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Delving into Darkness [One shot topic]

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Delving into Darkness [One shot topic] Empty Delving into Darkness [One shot topic]

Post by The Bolt on September 13th 2014, 12:52 am

Chapter 1: The Voice
It had started with strange dreams, a landscape covered with black clouds and a sky that was the color of fresh blood. It was the same as The Abyss and that was when he knew, he was dreaming of the very realm that sought to consume everything within existence. While one would find themselves repulsed by the darkness that permeated through the dream, Michael found himself drawn towards it, something within him wanting to journey into The Abyss and then join with the cause, and that showed that Thanatos was only increasing the drive within his cause. Now of all times he desired to destroy, and he could assume that it was because of what had happened with his father. A longing swept through him and regardless of what he felt, this half of him that desired the oneness with its home was stronger than he had expected. If his self-control were any weaker he would find himself already running to The Abyss, but that was not the case, though Michael did find himself annoyed by the continual dreams.

As always the dream would end with one thing and that was the image of Thanatos, beckoning him with an inviting gesture, a bemused smile formed upon his lips. Within an instant everything had faded to black and Michael found himself bolting upwards, blankets barely clinging to his form. Michael let out a low grumble as he rubbed the bridge of his nose softly and examined the bed, realizing that he was once again alone, not that it was much of a change. He had grown used to waking up alone, even if that was not the way he fell asleep. An array of ugly scars decorated his form, ranging from bites, to slashes to even burns, most of them covering his torso, though it was implied that that was not the only areas that he was damaged. It was an ugly red color that marred otherwise seemingly pale skin, even damaging some features as Michael stretched, with a low groan.

A small pain permeated through his lower back, but it was not something that he could find himself whining over. All it served as was a reminder that he would not have a problem being presented with. Rubbing his right eye with the back of his hand, a shaft of sunlight would flutter over his right cheek, revealing a small white scar under his right eye, becoming perhaps more obvious than it usually was. He remembered that had something to do today, it involved his son and that was all he needed to know really, running fingers through his hair and letting it slick back with the sweat that was caking his palm. A strange sensation ran through his body, causing hairs to rise, especially along the back of his neck. He could feel nether course through his entire body for a moment, and the runic markings blooming along his flesh with a low glowing purple color, eyes narrowing slightly before he felt the sensation go away.

Something was calling him, he could feel it digging its claws into his soul and attempting to drag him into whatever darkness that it resided in. Shifting within his bed, Michael rolled out and landed softly on his feet and feeling his heart which was beginning to beat a little faster and sighing. His phone would vibrate loud enough to draw his attention to the small aperture that was resting upon the nightstand, reaching to it and checking the message, from his son with the image of him wearing a new camouflage jacket that his sister had supposedly bought for him. A happy and wide smile was on his face, bright white teeth flashing from between his lips as he seemed to draw attention to his jacket. Fera however was standing in the back ground with an expression that looked as if she was annoyed, or perhaps just face palming.

Despite what was flowing through him, Michael could not help but smile softly at his son’s typical antics, typing a reply before placing the phone down once again. From what he could surmise the family was out, and that left him alone within the house. So with that revelation hitting him, Michael would grab onto his clothing which was a form of pink shorts and a white polo shirt, rolling his shoulders. Slipping into the hallway, he would make his way to the bathroom and twist the shower knob, letting hot water flow from the showerhead.

Michael let the clothes drop to the floor and the his underwear, a few scars decorating his thighs but just enough to be covered by his boxer briefs. He let out a low sigh, rubbing his temples before slipping into the shower, feeling the hot water wash over flesh and washing away the sweat. With this he would fall against the wall, beginning to breathe rapidly for a few seconds before regaining control of it. He could feel the pull slowly growing stronger, and then came something sickening washing through his entire being as if he would throw up. A burning ran up his throat, lingering there for a moment before washing back down, drawing his knees to his chest and shuddering. Closing his eyes, he would see color blooming along the darkness behind his eyelids and teeth began to clench tightly, a small amount of pain shooting through his jaw as he clenched them even tighter. More and more he could still feel the nether calling to him, The Abyss trying to drag him into its darkness and maybe twist him into a weapon that it could use.

