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World of Game (title pending)

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World of Game (title pending) Empty World of Game (title pending)

Post by Van Helcraft July 24th 2014, 4:28 pm

I always thought dying would be the end of it, so when my cover got blown right before a major sting operation I was sure that i'd disappear forever. Turns out I was wrong. Though my life as a [Human] is over, my life as a [Goblin] is about to begin.

Day 1:
Not too sure on the details of it, but I was reincarnated into another world. I wasn't even able to open my eyes or move. I could just feel my body being shifted around. I was worried about the fact that I couldn't move and the fact that whoever was carrying me was several times larger than I was disturbed me. Soon I was wrapped up in a dirty feeling cloth and placed against a rough floor. I thought I was going to be buried alive before the sound of footsteps faded. All around me I could just barely make out faint sounds of breathing. The almost hypnotic rhythmic sounds soon put me to sleep.

Day 2:
I woke up to find that not only could I move around a little but, I could open my eyes. I was ecstatic for a moment until I caught a glimpse of my own stubby green hands. In a panic I looked around to see small green creatures lying all around me wrapped in small dirty cloths. There were a couple of older grey haired creatures with the same colored green skin and ugly faces. I vaguely remembered them from old video games of mine, [Goblins], weak creatures and if my head wasn't messing with me I was one of them now. It took me hours to wrap my mind around the fact that I was in such a fantasy like place. Sure as a kid I had always dreamed of living inside my video games but for that wish to come true now of all times. I soon went back to sleep since there was nothing else I could do in my current situation, except eat a couple of those [Large Grubs] that the older [Goblins] fed us if we squealed a little. I assume it was because of my new bodies instincts and tastes but the grubs were pretty delicious.

Day 3:
The next morning I found myself able to get up and walk, I was so excited about it that I ran around like crazy. This caused the Elders to get mad at me though since I was making so much noise. I found it odd how I could easily understand what the Elders were saying. I assumed it to be another new racial advantage like the fast growth and the ability to eat grubs without vomiting. I asked the Elders several questions mostly about the outside of the cave that was barricaded closed. All I got was a flimsy answer about it being a precaution while another group of [Goblins] where on a raid. I judged that since many of the [Goblins] looked around my age or extremely old, that our parent generation was the group that went on a raid. I didn't know how to feel about that, I had always been a man of the law myself, but in this world i wondered what I would be forced to do in order to survive. Eventually I went back to running around and testing what my new body was capable of, unsurprisingly I found it to be pretty inferior to my old one. After tiring myself, the Elders and several other gobs my age out, I quickly fell asleep.

Day 4:
My body had grown even bigger, I'm almost the size of the older gobs now. My guess would be that by the next day I'd be a fully grown [Goblin]. I was looking forward to being able to go hunt, the grubs were good and all but they couldn't compare to meat. I sat and talked with my new friends Lugh and Rynl, both were about as smart as you'd expect a [Goblin] to be though Lugh was the bigger idiot of the two. However his strength was nothing to sneeze at, he is uniquely strong amongst the gobs of our generation. Rynl is a female gob with dark black hair, unlike me and Lugh who like all male gobs were bald as all get out. She is just a little bit smarter than what most people give gobs credit for, but she made up for it with plenty of energy. We sat going over ideas for hunting between each other, my idea since most gobs don't think enough to form teams to hunt. I drew small circles and line in the dirt to show what we would do to lead prey to where we can catch and kill it. The other two watched nodding as I explained the movements and such. Being a former member of the G.I.B.'s Logistics and Undercover Department had its perks in this situation.

"Wow, how do you think of these?" Lugh asked scratching his head as he tried to memorize the patterns.

"Because, because, because!" Rynl said cheerfully, "Aradi is super smart and cool!"

See what did I say about energy? Oh yeah I probably forgot to mention, my name as a [Goblin] is Aradi. I like it, sounds cool don't you think? Though it did take awhile to get used too. Also according to Rynl and a few of the other female gobs, i'm considered good looking for a [Goblin]. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do with that information but I tucked it away anyway. I really hoped that we would manage to get meat tomorrow, I was already tired of eating grubs and didn't want to have to eat berries and nuts like the gobs that where just a few days older than us. So with bug filled stomachs we said goodnight and curled up on the ground to sleep. Needless to say, I dreamed about giant hamburgers. Ah the good ol' days.

