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A Rain of Blood

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A Rain of Blood Empty A Rain of Blood

Post by Callumrga August 26th 2014, 1:39 am

Seth Rayner looked up at the truly massive silhouette of the CN Tower. The ever-present icon of Toronto and its proudest architectural achievement. It also happened to be the target of countless attacks by metahumans. Thankfully, none had ever been successful. There were even a few though certainly less, attacks by regular people who had ambitions. This, was why Seth was standing on Front Street, gazing up at the massive building. He cracked a smile, "I've seen taller and more impressive, but not sturdier."

Seth had only just arrived early in the morning and the sun shone a corona around the bubble-like structure at the top of the tower. They hadn't even opened it up to the public, yet some people had already lined up at the door. Time to suit up. Minutes later, Blood Rayne stepped out of an alleyway marking it in his head to return to later. Adjusting his helmet, and the voice changer, he was ready. The streets of Toronto had better be ready, because the rain is just beginning.

Seth had been in Toronto for three months now, and hadn't seen much action at all. His most interesting day had been when he'd tailed an armed burglar into a Drug store and one of the clerks had sprayed the man with anti-perspirant. Fortunately for all parties involved, the burglar dropped his gun in surprise. Seth had always wanted to help people, pretty much from the beginning as he remembered it. When he'd found his way to a foster home, so many sad people had met him and he realized what a bleak world it was indeed.
But, that's why I need to use my gifts to make it better, as much as I can. The only obstacle in his way, was awareness. Blood Rayne needed to do something big to debut his career as a hero. Seth believed stopping a potential terrorist would be sufficient.

Blood Rayne scanned the area as he made his way down the sidewalk in his black and red jumpsuit. The pedestrians gave him mixed looks from contempt to amusement, and another point made itself known to him.
I'm going to have to work on mobility. Bingo.

Blood Rayne broke into a run and vaulted over the railing that blocked the edge of the sidewalk. He tucked and rolled to a stop in front of the CN Tower's entrance which was on a lower level than the street. A person dressed in long black clothing was moving towards the building, and Blood Rayne tailed him. Just as the person made it to the door, Blood Rayne vaulted forward and grabbed them by the shoulders. While the suspect reacted as he was wont to, with surprise, Seth hastily tapped his down. Faint red sparks danced from his fingers, but he didn't sense any harmful technology on them. "Seems you should reconsider your choice of attire when visiting national landmarks buddy." Damn, I thought I had it for once.

Seth was jogging up the steps back around near the hockey arena when he heard a cacophony of bangs, and a lot of screaming. Shifting into a sprint, Blood Rayne hurried to the arena's doors his limbs working furiously. That's more like it, he thought grimly. He tersely reminded himself not to push, not yet anyway. Much more pressure and his legs would begin to suckle on his blood like newborn calves, and that wouldn't do. Not yet.

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