It was at this point that he stopped registering the warm water washing over him, hitting his hair and causing it to press against his hair, a few strands falling against his forehead. Within a matter of seconds it would subside once again and leave him empty, eyes slowly opening to the water falling against his face. Time would appear to blur as his heartbeat grew to a tempo within his head and then fade away, leaving him feeling both disoriented and a little confused at the whole sensation. Turning the water off he would rest there for a moment, feeling himself nearly fall from the precipice of exhaustion until he pulled himself back from it. Stepping out of the shower, he would dry himself off with the soft towels that Michael had made sure to buy for himself, walking over to the large mirror covered with mist, wiping it away and examining reflection. A tired looking male stared back at him with wide silver eyes flecked with neon green, examining the scars that marred his body, each one he would find himself never ashamed of. A small smile formed upon his lips as he shook his head and the water from his hair, droplets fling everywhere before letting the dark colored strands fall against his forehead.

With all of the cleaning done, he would run his fingers through his hair, followed by drying it completely and then dressing up once again. With that done, Michael rolled his neck and felt the slight pain rush through his body slowly. Yet within an instant he felt something, a familiar presence that cause a low growl to ripple from his throat, as Michael would run out of the bathroom at blinding speeds as he darted through the front doors to see someone standing there with an amused smirk. His teeth were still revealed from between his lips in a snarl as Michael seemed prepared to strike, and yet the titan would only stand there with a smirk, and hands buried into his pockets. ”So, what does Sheiara’s whelp want?”

”Well I’m not here to waste words with you ethereal. I’m here to talk about Thanatos.” he would note with a scowl, Michael raising an eyebrow and shaking his head, scowling before crossing his arms over his chest.

”What about him?”

”He’s getting ready to move, I thought you wanted to know. After all, he does plan to kill your family first.”

Chapter 2:  The Calling

The two would sit across from one another, Michael sitting on a couch with knees drawn to his chest and the young titan would consider the interior of the living room with a certain stoicism. ”How did you find me?” Michael would ask rather pointed, not hiding the venom that permeated within his voice, and the young titan would smirk for a moment before seeming to answer his rather pointed question.

”You’ll find that the bond between those that share titan blood is stronger than you think. All it took was a little tracing, and I found you, though I still could not come in. Not without you letting me in anyway.” He would note with a shrug and brushing a few strands of the dark brown hair out of his forehead, dark runs beginning to glow along his pale flesh. It seemed that he had moved from wherever he was, likely feeling the calling as much as Michael had been, maybe more than him considering his being a full titan. One could tell that he was feeling the tug even now, grimacing as if in pain and chewing on his lower lip gingerly, a low growl near constantly reverberating from his throat. It even seemed as if he were in pain, much like Michael was, though at a lesser level, as if they had no real choice within the matter.

”Well as lovely as it is to know you can stalk me through some kind of soul bond bullshit. I think we both know why you’re here. Something about Thanatos or whatever.” Michael would say with a motion of his hand, the titan raising a brow before nodding and seemingly getting down to business so to speak.

”Ever since that confrontation with that family of yours, Thanatos has been moving faster than he had ever been before. From what my intelligence tells me, he’s already taken two realms within the past month.”

Michael paused, eyes widening for a moment before letting them narrow back to their usual width. Something about this information was enough to surprise the ethereal, and it seemed to even trouble the male sitting across from him, which was confusing since he would have benefited from The Abyss having expanded even more. Still his expression was enough to garner Michael’s attention and so he would bite some. ”So what do you think he’s up to? Some kind of plan to gather power and then crush my family for pissing him off?”

”Its more than just a simple spit in the face for Thanatos. I think he wants to permanently kill that Prometheus fellow most of all, something about how he insulted him, and that dragon god. I don’t know what they did, but it seems like it’s become one big vendetta with him.” he would explain, reclining within his seat and considering Michael. His expression however had not changed beyond simply shifting ever so slightly, one brow raising even higher as he consider the information that had been offered to him. Was Thanatos that pissed off over being mocked? Well the entity seemed like the type to not take being made light of like that, so possibly that was the case and if that were, then he felt somewhat sorry for anyone on the other end of his wrath.

”So why come to me? It seems that I’m one of the people that he would want to kill, so that would be a waste of your time as well as mine. Unless of course you expect me to be able to kill someone like Thanatos. Because I doubt even someone like Raziel could do that, not with the power he has now.” Michael noted, spitting out the name like a venom as he gripping tightly on his thigh, remembering how much he hatred even thinking about the ethereal. His titan friend however seemed to react interested when he mentioned the name.