Day 5:
We didn't get the usual treatment of grubs this morning, the Elders all but threw us out of the cave to find our own food. Though we were fine with that as we began to explore the forest, Rynl seemed to discover an affinity for heights and climbing as she raced up a tree almost as fast as a squirrel could. I grew a little worried as I watched her hop from one tree to the next using branches as bridges where she could.

"Hey, hey, hey guys!" She nearly shouted, "You have got to come check out the view." As she spoke she was scanning the ground around us, looking for more new things to do i guessed.

"No, I like the ground thank you very much." Lugh said with a face that practically screamed fear at the thought of climbing up the tree.

I would have laughed at him but at that moment Rynl put her finger to her lips to indicate silence and yes I taught them that too. a strange rabbit with over long ears was nibbling at the roots of a nearby tree, oblivious that it was near three very hungry [Goblins]. Taking the initiative both me and Lugh picked up nearby sticks and began to work our way around it. Rynl was the fastest among us so it feel onto her to catch it when we chased it towards her. Luckily everything went as planned, we were able to chase it directly towards Rynl who jumped out of the tree with a heavy looking branch she had broke off and slammed it into the ground with it. It tried to continue running off pure adrenaline alone but it was caught fast by the weight of the branch. Rynl hit the ground pretty hard herself but got up with just a few scratches on her hands from the trees bark. Sure the whole tree part hadn't been a part of the plan, but who could argue with results. We split the rabbit, which I named a [Long Ear], between the three of us. Since Rynl was the one who actually caught it she got a slightly bigger piece of it. I was convinced now that my new stomach could handle things that I previously thought were inedible, like the rabbits fur. It felt odd to chew the meat and fur together but it was still much better tasting than the bugs. We sat around for awhile just looking at the surroundings before deciding to look for some berries, the shared meat hadn't been enough to fill us up. As I walked around looking for some berries or nuts, I thought about how we chased the [Long Ear]. It wasn't that much faster than us, so with a net or something it would be easier to catch one. Just as I finished the thought a 'ding' went off in my head and a notice like in a game appeared in front of my eyes.

[Through continuous acts of observation you've learned the ability:]
[Observe(lvl1) The ability to view details about objects, places, and animals. More details can be viewed at higher levels.]

Needless to say, I was really confused. After all who wouldn't be after learning a skill just like you would in a video game? Though I did try it, I activated the skill while looking at a tree and a rather annoying pop up emerged with another 'bing'.

[Oak Tree: Its a tree.]

I silently thanked the pop up for its words of wisdom as I closed it. I honestly couldn't believe this game like world, and muttered to myself about a skill list and status window appearing next. Well in the long run, i'm glad i figured that out when I did. Two small windows popped up in front of me, the skill list stood out with it only having the [Observe] skill. The status window had more to offer though as I stared at my level and stats with a scowl. i had fives clear across the board in [Strength][Endurance][Dexterity][intelligence][Wisdom] and [Luck]. I found the lack of a health and mana bar to be frightening. I figured that meant that I couldn't expect to be able to heal myself with no consequences if I got badly hurt. But out of it all, the most irritating was this.

[Name: Aradi] [Level: 1] [EXP: 17%]
[Race: Goblin] [Title: Fledgling Goblin]

My title and level where the absolute worst. Though I don't know what I was expecting since; A.)I was recently reborn and B.) I didn't even know I had a level. With a sigh I headed back to where we had eaten to wait for them, looking for a perfect branch to be made into a net. though I didn't notice one. Surprisingly Lugh and Rynl where already back and Rynl was carrying a bunch of berries and nuts.

"Guess these will have to do since you guys couldn't find any." She said cheerily, placing all the items on the ground. Out of curiosity I decided to test my skill on the food.

[Blue Berries: Sweet and delicious.]
[Walnuts: Crack'em open.]

I was beginning to feel like the butt of a joke with all the lame messages this skill kept causing to pop up, but my curiosity won out as I used it again on Lugh and Rynl. I almost chocked on the blue berries I was chewing when three windows popped up.

