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Privacy please (Vegail) Empty Privacy please (Vegail)

Post by Zell September 6th 2014, 3:25 pm

Privacy please
"These humans would do well to grow under the rule of another, as it would make them turn resentful, eventually leading to an uprising. Were this rebellion to succeed, the people would have gained a confidence that would assist in their growth; in the result of failure, the people could have been discarded, and we could start anew with a biologically similar, yet superior, model. Regardless, my answer is yes." ~ Michael Velon

"So who'd I get assigned Oh fearless douchebag?" The young man behind the mask asked, his green eyes peering through, looking directly into Zell's. Zell's eyebrows furrowed as he looked to the male who was leaning back in his chair flipping a knife up in the air and catching it, the tip of the blade gracefully balancing on the tip of his finger without piercing the skin. "Douchebag? What'd I do to yo-! Zell didn't even get to finish and the knife was flying at his head. Zell knew he was in no danger as he calmly move out of the way and the knife stuck into the polished wood of his office wall. Last time he's having a meeting in Gene-Tech. "Don't you play all innocent with me ya sonnabitch! You took the last raspberry filled donut from the break room!" The male growled. Zell just looked at him shocked and blinked incredulously. "What? I think I handled that pretty well." He asked, as light hearted and calm as ever. Zell shook his head as the Virtue of Privacy and sighed as he rubbed his eyes as he sat down and sighed as he cleared his throat and took a sip of his coffee, the sweet warm taste of french vanilla washing over his tastebuds. He dared to close his eyes only to feel a jarring force shatter the mug. Zell flew back and watched as coffee spilled over the pristine desk and soiled paperwork, bleeding the ink of reports together in a sloppy mess. Zell looked up to see the male in the mask holding his hands up as if he were surrendering and then looking around as if he didn't see anything. Zell's face burned a bright red, and not in the good sense. "Wow, damn ghosts huh? Well since I have your attention now WHO'D I GET!?" The male asked, Zell let out a furious and angry exhale as he looked to the male. The male leaned forward getting closer, closer, closer...still closer. His hand came up and his hand pushed a strand piece of hair on Zell's head back into perfect alignment and turned the clock back to it'e propper position before slowly drawing back.

"Here, read the fucking data-desk!" Zell snapped as he threw it. The data-desk was a transparent tablet with a thin metallic frame with a series of green lights around the edges. This device that held a series of holographic and three-dimensional projected information, including the apperance of the individual and the information gathered from their dreams. To any who refused the "application" they would forget the dream and no psychometric trace was left. Those whom were interested would remember the questions, and they would know that someone was coming to them, but when was and where was left an enigma to them. "Oooh what's this button do?" he asked as he pressed a button on the data-desk suddenly a voice spoke out, rather metallic and mono-toned, computerized in nature. "Purging protocol has been initiated. Lower Labretories will begin purging in T-minus thirty second." to this Zell's head shot up as he looked to the male in the mask. "WHAT DID YOU DO!?" He shouted as he shot up out of his chair and ripped the data-desk from the male's hand. WOAH! Zelly, zelly zelly calm down! It was just me I changed my vocie calm down! It's okay...just..ehehe...ehehehehehhheeeee!" The male began laughing, Zell had murder in his eyes as he smiled too and the male dropped to the ground. "I fucking hate you." Zell said, the male's legs kising in the air as he wormed and wiggled around, laughing to the point his hands were a beat red from a lack of oxygen. Zell sat down at his desk and dropped his head into his elbows before tossing the data-desk leaving it to hit the male in the crotch, Zell hoping it was a direct impact on the scrotum. According to the sharp inhales and the whines it probably was, and so The Archon was appeased. "See who you got on the next TESTICLE GRINDING episode of... The Nutcracker!" Zell said with a dramatized annoucner voice, causing the male on the floor on the other end of his desk to cry and whimper at the words involving his pain.

After several minutes of tesicular pain the male managed to get himself to stand, wobbling as he sat into a chair, still keeping himself protected as possible as he took th edata-desk with a whimper. Zell sat there with a newspaper and licked a finger and seperated a page, throwing his hand out making the young man across from him jump and then let out a little whine as the sudden reflexes began to cause him further pain. Zell smiled and wiggled his eyebrows when he saw the male jump. He did it again and the male whined again. "Z-zelly p-please...stop it." He said, sounding like defenseless little kid, which made Zell roll his eyes and nod with an irritated sigh, figuring that the young man had learned his lesson. Zell did continue to flip through the news paper, but not with as swift or starteling actions. The male listened to the audio files that containted the answers and he seemed to have little interest in them, withdrawing a knife from each of his boots and juggling them, not even looking at the data-desk any longer as a 3D model of his assigned subject was displayed. Zell looked back to his paper, seeing an old friend of his in the obituary, then he looked back to see six knives all being juggled. Zell's eyes widened as he noticed with a swift hand motion there was a 9mm thrown into the mix as the juggling just continued as the young man kicked back on the back to ends of the chairs. "Are you listening to this?" Zell asked. The young man sniggered as if that were a stupid question.

"Nah, I'm pretty sure we both know that you're gonna just cave and tell me what I need to know. Just, I dunno...tell me why you picked this dick and I'll go eff him up." The male said. Zell rolled his eyes and scoffed. "You're going to recruit him and then be his right hand man." Zell said, the male looked to Zell and let his hands fold into his lap, letting the knives all twirl and drop into the fine carpeting beside the chair. The gun dropped to the ground, the suden drop caused it to discharge and go through the threshold. The sound of glass shattering rang out and a woman let out a scared scream...but the man just slowly cocked his head to the side as if he were some form of chuckie doll. What. Did. You. Say? The male asked. Zell folded his arms and smirked as he leaned against the wall, his head next to the knife that was thrown earlier. "Michael are his right hand man now. You're his bitch numero uno. He owns you now." Zell said with a satisfied tone in his voice. The male stood up, proving to be an inch smaller than Zell as he walked up and ripped the knife out of the wall and sheathed it somewhere on his person. "What's so special about this guy?" The male asked with a rather solemn tone, leaving the kinves as they were and walking over to the office couch and plopping down pulling the data-desk out and actually patrtaking to listen to the answers.

The conclusions of the answers were satisfactory for the young man apparently, though he had the same questions as everyone else did. "Okay...why did you pick this guy and how am I gonna get ahold of him?" Of course, no one around here could be original for god's sake. Well, For Archon's sake. There is a difference, yes it's a big one, no you shouldn't ask. "I picked him for three primary reasons. The first being that while I hate telekinesis, it is in fact very useful. The second being that even though I'm one of the richest "sonnabitch" on the planet I'm quite certain that we'll never have to worry about money if we can pool his and my fotunes with the groups. Finally, I picked him because while he lacks experience he has shown maturity, his logical conclusions in his final answer were what won my vote of confidence." Zell said looking to the young male. The young man just scoffed and shook his head. "I thought you picked him because of his funny talking! This is gonna be leet. Alright, how do I find this guy, I got some voice to make fun of." He said with a cross of the arms. Zell shook his head and massaged the bridge of his nose. "I've located him, go get in the damn jet and we'll go for him." Zell said with a sigh. The man stood at attention, saluted and then flipped Zell off as he walked away to the hanga singing zippady-doo-da, zippady-day my-oh-my imma shoo-oot yo face.

Privacy please (Vegail) Samhai10

Privacy please (Vegail) Untitl10

"Gone from light, lead astray. Soul turned to darkness in a single day. Lead me back to the light. Killing me...the only way to set things right."
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