”I was hoping the only ethereal and titan hybrid would be able to do something, seeing as how the sages of The Abyss are beginning to move from their monasteries after centuries of silence. They speak of someone that could lead The Abyss to salvation, and some of us think it is not Thanatos.”

”You think it would be me?” Michael asked with a small scoff, shaking his head as if the male was speaking some manner of nonsense. The titan however would only look to Michael with a semi-amused expression. ”Sorry, but I don’t feel like being the new management for a bunch of tattooed losers in a dark hole.”

”No, they mean a salvation from the great hunger.” The young one would snap at Michael, eyes glowing a violent indigo color as he leaned forward with teeth bared before falling back against the chair, crossing arms over his chest and sighing softly as if trying to calm himself. ”Its not about a new Abyssal One, it’s just about something more important than that.”

”The elders hypothesis that The Abyss was once a realm of pure aether before the dark whatever corrupted the realm? Puuuhlease, you know that’s just some tale the Sages of Purgatory babble off to piss the Abyssal One off. I’m not going to risk my life on a half-baked theory.” Michael would scoff and roll his eyes, running his fingers through his hair and considering throwing the young titan out now.

”Its not a theory. We are close to finding out the truth, but that lies in the darkest temples, ones that lay in the darkest pits of The Abyss, and possibly within the scar itself. I just think a powerful being like you could find the answers that the rest of our kind could not.” He would shoot back, his anger seeming to abate quickly. Something told him that they truly believed that he would hold some answer to this Thanatos issue, but then again that was considering if Michael even cared that the titans were wiped out by the big bad Abyssal One eventually. It didn’t really matter if they were to him, considering that even if he was partially a titan he was also an ethereal. Etherium’s and such likely prevented anything like that, so he was not too worried.

”Sorry, don’t feel like being your messiah.” Michael answered with a sharp tone.

”You don’t understand, he’s coming upon this realm next and if that happens, everything dies. You, that family of yours and even the damn dog. Doesn’t that bother you any?”

”Not really. My family is more than capable of dealing with them, and with our allies I don’t think we have too much of a problem.”

”You mean like the last time you stood against our council? Now I imagine the council is even more powerful, as we draw our power from THE ABYSS. If it’s stronger so are they by default.” He began to grow irritated. ”Now even that young one might not stand a chance.”
Michael sighed and rolled his eyes at this mention, leaning forward and staring deeply into the male’s eyes with a certain annoyance, as well as perhaps half interest.

”So what if I can enter into these temples or whatever? How would we even enter The Abyss?” He asked rather simply.

”The titans have secret ways of entering, ones that not even Thanatos knows about. Its how I’ve been monitoring the situation and how you will enter as well.” So it seemed that he was serious about sneaking into The Abyss and that much Michael could see, yet he was not willing to so needlessly risk his life for a race that he did not care about in the least. Perhaps it was the small detail about the dead family, but then again with how often they were in trouble he should have stopped caring by now, but maybe it was his chance to keep them out of some danger. So with that small comfort in mind, Michael would growl lowly and shake his head.

”Alright, I guess I have no real choice in the matter. Show me this secret entrance.” he grumbled, glaring at the titan who seemed now visibly pleased.

”Okay, we’ll have to leave immediately.”

Chapter 3: The forest of death

Michael had left the house as soon as he decided to help the titans with their plight, but not without leaving some indication of where he was going. He had no intentions of doing something that would be his death, seeing as how Michael was not stupidly suicidal like his entire family was. Not that he didn’t love them but sometimes he found himself wondering why they were so willing to die, and considering that they were all incredibly suicidal. Leaving a note in each room with a brief description of his absence, except perhaps for both Shael’s he would leave out with the titan through a small portal. Self-contained as it was, it would allow them to move without having to tap into his primal source for movement potential. Within a matter of moments they would find themselves in what appeared to be a dense jungle, the dense pitter patter of rain heard throughout the forest, though it had seemed to curve in a dome around the two beings as they appeared within it. Michael was here for one second and he already hated this place, whatever this place was anyway.

”Alright, where the hell is this gateway you spoke of?” Michael questioned with visible annoyance to the titan, turning around and raising a single eyebrow at the individual.

