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Gentleman Fade

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Gentleman Fade Empty Gentleman Fade

Post by Ink on September 3rd 2014, 1:57 pm

(Replace Dominion)

Gentleman Fade
Allow me to...Enlighten You.

Basic Biography

Real Name: Unknown
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Gentleman Fade, The Gentleman, Mister Base, Sid Bass
Alignment: Chaotic/Evil
Age: Presumably Late 40's, Early 50's. Let's on that he's older.
Gender: M
Race: Likely Caucasian
Hair: N/A
Eyes: N/A
Height: Variable, Base Height 6'1"
Weight: Variable, Base Weight 164lbs
Blood type: N/A

The Looks

Gentleman Fade Force_10

The Legacy

Personality: As the name suggests, Fade is a gentleman.  He is chivalrous, well-mannered, and well composed.  He carries himself with the utmost decorum and proper demeanor, despite his grim line of work.  However, he is also a businessman.  His only goal in life is to live comfortably.  Little seems to truly fluster the Gentleman.  While many things annoy him, such as the smug attitudes of some so-called 'heroes' or the lack of manners present in younger generations, little actually causes him to lose his composure.  Only Liberty has ever gotten truly under his skin, it seems.  But further observation has suggested that he is uncomfortable with mirrors, for one reason or another.  Generally, Fade is very mild mannered and is quite the showman.  He even compliments his foes when they execute impressive feats or commit impressive deeds.  He believes in two base philosophies.  "Decorum is everything" and "Freedom isn't an illusion until it becomes inconvenient for it to be otherwise."

Fade sees has no real mental complex aside from being a bit of a showoff.  He is surprisingly extroverted and even friendly for such a despicable person.  He is intelligent and manipulative, making sure people play into his hands and ensuring that his plans are executed to the letter.  He operates on a personal code and set of rules, although the rules of society often go ignored by him.

History: Fade appeared in Santa Estrella one evening like a whirlwind.  He's crossed paths with Liberty on many an occasion.  However, no one can find any actually proof of his identity.  He's been known to use the pseudonym Sid Bass.  Investigation has yielded that this was the name of a worker at a chemical plant who fell into a vat during a plant incident and was presumed dead hours after the fact when he was fished out.  Whether this is truly him or not is anyone's guess, as it is now impossible to I.D him.

Gentleman Fade is a businessman, but he doesn't deal in goods, legal or otherwise.  He provides a very unique service.  Calamity.  He causes bad things to happen.  He can kill someone, save the "wrong" person, steal something, destroy something, it doesn't matter as long as it stirs something up.  It's only business.  His services are often hired out by corrupt politicians and other crooked officials.  He doesn't much care about the end result, so long as the fallout doesn't affect him.  He often berates those who hire him, as they are often too short sighted to see how their actions in hiring him will often result in their own downfall.  He presumably revels in watching them squirm after his dealings with them are done.  It's been suggested that he's out to use the government's own methods against them as a form of ironic sabotage.  Whether or not this is true remains to be seen.

While Fade's actions have repeatedly been stopped by heroes and even some villains, he has only ever been caught once and this incident was revealed to be entirely on purpose, so he could get close to a target in the meta branch of the prison and execute them before embarrassing that prison and making a grand escape.

The Powers

Power 1: Elemental Mimicry/Phase Shifting - The Gentleman's body is composed of an unnatural element (be it manmade, alien, or mystical is uncertain) that allows him to selectively alter his molecular density, becoming fully solid, fully liquid, or fully gaseous.  This is achieved through mimicry of elements.  Certain elements require a fine control that, presently, is beyond his reach (such as crystal).  However, he can mimic certain poisonous or corrosive gases/acids, smoke, vapor, clay, metals, sand, stone, water, and ice.  While mimicking certain elements, The Gentleman can alter his form to varying degrees, depending on what he's mimicking (malleable solids i.e clay and sand, liquids, and gases).  This does not allow him to completely alter his form, but it does allow him the ability to crudely alter shapes to form limbs into the hammers, create "geyser" effects, slip through small openings, "scatter" to glide on air currents, etc.

Limitation 1: Gas Forms - Because of the amount of energy required in maintaining a gaseous form, The Gentleman cannot maintain one for very long.  (Pseudo-Intangibility: 1 Turn Duration, 1 Turn Cool Down)

Limitation 2: Solidity - Certain forms (most notably fine crystals, such as diamond) require an amount of fine-tuned control that The Gentleman simply lacks.  On record, the hardest he's been able to mimic is steel. Also, his Intangibility is not perfect.  He won't be walking through walls unless they're wood or rather thin.  But he can avoid being stricken by blows as his body will shift around the given object. (STR: 5 at Max, 2 at Base/DUR: 6 at Max Solid, 8 at Max Pseudo-Intangible, 3 at Base)

Limitation 3: Mimicry Shortcomings - While in a specific form, The Gentleman takes on the strengths and weaknesses of that form.  He is vulnerable to water if taking the form of sand, can be melted as ice, shattered as glass, etcetera.  While this doesn't necessarily provide a quick means of defeating him, exploiting this can stall him by forcing him to reconstitute himself in the form of his choosing.

Limitation 4: Bio-Mimic - The Gentleman cannot mimic biological material.  He cannot mimic flesh, wood, or anything "living" by definition.

Weaknesses: The Gentleman is, in all forms, vulnerable to sonic (Meaning actual sound. Not just being punched by someone moving at sonic speed), energy, and plasma attacks, as he cannot mimic sound, energy, or plasma, and thus has very little defense against them.  Solid forms (specifically metal) do better to defend against this, but this is by no means a perfect solution.  Even if he can plant himself to the ground, the ringing of the sound through his body is often painful if nothing else.

Intelligence: 4
Occult: 3
Strength: 5
Speed: 3
Durability: 8
Ability: 5 (4 Shifting, 1 Intang)
Fighting Skills: 4
Magic: --
Spells: --
Flight: 1
Wealth: 1

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Gentleman Fade Empty Re: Gentleman Fade

Post by Draiken on September 5th 2014, 2:09 pm


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