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Like fire and gasoline.

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Like fire and gasoline. Empty Like fire and gasoline.

Post by Raikou on July 30th 2014, 6:29 pm

Raikou let out a slightly excited sigh as he stepped onto one of the many beaches in Los Angelos, California. His last few missions had been in cold, shitty places, and he was excited to finally get to murder somebody in a warm client. Not to mention the extra large check he would be getting for this one. His target was a U.S. Senator, one who had sold his soul to the devil, so to speak, before growing a conscious and backing out of the deal. As Michael always said though, who or what didn't matter, as long as the check cleared and the money found its way into his hands. Stretching out his sore muscles, he winced a bit in discomfort as he stretched out his chest. A large red scar like burn ran diagonally across his bare chest, a reminder of his fight with they pyro in Canada. Even with his vast information network, there was almost no information on the up and coming hero. Letting out a sigh, he continued on his way.

Looking around the beach, he did his best to find the white, balding head of the Senator. His informants had told him that the Senator would be here today with his family, apparently trying his best to be a better father and grandfather in his olding age. The thought almost made Alex chuckle. There was a saying, 'it's never too late to teach an old dog a new trick'. Alex never bought into that, however. He was more of the mindset that people never changed, they just got better at lying. On the plane ride from Europe to America he had plenty of time to look over the Senator's dossier.  Adultery, extortion, racketeering, the Senator had his hands in very many poisonous cookie jars. With a grin, the electric bug had to admit, he was impressed by the Senator. This many crimes, all under the radar of the police, and yet he still managed to make it to the Senate of the United States. Not only that, but he was voted the most friendly politician of the year. The irony was delicious to the sociopathic assassin, and he almost burst out laughing on the plane.

As he walked around the beach, he took note of his surroundings. Noting all the exits, escape routes, vehicles, even the people who seemed like they could handle themselves in a fight. By human standards, Alex was exceptionally bright, probably even considered a genius by some. But, it was his experience in combat that was helping him here. He was a veteran of many a fight, starting from the time he was a young teen running with the gangs of New York. Running a hand through his mess of brown hair, he took one last look around this section of the beach before moving on. This was the most boring, and most exciting part of the job. The hunt. Though, this one was like finding a needle in a hay stack. One would think finding a pasty white Senator with no hair would be easier in a place filled with fake tanned blondes, but those people would be wrong.

"It's always the old people who are the hardest to find." Alex complained outloud to himself, keeping his voice down to be not be heard by others. "You would think I was in Florida with all these old fucks running around, isn't this beach suppose to be a popular teen hang out? The fuck is going on right now."

Had Alex checked, well, any of the many tour pamphlets he had been given over the past seven hours, he would have known that this weekend was 'family weekend'. A very popular time for old, retired, rich people, to bring their families to Cali on vacation. There were a ton of discounts state wide for things like hotels, food, and gas, as well as a multitude of concerts and other events that the whole family could enjoy. But instead, Alex had simply charged enough electricity in his hand to ignite the pamphlets into very small, very unreadable dust.

Letting out another sign, he continued on his path, looking for the balding Senator who was about to die...and maybe a corn dog as well.

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