”The Amazon Rainforest, perhaps one of the most interesting places on this realm. It was here that my mother actually built a transmitter, though Thanatos has long since forgotten about it.” he would note before beginning to walk on, feet making disgusting squishing sound within the moist earth. Dense foliage surrounded them from all sides, and seemed to block out visibility as Michael followed behind him, hands burying into his pockets as the silver orbs would dart about with a suspicion. He had heard this was a dangerous place, full of things that humans had yet to discover and the unknown was something that anyone with their right mind would fear. Not that Michael was scared of anything but caution was better than being foolishly brave.

”So how long we have to walk in this wet hell hole?” Michael would ask above the sound of the falling rain.

”Not too long, just keep on your guard. I’ve heard that some things have crossed from The Abyss and live in this forest, cut off from their source its possible they adapted to live in this world.”

”Which means?”

”Means they’re stronger.” That was all he needed to say really, not that Michael was worried about any abyssal monsters, seeing as how they were just that, monsters. However he did notice that there was a shadow moving along the edge of his vision, feline almost in appearance but something else. If what the titan said was true, then they were likely being hunted by something, and that would not settle with Michael very well. He was not something that just any monster could hunt and that much he would prove it made the mistake of trying to attack them, though the younger titan seemed somewhat on edge. It was then that he was reminded of his utter defeat by his younger brother, and then being abandoned by the Titans. Perhaps he should have felt pity for the male but all Michael felt was that he had brought that much upon himself. After all he had fought an Atterrius and that alone was suicide within itself, so he was lucky that the male had not ended his life there.

”Brilliant.” Michael noted with a roll of his eyes and with a roll of his eyes as they would continue to walk onwards within this forest of death, one that he could feel radiant nether flowing through and with it an untamed wild feeling that reminded him much of when his son tapped into his radiant ethereal energy. So likely there was some form of nature spirit at work in here, and if that were the case then they would have to tread lightly, otherwise they would need to waste time putting down some angry spirit of nature. However treading lightly in a realm where it likely had all of the power did not feel like it would be possible, not that he wouldn’t try his best anyway. Besides it was all about the titan and where he led the ethereal, if he even had any intentions of leading him to this temple instead of some trap but his bitch of a mother. His body still felt the sting of her blades every time that he thought about them and that was enough reason to not want to fight with the female ever again.

Strange however was that she had said something about him once, that he was the future of their race or something along those lines. Michael had not understood what she meant but something told him that it had something to do with the Ultima that coursed through his body. What it had to do with the future of a race of death beings he would have to find out later, when he had time to think about something like that. They had been walking for what felt like hours and was likely hours, until the thought of the thing moving behind and around him finally annoyed Michael enough that he would have to confront it, yet before he could do anything the tian would make the first move. With a noncommittal flick of the wrist he would release a small shard of black ice into the foliage, causing the typical decay but causing something to leap from the bushes. Everything became slow motion for Michael as he noticed the pitch black feline form gliding through the air, male moving with a certain fluidity and grabbing it by the neck, using momentum to throw it against a tree with a loud crack.

It would let out a low pain growl before leaping to its feet, appearing in the form of a panther five feet tall with a tail that whipped around like a weapon within its own right. Michael kept his calm poise, but he was more than ready in case the thing decided to strike at them once again and in a blur it would, rushing at Michael who side stepped and slammed a foot into its ear, sending it rolling once again, yet leaving it open enough that the titan would be able to strike at it. He did not waste any time, creating a blade of ice and ramming it into the things neck, as the poison would eat flesh and leave them with a victory. Within a matter of moments the corpse would begin to fade away and find itself reduced to a black ice in the form of the panther, then crumbling away into nothingness. The ethereal would smirk but aside from that he would return to the path with the titan leading the way.

Something told him that they would not be too long within this forest of death.

Chapter 4: The Gateway

On and one the forest stretched, yet soon enough they found themselves where they needed to be, at the threshold of an ancient looking temple. The entrance way was hewn from rather sturdy looking stone, black as night and with runic glyphs on them that were of no human language. Michael however could surmise that they were of the titan alphabet, and a sealing of sorts, mostly to keep all non-titans out of the place and that may have been why he did not have anyone but Michael coming along with him. The young looking titan would stand at the precipice, taking a deep breath and seeming to take in the radiant nether that was released from beyond the doorway that yawned before them.

