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The best kept secrets (Elena Marie)

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The best kept secrets (Elena Marie) Empty The best kept secrets (Elena Marie)

Post by Zell September 6th 2014, 6:45 am

The best kept secrets.
"I have defended and saved multiple realms within my time." ~ Elena Marie
(OCC Note: Every time I say Marie is a her I refuse to erase it, I shall strike it out so I may keep total as to how many times I mess it up. 0__o)

"Elena Marie?" The voice broke into laughter as it looked to the data-desk, a transparent tablet with a thin metallic frame with a series of green lights around the edges. This device that held a series of holographic and three-dimensional projected information, including the appearance of the individual and the information gathered from their dreams. To any who refused the "application" they would forget the dream and no psychometric trace was left. Those whom were interested would remember the questions, and they would know that someone was coming to them, but when was and where was left an enigma to them. The 3D image of the blonde Elena Marie was humorous to this sharp-fanged man as he realized that it was in fact a male. "So now you can't bitch about a mother in law huh?" He asked, Zell rolled his eyes and smirked. The Virtue of "Secrecy", Zakaken sat there with his blood red eyes fixated upon the male as he seemed amused by the new Elena Marie. Zell didn't particularly comment, though he found himself rather humored as well by the sudden accidental gender-bending done to the Militian. Zakaken let out a low hum as he shuffled through the data-desk and listened to the audio of the responses to the questions, seemingly taking a manic smile to each answer as he scrolled down it. Zakaken listened to the answers and he hummed as if he were intrigued by one particular answer.

"Hey, I though of a way to raise money. Let's just forgo the "secrecy" and "privacy" for this ONE person and we'll make a spoof movie. We'll have it be Marie taking care of your kids while they act up, except Marie's a guy now. It'll be just like Nanny McPhee! We'll call it..." He said as he leaned back and then brought his hands up as if envisioning something. "Tranny Marie!" He said with a huge smile as his hands moved out as if imagining the title being right there between his hands. He held his arms out to the side and wiggled his eyebrows at Zell as if asking him what he thought. Zell's response was a swift kick to the shin, causing Zakaken to frown and then return to the data-desk. "So... I'm going to be putting my gun to use it seems... but why for her?" Zakaken asked as if he was in the process of questioning Zell's thought process. Zell closed his eyes and crossed his arms as he leaned against the wall. Zakaken already knew why, but Zell would humor him with an actual explanation, since Zakaken was not as bright as he was enlightened to Elena Marie as he should have been. The only problem at this moment is actually trying to word this as accurately as possible, though for one such as Zell that did not take any time at all.

"Elena Marie is a paragon of Secrecy, regardless of her incarnation. That's my words, though she said something similar in her little quiz through her brain. She is an occult expert and to be fully honest with you we need more than just myself. There will be times when I am unable to help, and my time is constricting like the hangman's noose around my throat. The hands of fate are suffocating me and even an omnidimensional such as myself needs help. It's for the same reason I have Marie's counter-part and rival, I cannot be around to answer how to use an Ipad every time the world's in danger. " He said, a slight sneer at Zakaken when it came to the Ipad comment. Zakaken just smiled with a devious little chuckle as he looked back to the data-desk and continued to observe the 3D model of Elena Marie's current form "Alexander Mason". Zell let out a soft sigh, almost a whine really as he went to move and winced, his back still proving to be quite painful since his spine was snapped. His healing was proving quite slow, then again it's not every day an individual is able to stand against what he had. "So...why do you think that Elena Marie is so vital to have in this group? Please don't tell me it's just to appeal to the LGBT demographic, because if we're stooping that low we might as well just let Sean join." Zakaken said with a dead seriousness as the manic and sadistic smile turned ice cold and he seemed to stare down Zell. Zell smirked and shook his head, still keeping his eyes closed.

"Elena Marie, the realm walker, and I as The Archon have a rather close relationship. Realm Walker should not exist, but I've actually overlooked her...well...his existence because of his intentions. Whereas the Elena Marie of this realm is a stupid bitch, Realm Walker knows to look for the bigger picture. I intend to fight out Elena Marie at some point. It's only a matter of time before she does something stupid and tries to bite off more power than she can chew." Zell sighed and shrugged as if it could not be helped. Which it really couldn't, it wasn't like Marie was the kind to listen and willingly pass up the chance for power just because of a little realm out in the middle of nowhere. He was growing restless in The Celestial realm that realms Archon keeping constant watch and vigilance, hidden from even the great dragon's perceptions. "Marie is a Hero at heart...she's just lost her way, just as Sean had." Zell surmised, Zakaken arched an eyebrow and hummed. "Sean was just smart enough to find his way back... maybe if we kill her enough she'll get the memo." Zakaken chuckled, to which Zell rolled his eyes. "Oh get the stick out of your ass and admit you'd like to try that to see if it works." Zakaken snipped before tossing the data-desk aside and leaning back, arms behind his head as a form of pillow, or bracing.