[Through continuous use the 'Observation' skill has leveled up. More detailed information will now be displayed.]
[My friend Lugh. He's kinda dumb, but strong.] [Level 1]
[My friend Rynl. Fast and energetic.] [Level 1]

Well it didn't lie but the information didn't get much more detailed. However I learned that they have levels too, which was an accomplishment in its own way. After we finished of our food we headed back to the cave, with me keeping an eye out for the materials for a net, and using my [Observe] skill on various things. By the time they got back to they cave my skill had leveled up to four, though the details where all still  rather pointless. Though near the mouth of the cave a perfect sapling was growing, I had Lugh snap it without remorse. We cleaned off the useless branches while I had Rynl grab some sturdy vines. Once we had everything we went inside and I started binding the vines to the shaft and anchor to make the nets rough outline. After that I wove and bound more vines into it until I was satisfied with it. I explained to Lugh and Rynl what it was for before we all went to sleep that night.

Day 6:
Hunting went well, we managed to catch two [Long Ears] today thanks to my net. we all managed to eat our fill off them and few walnuts. We spent the rest of the day looking for for another sapling to make into a net and with all three of us looking it didn't take long. Just like before we took the materials into the cave and I began to make the net only this time a new message appeared.

[Through continuous effort you have learned the ability:]
[Crafting(lvl1) The ability to craft various objects and items from raw materials.]

I just snorted and thought, well this will be useful. As I finished up the net I got a new message.

[Through continuous crafting the 'Craft' skill has leveled up.]

I wondered vaguely if that would mean my next net would be better than the ones i'd already made before going to bed.

Day 7:
Today we managed to catch three rabbits. We divided them equally amongst ourselves and munched happily. I wanted to skin them to make new clothes from their furs but without a knife it would impossible. So I decided that would be the next thing I needed to craft. Instead of heading towards the cave with the others I headed towards a nearby river and began collecting rocks I thought could be used to shape knives with. I collected four stones to carve and one to use to shape them before I went back to the cave. Needless to say shaping a single knife was much harder than making the net and I broke two of the rocks in half before I could shape even one of them properly. My [Craft] skill leveled up again during the second failure. Finally I managed to get one of the knives to turn out right, but my hands were sore for hammering the rocks into shape. Instead of working on the second one I decided to sleep or now and finish it the next day.

Day 8:
I successfully finished the second knife, now I was armed with two blades, regardless of how small and shoddy they were, they would do for now. However that wasn't the most important thing that happened that day, my [Craft] skill leveled up again and I got a new message.

[You've gained 1 Level]

My mouth dropped for a moment as I looked at the message, needless to say I opened my [Status Window] to check my stats. the information was all the same except for the fact that I now had 5 stat points to distribute. Without thinking much of It I put all 5 points into my [Strength] raising it to ten. Surprisingly I did feel a bit stronger and I began to wonder if it was like this for all the [Goblins]. Deciding to give it a try I used my [Observe] on one of the older gobs and nearly choked as I saw that it was at level 10. It had surprised me that it had lived so long and was still at such a low level. Well after getting over my shock I went hunting together with Lugh and Rynl once more. This time we only managed to catch two [Long Ears] but it was a start. Before we started eating I skinned them and cut out he long tendons in their legs to dry along with the skin. Afterwards we ate them and managed to collect and eat a new type of prey i called [Black Frogs]. If I have to explain to you that they were averaged sized black colored fogs you're probably dumber than Lugh. Though the frogs meat was pretty good the rabbits was better. Once we were back at the cave I found a good place for the fur and tendons to dry while I slept.

Day 9:
Today we managed to catch a record of four rabbits, Lugh helped me skin them after I lent him a knife. That definitely helped the work go by faster. Looking at the furs I decided that I probably have enough to make some new clothes for myself, though I wanted to get enough to make clothes for my friends too. So I decided to wait and collect enough for us all. I also learned the [Dismantler] skill, it helps me take things apart and improves the efficiency of my skinning. In all a good day.

Day 10:
I got around to carving a club for Lugh. Though it was wooden it was so heavy Lugh needed both hands to swing it. I also made a spear for Rynl by carving a point from rock and binding it to a long branch with some vines. The improvements became obvious immediately with me and Lugh using the nets we caught two [long Ears] each. Rynl on the other hand only using her new spear killed three by herself. We skinned them all and ate until our stomachs were bulging. I decided to try and level up my [Observe] skill more on the way back to the camp. I got the skill up to level six by repeatedly using it on Lugh and Rynl.