Michael would consider the opening cautiously, part of him wanting to turn away and the other wanting to delve into the darkness that was the temple, yet he was unsure what he should do as far as that was concerned. Still, with all that was at stake he had only one thing that he could do, and that was stepping into the blackness that was the abyssal temple, and then from there doing whatever it was that he had to do to save his family. While it was not expected of the male to do something like that, he felt that it was some sort of duty of his, and so Michel would do it. Without even needing to waste time, he would step beyond the titan and into the temple, feeling the darkness wash over his body in a wave, He could feel his titan half stir, desiring to be released but he was more than capable of keeping it underwraps, so long as he did not find something dragging it out anyway.

The young titan would step in after him and they would find themselves in a large hallway, lined with torches that spontaneously lit up when Michael stepped into it. With this new illumination he could take note of the hallway that seemed to stretch on for a while and reminded him of the temple Raziel hid in. It was that thought alone that made Michael grimace slightly, yet he would walk onward into the dense darkness that still lingered within the light, as death always hung at the fringe of life. His footsteps felt loud in the temple and they resonated louder than his own heartbeat, nearly driving Michael crazy, but that was just a small price to pay really. The dark memories would rise up within him, all of them from that time that he confronted and destroyed the very cause of his pain and that alone was enough to cause some rise within him. Not a positive one mind you, but it was a feeling that he could not deny.

”I do have to warn you though, this place had a special kind of defense mechanism.” The titan walking alongside him would note with a certain hesitance within his voice, yet the two kept walking along as if the male had said nothing at all for a moment until Michael would pause to actually ask.

”What kind of defense?’

”This thing goes out through the planes of purgatory, where Thanatos is blind mostly, so that’s where we can slip in the easiest. Problem is that we will be coming out through the chamber of duality. That is where you will find the most trouble.”

”The what?” Michael asked with a demanding tone, much to the male’s amusement.

”An ancient chamber crafted by the sages of purgatory, beings that wanted to become empowered in both aether and nether. Only through splitting one’s self into both aether and nether halves, can they force both to work in harmony. It’s how it was explained to me, but then again I think the person who did was inept.”

”Why the hell did you not tell me about this before hand?”

”I didn’t see it as a problem.” The male would note with a wave of his hand as the two would walk onward until something changed and within an instant Michael found that he was walking alone through an opening. Beyond was something that he was not expecting really. A large room with a circular platform, surrounded by a strange thick black substance, one that seemed to hold the consistency of tar and almost seemed to react to his presence, in the center of the arena like area was more of the substance. Approaching it, he could see something radiate from his chest and within an instant a single sphere would shoot out from his chest and lodge itself into the dark material and then it would twist.

Chapter 5: The Chamber of Duality: Hyperion vs Michael

A darkness rose from the pool, glimmering with an energy that he could only describe as Dark Ethereal, yet there was something different about it. The darkness that it radiated with was darker than anything he had ever seen and the darkness that it radiated made dark ethereal look pure in comparison. This darkness would begin to shift and contort until it last it took a physical form, shifting until it appeared like Michael with the runic markings of a titan flowing along its flesh like water, and glowed like neon purple. A small smile appeared upon the lips that formed as he considered the one that stood across from him, Michael face to face with Hyperion who only held disgust for the ethereal. ”So, we doing the whole split idea they did with Thanatos? I mean not that it isn’t the most original idea out there but….its not.” He said with a low chuckle and shaking his head, amused by the whole event.

Michael’s hands clenched together tightly as he glared down the titan, or rather something that he could not explain. A seamless cross between titan and ethereal, creating a race that he could not even hope to comprehend. It was as if the race had reached its apex and at that level as god was born; Hyperion. One of his hands would move out to the side and within it would form the weapon Soul Slayer, yet something about it was different, instead of Ultima energy it would be composed of that same dark ethereal energy that the being had formed from. Not even needing to think, Michael formed his weapon, a demonic looking blade with an eye peering out from it with sclera that was bloodshot almost.  ”Well now, using that broken toy of yours. This won’t last long at all.” He would chuckle as Michael rushed the titan without a second thought, aiming a slash at his throat, and finding the attack deflected with a deft blow, sending him reeling and noticing that the blade had projected the energy itself. ”Alright, I know you don’t take me serious but atleast try a little.” It noted with a shrug, flicking the blade and unleashing another burst of the energy, Michael moving and cleaving his sword through it, but not leaving him enough time to react to the foot slamming into his face. The sound of bone crunching from the impact could be heard as Michael stumbled back, blood spurting from his nose and trailing down his face in small streams.

