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Sacrificing the Queen

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Sacrificing the Queen Empty Sacrificing the Queen

Post by Just Harbinger September 20th 2014, 4:15 pm

I have an idea for a Quest (or just an interesting thread), though I am aware that I am not in the best position to be starting threads. The basic premise of it all would be "Real Life Chess", the setting being a cross between this and this; a Giant chess board like garden. Each "Square" will have a wall of insuperable shrubbery surrounding each side (or perhaps a stone wall? I don't know/care right now) that the Chessmaster (who, if this is a Quest, would be someone chosen OOC by all of the participants) can choose to remove one wall at a time, and the "Piece" (a character or NPC) then walks through, with the wall closing behind. You have to beat your opponent, by getting more pieces to the other side then they currently have on the board. Your pieces can fight their's, and you know the position of all of the Pieces on the board, however there would be several traps, items and other little surprises hidden in several of the squares (traps on your side could only harm the other players pieces, unless both of you have a piece in the same square). Just wanted to know if anyone would be interested in something like this. If I need to explain or elaborate on anything I've said, let me know.

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Just Harbinger

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Sacrificing the Queen Empty Re: Sacrificing the Queen

Post by The Doctor September 20th 2014, 4:18 pm

This sounds very similar to a concept I had for a character that Chelle and Dave oh so lovingly called "Vanilla Ice Man" who functioned off the premise of "making a game" of things, and one of these games he played was chess. If you'd like the NPC app for it I have it saved, as well as the C-box permission given by Chellizard Spidey

Sacrificing the Queen The_do10
The Doctor
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