[Name: Lugh] [Level: 1] [EXP: 95%]
[Race: Goblin] [Title: Fledgling Goblin]
[Details: A young Goblin. He isn't the brightest but his strength and potential are very high.]

[Name: Rynl] [Level: 1] [EXP: 87%]
[Race: Goblin] [Title: Fledgling Goblin]
[Details: A young Goblin. She is cheerful and energetic and has a high overall potential.]

They were both close to leveling up, which was pretty cool for them. I was just glad that I could see more than just levels and crappy details now. I couldn't see their stats but I guessed with a little more work on the [Observe] skill should fix that. The whole part in the details about potential left me wondering just what it meant, though I left it alone at the time. We put the furs and tendons out to dry, with sixteen sets of furs I decided it was enough to make clothes for us, however instead of starting on it now while I had to wait for the new skins and tendons to dry I decided to make more knives. Before I went to sleep I had four more knives and my [Craft] skill was level five.

Day 11:
It was raining, though that suited my plans just fine since making the clothes for us would take awhile. I Started with Lugh's new gear, cutting and tying the furs around his legs and lower arms. I also made him shorts and a shirt out of the furs. My [Craft] went to six just before I finished his clothes and to seven after I made mine using his sizes as a reference. I made Rynl simple fur top and a skirt to go with it. Ensuring the skirt wouldn't get in the way of her movements was the hard part but I managed by leaving the lower parts of the sides looser than it was around the waist. Her outfit might have been a little revealing but I thought it was just fine. I made a shawl like hood with the rest of the furs for her. I decorated the top of the hood with a set of ears from the [Long Ears] making her outfit a little cutesy looking for my taste, but she adored it. Otherwise she had the same furs around her lower arms and legs as Lugh and I did. The day ended with me going to sleep with a level eight [Craft]skill.

Day 12:
It had stopped raining so we went hunting. We only managed to catch a couple of [Long Ears] though. On the plus side there were a multitude of easy to catch [Black Frogs] along the river after the rain. I used [Observe] on them repeatedly while we caught and ate them, leveling the skill to seven and getting nothing more than basic information from them. I assumed that meant that there wasn't very much to learn about them. Eventually I noticed that quite a few [Goblins] that were a few days younger than us had followed us to the river were they were catching the frogs just like we were. In addition they were working in teams of three. I found it a bit odd to be copied, but when I told this to an Elder who merely laughed and said that plenty of the others had been copying our group. Though it was mostly the slightly younger ones since the ones our age and slightly older seemed to be more stubborn. Ah before I forget to mention we all leveled up today. I put all the stat points in [Endurance]. I thought for now that balancing out my stats would be the best course of action. I don't know about my friends stats yet, since I still can't see them. I slept peacefully that night, though I dreamed I was chasing a [long Ear] through the woods.

Day 13:
It was a good day for hunting, we managed to catch a total of eight rabbits. Though the best part happened while we skinned them for materials. A large brown bird with a red crest swept down from the skies and attempted to pilfer one of our rabbits. The birds dive was to quick for any of us to react to. Though before it took off Lugh, thank whatever deities existed in this world, reacted to it with his sheer muscle power instinct. Before it could do more than flap its wings once in an attempt to re-ascend Lugh's club had made contact and sent it flying into a tree. The impact had broken its right wing preventing it from escaping as I finished it off in excitement with my knife. The look on Lugh's face as he tried to understand what he had just done was almost enough to make me dismiss the three messages that popped up.

[You've gained 1 level]

More stat points could only be a good thing.

[You've learned Knife Mastery: (Passive) While 'Equipped' with a 'Knife' you gain a 3% Dexterity bonus.]
[You've learned Dual Mastery: (Passive) While 'Equipped' with two 'Weapon' items you gain a 3% Dexterity bonus.]