He brought the blade up to parry the doppelgangers, avoiding fatal injury but not keeping Michael from being pushed back, the impact enough to jar his arm and draw an annoyed growl from Michael. The fight had not just started and already he was being beaten back, the taste of blood beginning to seep into his mouth and draw a disgusted expression rom the ethereal, as another kick would slam into his stomach and send him reeling. ”Come on Mike, I’m sure that little daddies boy can do better than this. I mean, you’re just doin sad now.” Hyperion noted with a chuckle not even giving him the chance to react as he kicked him in the face against, and sent him against the ground with a crack. Blood welled up in his mouth as some spilled out from between clenched teeth, his lip having been busted from the kick. Without even giving any indication, Michael would whip around with the blade aiming to cut out Hyperion’s legs from under him, yet all he was met with was a construct of the dark energy. Within an instant a blade would come down, stabbing through his arm and drawing a roar of pain from Michael as the titan would crouch down some, looking into his eyes.

”Bad dog.” He chuckled as fingers would unfurl from the weapons hilt and another foot would slam into Michael’s stomach. ”You know what really irks me? Like really pisses me off?” Hyperion queried to Michael before slamming another foot into his stomach and then face, removing his blade form the arm and drawing more sounds of pain. ”You and that fucking circus you call a family. So what its your fault your son was murdered. Just cry me a fucking river, build a bridge and get the fuck over it you little pussy.” Hyperion growled, throwing a kick in intervals to make sure the male was paying attention, eventually just coughing up blood from his mouth as ribs began to crack. ”So what you’re some fag who wants to fuck his brother, I don’t care. So what if you fuck up everything you touch. Stiiiilll don't care.” With a fluid motion he would reach down, grip Michael by the throat and then just slam his against the ground. The world around him would begin to ring, and yet the words of the titan could still be heard above everything else. ”I shouldn't care but you care, and so by default I have to. It pisses me right the fuck off. It pisses me off that I have to care! Always something about love, and stuff that doesn't make sense to either of us.” he placed the heel of his foot against Michael’s head, grinding it down against the ground with a twist.

”But I do have to thank you, for freeing me from this prison. You thought that you could defeat me, then defeat Thanatos but…you miscalculated. Because in the end, you’re weak and I’m strong.” Hyperion would pull his foot back and kick him, sending the ethereal rolling until he was on his back, attempting to push himself up with his elbow, yet finding that it was pointless. One arm was barely responsive, and what little it did came with a large amount of pain, causing him to growl as more blood would spurt from the injury.

”But you’re probably gonna keep truckin aren’t you? Always trying to do something right, even if it is in your own fucked up manner of doing things. I can’t tell if Michael wants daddy to smile and be all proud of him, or some Hallmark bullshit. I mean, either way it doesn’t make you any less pathetic.” Hyperion frowned for a moment, approaching the downed Michael and looking down to him, looking perhaps genuinely sad for the male. ”Hurt didn’t it? Having the one person you love beat your face into a bloody pulp, right? Made ya feel fucking lovely didn’t it? Hey, now he’s givin it to ya in a different manner and wasn’t that always what you wanted? Shouldn’t you be fucking happy now?” Hyperion questioned with a raised brow, hands resting on his knees as Michael could only growl at him, spitting a glob of dark blood into the titans face. It hit him dead on the cheek, and drew a disgusted growl from him a she wiped it away with a thumb, before back handing Michael full force.

His head jerked to the side, bringing along with it a small spurt of blood from his mouth.

”But hey, here’s the good news, or maybe bad news if asking you. I’m going to kill you, wait no that would be tooooo easy.” Hyperion chuckled darkly gripping him by the front of his shirt lifting him with an ease as the blood blade would clatter to the ground.”You see I would, but death would be too good for you.” This drew a loud laugh from the male as he turned to the dark and thick waters that surrounded the place the fight was to happen. ”So instead I’m going to do one better.” With a kick Michael would sail through the air and splash into the sludge, beginning to sink slowly. ”Good bye Michael, you won’t be missed.” Michael coughed, a spurt of blood flowing from his mouth as it felt like the darkness was even clawing to drag him under, as if it wished to embrace and consume him.

The last thing that he saw before the darkness took him under was the titan turning from him and whistling ominously, carrying both his blade and Michael’s in hand.

