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Leon Fawkes

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Leon Fawkes

Post by Leon Fawkes on August 26th 2014, 5:57 pm

Leon Fawkes
The Fox

Basic Biography

Real Name: Leon Fawkes
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Fox
Title: The Cataphract, The Fox
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian, Cybernetically Enhanced.
Hair: Short, brown hair.
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 6'1
Weight: 210 lbs 320 w/ armor
Blood type: O-

The Looks



The Legacy

On the surface, Leon is a very selfish person who only pursues his own interests. Beneath the surface, that is still very true. The world was created for its inhabitants to have fun, and this is exactly what he plans to do. As far as he is concerned, each person is responsible for their own safety and for furthering their own pursuits. Anybody who relies on rules that society has placed for them isn't taking advantage of the life they were given and are weak to him. Leon isn't one to kill somebody for enjoyment, but he sees the necessity of taking life. Whenever he absolutely must kill somebody, he will. If his opponent is stronger but will falter once hostages are involved, then Leon most definitely will threaten innocent people to save himself.

However, Leon is able to see the advantages that society can provide for him and thus will play along with it for as long as he can benefit from it. His being able to act like a productive member of society and a tool for the government was what led him to be able to obtain his prized weapon, The Fox. Leon chooses to continue to maintain a secret identity to reap the benefits that society may give him, but he will follow his rules whenever he is in costume or his identity is safe. Those rules are as follows:

1: Don't let yourself be limited by others or yourself.
2: Do anything that you wish to do.
3: Don't rely on anybody else for your own safety.
4: Always be exciting.

Biography of Leon _____

Leon grew up a child more strange than others. His views on life threw up a red flag for adults wherever he went. This also led him to be alienated by the other children. Many times did he move from place to place because of his military parents, yet he never really cared for one area in particular. There wasn't one person he met that gave him a lasting impression. Nobody was able to be as smart as he was or have the same views. Neither was anybody ever able to best him in a fight. And that was the continuous cycle that he lived in. He would move to a new area, thwart a few bullies, and be left alone for the rest of his stay. That was partly his fault as well, as he would also reject anybody and everybody that tried to make friends with him. They were all inferior.

Leon's superiority complex became milder as he grew older, and even less when he decided to enlist in the military. However, some parts of him always remained the same. As soon as he was able to get the power to do whatever he wanted, that would be it. Never again would he have to be a slave to the government. That was below him. It was below anybody. He didn't even view the people standing next to him as people who should be slaves of the government. Everybody should be doing whatever they pleased. And thus, his dangerous thinking started again. His lust for power drove him to any sort of special operations within the military.

From there, he was able to be recruited into a special weapons testing division of the military. This was exactly where he wanted to plant himself. All the power he would ever need would be here. After being assigned to become an armor operator, he started to undergo tests. First, he was outfitted with an already tested cybernetic enhancement for the brain. His mind all of a sudden became extremely clear. Thinking about amazingly complex situations and ideas became simple. His reflexes also rose off the chart, nothing being too fast for him to react to. Yet, with this power must come consequences. He knew that as soon as his new mind awakened. As soon as he decided to abandon this place, he would have to find whatever it was that kept tabs on him and destroy it. There would be no way that the military would implant this sort of technology into soldiers without a failsafe.

It finally came time for Leon to start testing the new sub-dermal combat armor, The Fox. That was when he made his move. After his third instance of testing the prototype, Leon attacked the facility, destroying all equipment and killing anyone who stood in his way. It was easy with his new intelligence to find the failsafe within an administrative computer. Deactivating it was only a slightly challenging task, but was also easily done. And with that, he was free. The world was now open to him. He could be anything he wanted to be. Leon left at supersonic speed, feeling lighter than he ever had before in his life. The next chapter in his life would be of Fox, and entrepreneur Leon...

The Powers

Power 1: Immense Intelligence
With help of the chip planted into his brain, Leon is able to process the world around him at an outrageous pace. He is also able to recall anything that he has witnessed, learned, or experienced in the past almost instantly. Leon has the ability to instantly piece together plans, strategy, and tactics. Even before his implant, he was an amazing strategist and leader. This has only been further amplified.

Power 2: Terrifying Combat Skills
Before his enhancement, Leon was still a feared combat veteran. Leon was a skilled practitioner of many martial arts and combat systems, while also being an excellent marskman. After the enhancement, his skill has increased immensely from the already frightening level it was at. Superhuman feats have become a normal part of combat for him, dodging bullets and reading opponent's moves as if they were frozen in time. Leon is now able to pick up any weapon, whether he has used it before or not, and utilize it with skill.

Power 3: The Fox Sub-Dermal Armor/ (Intelligence Item)
A stolen set of advanced armor that allows Leon access to supersonic speed and slightly more protection. The Fox also allows for a different selection of weapons to be stored and used within it. This has become Leon's greatest weapon.

Intelligence: 8
Occult: -
Strength: 2
Speed:  7
Durability:  5
Ability: 0
Fighting Skills: 8
Magic: 0
Spells: 0
Flight: 0
Wealth: 1

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Leon Fawkes

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Re: Leon Fawkes

Post by Blacklight on August 26th 2014, 7:44 pm

I think your height and weight are the wrong way around! Razz
It confused me for a bit!

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Re: Leon Fawkes

Post by Leon Fawkes on August 26th 2014, 7:59 pm

Aha thanks, so anything else besides that fail?
Leon Fawkes

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Re: Leon Fawkes

Post by Jason Masters on August 26th 2014, 9:40 pm

Looks good to me, approved.
Jason Masters

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