It shouldn't need to be said that I put the points this time in [Dexterity]. I was a little excited about these skills especially because they over lapped to increase my [Dexterity]. More skills like that would only serve to make me stronger and help with my survival. We decided to take what we hadn't skinned yet and head to the cave in case more of the [Talon Divers], as I decided to call them, appeared. Many of the older gobs of our generation looked at us with jealousy as we brought in our prey. On the other hand the younger ones and the Elders had looks of respect and awe. The Elders especially when they seen the [Talon Diver], apparently they called it a [Sky Terror] because it they would often attack gobs and steal their prey. I decided I would keep calling them by the name I decided and would save a name like [Sky Terror] for something more deserving than a scavenger. I personally plucked every feather from the bird as the other two handled the rabbits. I wasn't sure what exactly I would use the feathers for at the moment but they could be useful later. I Went to sleep with an overstuffed belly after we had eaten our prey, the bird had tasted surprisingly like chicken. However my sleep wouldn't last long as sometime in the middle of the night a noise stirred me awake. I came fully to my senses just in time to dodge a stick being slammed down on my head. I retaliated quickly driving one of my knives into one of my assailants necks. The [Goblin] quickly feel choking on his own blood, this unfortunately didn't detour the other eight from attacking him. The noise from the scuffle had already woken several other with Lugh and Rynl among them. Both quickly picked up their own weapons and joined the fray. Lugh snapped one gobs neck with a swing of his club and Rynl ran her spear through another's chest. I had managed to cut the arms of two other assailants before they realized they couldn't beat the three of us. Within a moment they had thrown down their arms and were prostrating before us, begging for their lives. I had learned already from the Elders that there were no consequences for killing them. It was the law of the world, the strong survive and the weak get eaten. They had attacked first and lost, letting them clearly know their place. I probably would have killed them if another gob hadn't spoken up on their behalf.

"Wait!," the [Goblin] cried, "They only attacked you for our sake!"

I'm not ashamed to say that the weaker part of me decided to listen to the outspoken gobs reason. Apparently there was a shortage of food. Since most gobs, including the slightly younger ones that copied us, were having a hard time hunting and couldn't find enough berries, nuts or fruit to survive. Quite a few [Goblins] where indeed close to starving to death. The older ones of our generation where supposed to subdue me and get me to hunt for everyone. With a sigh I let the remainders live and grabbed the three dead gobs who had attacked. I took them out deep into the woods by myself so no one would see what I was about to do. Gulping slightly I cut out the heart of one of them. I wasn't proud of what I was about to do, but I had to try whatever would help me survive. I ate the heart.

[You've learned Devour-Goblin: (Passive) By eating 'Goblin Hearts' you can absorb the experience and abilities from members of the 'Goblin' race.]

Yeah I leveled up after eating the heart. I was surprised that it had actually turned into a useful ability. I cut out the hearts of the other two and ate them as well, however I didn't level up again. After returning to the cave I went back to sleep once more.

Day 14:
I woke up early and realized I hadn't allocated my new stat points, which i then promptly loaded them into my [Intelligence]. Instead of waiting I quickly woke Lugh and Rynl to go hunting. We hunted like machines today. We racked up five [Long Ears] just before noon and one [Talon Diver] that had tried its luck. We each skinned and ate one rabbit before continuing the hunt. It wasn't long till we had replaced them and then some with seven more being added. We left them in a pile for now with me being the guard. Lugh and Rynl continued hunting while i killed another [Talon Diver]. When Lugh brought back two more rabbits I had him stay with me since more birds had begun circling in the sky. Just a few hours before the sun set we had carried fifteen rabbits and five birds back to the cave. Our nets came in handy for carrying them, though we really could have used bags. Once back in the cave we quickly began to skin the [Long Ears], but instead of setting them aside to eat ourselves we tossed them towards the surrounding [Goblins].

"Eat." I commanded them as a swiftly cut through more furs and tossed the plump meat towards a group of gobs.

All the gobs where crying with happiness saying that they would pay me back for the food. though they didn't have too, since I was mostly doing it to clear my conscious of last night. Needless to say that I became popular with all the gobs of our generation after that night, a few had even taken to calling me 'Boss'. The three of us however chowed on the [Talon Divers] by ourselves after we had plucked them clean. Before I forget we all leveled up again. I put the points into [Wisdom] this time. Lugh had leveled up twice, apparently the birds where worth more experience than the rabbits. Rynl leveled up only once, but had killed the most prey. I had a peaceful nights sleep afterwards.