Chapter 6: The Dark Descent

Michael could feel the darkness crawl over him and with it everything else seemed to flow away like so many grains of sand through fingers. Without sight he would reach, hand attempting to grope through the mirk and without air he would open his mouth to cry, only to have the darkness flow through his mouth and then find its foothold. Still he could feel it all flowing away, numbness filling a void that was beginning to grow and with that growing void he could also feel nothing else. Eventually even the falling sensation would give way that hollowing sensation, leaving him with nothingness even as it felt as if everything that was him slipping away. It was then he knew the truth, no one would save him and no one would want to, in this darkness he would die and in this darkness he would fade, worst of all being that Michael was fine with it. He was fine with not feeling, fine with fading away and fine with…just ceasing to exist. There were no tears to shed, no final farewells in this end, only a slow fade and when it came all he could imagine was…..his family. In the end however there was only darkness.

Darkness parted to the sound of a siren, and then the impact against cold metal as he fell and then fell again, hitting hard ground. Groggy hands would press against the ground, supporting uncertain body as silver eyes looked around new surroundings. ”So it begins.” A bemused voice noted, followed by the sound of feet against the concrete, blurry vision making out what appeared as a young male about seventeen in appearance, with two younger ones flanking him. The main would approach him, jabbing him with an index finger. Consciousness would return to him for a moment, yet he could feel weakness return and then wonder why he felt so weak, then who he was. “He didn’t hold back on him.” The voice would note as it continued to look down upon Michael, not condescendingly but just down on him, seeing as how it stood at a higher point than him.

Eldest one would turn to the blond and jerk its head, causing it to seem to jerk from some kind of stray thought process before trotting towards Michael, nudging him and with effort placing him on his back much like dead weight. Not that it seemed to weigh the male down any as it stood to he full height, yawning softly as its tongue stuck out and they turned to another standing at the bridge of the alleyway. A young male dressed in a leather jacket, arms crossed over his chest and bathed in shadows for the most part, yet one could see his eyes which glowed a faint blue. The males heeded him for a moment, inclining their heads save for the largest of them, who just considered him with a narrowing of eyes.

The large doors to the abyssal throne room shot open with a resounding boom, flying off their hinges as they fell to the ground and the council of the titans would look in awe at the one that had the gall to kick in their doors. Standing there with an air of calmness and superiority was Hyperion, the titan that had found himself born only moments ago, but they could feel a darkness radiating from him that surpassed everything else, even Thanatos as he sat upon his throne with an impatient glare turned enraged. Held within his hands was a strange blade of darkness and another an almost organic looking one, with an eye peering out from it and crying for blood silently. It took the abyssal incarnate a moment to react to what had happened, and that was with partial outrage. ”What the hell do you think you’re doing here Atterrius?” he would growl, the voice radiating within the room loud enough for the titan to hear him and smirk almost amused at his outrage.

”Oh you know daddio, come here to claim whats rightfully mine.” Hyperion answered with a shrug, looking to Sheiara who had seemed ready to attack with a motion from Thanatos and he had a feeling that the incarnate would want him dead. Yet he was hoping that he would have the courtesy to at least try to fight him personally rather than just sending a lackey to do that for him. ”But your fat ass is still on my throne, keeping it warm so for that much I have to thank you.” Hyperion added with a chuckle, stepping forward as what appeared to be The Void Armor would appear upon him. The dark red demonic armor would seem to glare at Thanatos with an ancient hunger, though if one looked upon it they would feel as if it aimed to devour everything.

”You think you could kill me? How quaint.” The Abyssal one scoffed, seeming to form something within his hand, taking the form of The Blade of Corruption, yet something about it was darker and more dangerous. ”If you think some infantile ethereal hybrid could kill me, you are sorely mistaking.” he would note as the nether seemed to twist around him, yet within an instant Hyperion was gone, standing before Thanatos with one arm thrust forward and a blade planted firmly into the titan lord. His eyes widened for a moment as black blood would pour from his mouth in a small spurt.

”Lucky for me I’m no average ethereal, right?” Hyperion chuckled as the one that he pierced would begin to seemingly break apart, body fading away like paper exposed to fire. Yet instead of the burnt sections that peeled away becoming ash, it would flow like liquid as it seemed to join with Hyperion’s body. Within a matter of a minute all that remained was Hyperion and a council that looked upon the scene with surprise as the male would sit upon the throne, cross a leg over the other and look out over them. One could see the expression on his face that challenged them to do something, yet nothing happened. ”I thought so.” Hyperion noted with a chuckle.
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