"So then my question lies in when do I get to meet him?" Zakaken asked, though what he really wanted to know was HOW. Would it be a simple luxury, would it be a full transfer of duty to her him? Would it require Zakaken to fight her him to prove his own mettle? That was all so fun sounding, though he would much rather something a little more up to snuff, such as an all around challenge, something that fit his skills, or maybe even his weaknesses to see how well he compensated. The choices were nigh endless and Zakaken was not an overly patient person when it came to anticipation. He yawned as Zell would answer his question. "Today, I've arranged for a meeting of sorts. What Marie chooses to do from there is up to her him." Zell said causally as he sighed. Zakaken stood up and cleared his throat, grabbing his bloodied coat before flourishing it about and slipping it on in an almost surreal way. "Well...lead the way." He prompted Zell, ready to meet Marie at the destination of her his choosing.

The best kept secrets (Elena Marie) Samhai10

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The best kept secrets (Elena Marie) Empty Re: The best kept secrets (Elena Marie)

Post by Jordan Reynolds September 6th 2014, 11:23 am

The Soul Stream, something that bound the very soul of the Sorcerer Supreme and with them the memories that came along with their potentially endless lives. It was this stream in particular that he was bound to, one that permeated nearly every realm in existence and with that along with his massive magical knowledge, he was capable of accessing the knowledge of anyone whose soul resided within the stream. This included multiple versions of himself, who were bound by this stream and thus their knowledge came to him, even when they were within their latest incarnations. This made information gathering rather easy and so he would use that network to always find a realm where he was most needed, and then go there, With a lifespan that was potentially limitless, he did not find himself worrying about things such as whether he was wasting his life, when there was no waste. Most of the times he found himself actually enjoying this self-imposed job, and that was why he kept on doing it. Now however he found himself looking into the stream, brilliant blue orbs glowing faintly, with eyelids half closed into slits. He appeared to be meditating, fingers gripping tightly around the white bone staff, headed with a ruby red gem.

A young Asian male watched him with half interest, arms crossed over his chest and humming softly to himself, knowing that it would have not been wise to mess with the sorcerer, as that had been something that did not seem to change. The blond male was dressed in simple gym shorts, and a white t-shirt, Elena having already taken advantage of casual clothing that would have seemed off on her otherwise. He found himself unworried about dealing with things such as fashion, so he enjoyed that, even though sometimes he dressed up for more important events. He had remembered a strange dream, and from what he knew he would be meeting with someone today of all days, yet strangely enough he could not remember who it was that had asked these question, or if it was just a dream. Either way the male would partake in his daily meditation, legs crossed on his balcony as the sun would shine over his skin, feeling the energy of the very soul stream flowing through him. It was then that great knowledge flowed through him, one that transcended the understanding of even the greatest of mage, perhaps save for few.

It was now that he felt something, a great worry and fear. It took some work upon his part, but he soon found out that it was this realms incarnation, and that something was causing them to worry. Despite the lack of purpose for worrying about one’s self when it did no good, he still felt that this time was something that he even he had to worry about. Still, the glimpses that he was offered was of only one thing, a slow creeping darkness, but it was consuming, and that sent a chill through his entire body. When he broke from the meditation, he could feel the cold sweat beading down his forehead, wiping away some with the back of his hand and sighing. It seemed that there was something that he had not foreseen, but then again whatever it was likely could be dealt with by this Elena, unless of course they were not as strong. If that were the case, he would have to help out on that end once this meeting was done, if it did not take a turn for the worst before then. Rolling his neck, one could hear the joint popping loudly, as Elena let out a low sigh.

With that done he would let the staff softly fall against the tiled floor, pressing his hands against his lap and taking a few steadying breaths, mostly to chase away the foreboding feeling that was washing over him. With that done he would draw to his feet, the staff quickly moving to his hand, finger curling around it again as he turned around and reentered the small flat that he, Michael and Sean called their home for now. It was moderately sized and for the most part well decorated, something that Sean seemed to take great pleasure in. Granted he had mostly been swimming around in the pool, the water mage within him just enjoying the proximity with water.”Well Michael I’ll be going out for the day, apparently I have important business to attend to.” he would note closing the glass paned doors behind him softly, silent enough that they only made a minimal amount of noise. His bare feet padded against the carpet as he walked along the room, removing his casual clothing and changing into something that he would wear to meet with other people.

This took the form of a soft feeling shirt, a sweater almost with two buttons done up and sleeves that found themselves being rolled up. With a flick of the wrist his staff would fade away in the proverbial ether, leaving him without a deadly weapon, granted his magic was enough of a deadly weapon. The Asian male rolled his eyes casually, but he could tell that he was fine with it by the smirk forming upon his lips. True he was still getting used to some details, but then again he seemed to be more understanding about it once Elena stated it had something to do with magic. Typically however anything involving him and magic was enough to appease Michael, granted his understanding of magic was miniscule in comparison to Marie, so that might have been the case. ”Alright, try not to blow anything up.” Michael teased, kissing Elena on the cheek as the sorcerer smiled softly.

”No promises.” he answered with a chuckle and within an instant he would make his leave, slipping into shoes and khaki shorts. With that done, he would make his way to their meeting place, and one that he had personally chosen. It was a small garden of sorts that had been grown on the ouskirts of the city and glamored so not just anyone could enter, with multiple types of pant life flourishing in it, vibrant with life and just a place that he felt at absolute peace within. Finding his way there, Elena would sit down and sigh, resting upon a small stone bench and crossing his legs, waiting for whoever he was waiting for to arrive, and then things could go from there.
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