over his head ans letting the sigh slip through his lips. Something was wrong with the weather, but he could not quite place what that was.

Sipping softly on the coffee that Sean had bought for himself, he looked out the window of the cafe and considered the information that he had gathered and then the fact that he was actually doing this kind of research. Perhaps irt was just boredom, or him trying to keep himself busy between troubles faced by his family, as well as just anything else life would throw his way. While he probably had many reasons to complain about how his life was, but Sean was the type to get over it, so that was what he did. Finishing off the drink, and licking the coffee from around his lips he would stand up and sigh softly, feeling his cellphone vibrate and examining it. Smirking softly, he would step out into the night air and then begin his search once again, he would walk along until he found himself in the darker alleyways.

It was here that he was hoping to meet someone, and from there he would hope to find this metahuman.
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Vampire slaying [Reaper] Empty Re: Vampire slaying [Reaper]

Post by Vampiro on September 23rd 2014, 11:14 am

Thatch would now find himself in the "City of Angels" though not feeling angelic what so ever walking around smelling and seeing the warm juicy blood he craved and pushes a young woman in about her late 20's into a dark alley and feasts on her and she would scream for help but initially all the humans wouldnt even consider intervening they knew he was not to be messed with and left him alone he would then hide the body feeling the cold weather sink in but wouldnt feel any different then keep walking down the street


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