Day 15:
I awoke steeling myself to help the other gobs help themselves. As everyone awoke we noticed something a miss as the Elders cried. Three elder [Goblins] had died in the night and the elders were holding a vigil of sorts. It seemed hypocritical that they didn't care if a gob was killed, but if it died of old age it was a tragedy. Even so it seemed the bodies needed to be removed and i  volunteered to do it. I told Lugh and Rynl to hunt without me and the other gobs to find forked branches and vines so that I could make them nets. Eventually the cave was cleared and i found and isolated spot to leave the bodies. I felt a sick feeling as I cut open their chest to get to their hearts. I ate them and got stronger, my level increased three times. I put three points in [Strength][Endurance][Dexterity][Intelligence] and [Wisdom]. Bringing the totals of each to thirteen. I also learned a new skill.

[You've learned Blunt Weapon Mastery: (Passive) When 'Equipped' with 'Blunt' weapons you gain a 3% Strength bonus.]

Apparently the [Devour-Goblin] skill was even better than I thought. After covering the elder gobs in branches I headed back to the cave. A few gobs were already there and I set to work on their nets immediately. One of the younger gob girls watched me make a few and then asked to help, which I let her. After a few hours of making thirty nets, well nineteen since the girl, Eshye helped with eleven. My [Craft] skill went to ten.  Every [Goblin] of our generation now had a net, and most that had been given one returned to the cave with a [Long Ear] in them. They split their food among the others just like Lugh and Rynl who had three rabbits and a bird where doing with me and Eshye. The young gob girl seemed to have a fascination with crafting as she examined our clothes and knives as we skinned the rabbits. So in order to thank her for her help with the nets I gave her one of my knives. She looked delighted and shocked to receive it. That night I dreamed about hunting [Talon Divers].


[Name: Aradi] [Level: 9] [Race: Goblin]
[Title: Fledgling Goblin]
[Strength: 13] [Intelligence: 13]
[Endurance: 13] [Wisdom: 13]
[Dexterity: 13] [Luck: 5]

[Observe](Active)(LV7) Ability to view details on targeted person or object. Higher levels show more information.

[Craft](Passive)(LV10) Ability to create or craft materials into objects ranging from armor to decorations and basic weapons. Higher levels equal higher quality.

[Dismantler](Passive)(LVMAX) Increase the speed of the collection of raw materials from objects or animals.

[Knife Mastery](Passive)(LV1) While 'Equipped' with a 'Knife' you gain a 3% Dexterity bonus.

[Dual Mastery](Passive)(LV1) While 'Equipped' with two 'Weapon' items you gain a 3% Dexterity bonus.

[Devour-Goblin](Passive)(LVMAX) By eating 'Goblin Hearts' you can absorb the experience and abilities from members of the 'Goblin' race.

[Blunt Weapon Mastery](Passive)(LV1) When 'Equipped' with 'Blunt' weapons you gain a 3% Strength bonus.


Day 16:
The four of us went hunting, though we mostly caught the usual eight rabbits and a bird we ran into a new species. It looked like a monkey except that its forearms were dangerously enlarged. It swung its arms around like clubs leading me to call it a [Hammer Monkey]. We managed to kill it although after Rynl stabbed it, the monkey broke her spear. Rynl was really heartbroken over it, even when I said I'd make her a new one. On the plus side everyone but me leveled up again. Though my [Knife and Dual Mastery] skills leveled up, giving me 5% bonuses to my [Dexterity]. I considered that plenty good enough. After we made it back to the cave we skinned the [Hammer Monkey] amongst ourselves. I mostly thought it was gamy, but Lugh seemed to really like it. The rest was skinned and split evenly among us at two rabbits a piece, with the [Talon Diver] given to the Elders who were extremely thankful. I then carved out a new spear head while Eshye watched interestedly. As soon as I had the head done I carved a shaft and bound it together with some dried tendons, as a bonus I even added feathers as ornaments to it. After I was done with Rynl's new spear I made clothes similar to Rynls for Eshye, who was delighted. I made sure to set the monkey skin to dry before heading to sleep with everyone else.

Day 17:
Hunting went as usual, we ate our fill and stockpiled more skins and feathers. I really wanted to upgrade from the fur we're using to leather, but I don't know how to make it. Perhaps one of the Elders know? In the free time after hunting I walked the river bank with Eshye and Rynl to help Eshye collect stones for crafting. She seems to have an affinity for it and out of curiosity I checked with my [Observe] skill causing it to level up.

[Name: Eshye] [Level: 2] [Race: Goblin]
[Title: Fledgling Goblin]
[Strength: 4] [Intelligence: 7]
[Endurance: 4] [Wisdom: 7]
[Dexterity: 7] [Luck: 5]
[A young Goblin girl. She loves crafting and wants to master it.]

I nearly coughed when I saw her stats, now that I could view them [Observe] had become really useful. I immediately looked at Rynl's stats too.

[Name: Rynl] [Level: 4] [Race: Goblin]
[Title: Fledgling Goblin]
[Strength: 4] [Intelligence: 11]
[Endurance: 4] [Wisdom: 11]
[Dexterity: 10] [Luck: 5]
[Cheerful and energetic Goblin girl. Appears to be interested in me.]

the Interested in me part bothered me slightly but I decided to ignore it for now. After we had collected the rocks and returned to the cave I checked Lugh's stats too.

[Name: Lugh] [Level: 5] [Race: Goblin]
[Title: Fledgling Goblin]
[Strength: 20] [Intelligence: 2]
[Endurance: 20] [Wisdom: 2]
[Dexterity: 5] [Luck: 5]
[Not to bright but this young Goblin packs quite a punch. Loyal to a fault a great ally.]

Like I had suspected, he was a serious brawler type and with my curiosity sated I went to sleep.

Day 18:
I asked Elder Orne about ways to make leather, he was happy I asked. He brought me to a side cave, one of the ones we younger gobs weren't allowed in and inside there was what I assumed to be a drying and tanning rack. He explained to me that in order to make leather it would take about three days. Apparently you have to apply a coating of slime from a creature called a [Big Snail]. It seems that they are found on the other side of the river, which would explain why we hadn't encountered them before. He warned me that the slime was acidic on [Goblin] skin. So we had to make fur gloves. Needless to say the four us us then went and caught the creatures after making fur gloves. Me and Eshye placed the [Long Ear] furs on the racks and began crushing the [Big Snails] and applying their slime to the fronts and backs of the furs. I can't say it wasn't effective because my [Craft] skill went to level twelve. I ventured that Eshye had gained a high leveled [Craft] skill too, since she spent quite awhile making ten stone knives for herself. She kept them in an additional apron like fur skirt she had made for herself as well. The process of applying slime to the furs was tedious but I passed the time using my observe skill. I maxed it's level out at ten. Honestly I wasn't surprised, it didn't seem like it was going to get much stronger anyway. After completing the process we joined the others and ate some [Talon Divers], they make me miss chicken. That night i dreamed of being able to roast the birds, it was enough to make my full stomach rumble again.

Day 19:
We repeated the process of applying slime again, to the already thickened and hairless skin from the pelts yesterday, my [Craft] skill went up to thirteen. It didn't take long before we had finished and went hunting. It was a plentiful catch, eight rabbits and four birds. We where going to head back to the cave with them when we discovered new prey, [Giant Spiders]. Unoriginal I know, but there was no better fitting name for the creature sitting on it's vast web eating a [Long Ear]. Our knives and Rynl's spear were completely useless against its hard carapace. If it hadn't been for Lugh and his idiot muscles crushing it with wooden club. The hard topped carapace was broken, but it might still be useful so we gathered it and the legs up. We also tried the golden goo like substance that was in the carapace, it tasted just like honey. We took the raw materials to the cave and brought them into the newly dubbed [Crafting Station]. We had taken the time to move every pelt and feather we had already collected into the room. However i went back out afterwards and collected the webs we had left behind. The threads were smooth and felt like silk, they could be used in crafting or turned into a comfy bed. With that idea in mind I piled it up where I slept and had a really great sleep.

Day 20:
Best nights sleep of my new life. Though I had to regather up the threads that had spread out as I moved around. I helped Eshye put the last coating of smashed snail slime from the shells onto the thickened skin. Honestly it looked like the skin would be to thin to call leather armor, however according to Elder Orne if you coat it more than three times the leather would degrade. I figured lacing the leather in double layers would work. Afterwards we had to make new fur gloves, the one we were using up to that point had pretty much become leather and there was no point in letting it uselessly degrade. We also went out and hunted in groups of two today, separated by gender Me and Lugh crushed another [Giant Spider] and managed to take out two [Hammer Monkeys]. The girls caught the usual things. However today after collecting the raw materials we tried adding the honey tasting goo from the spider to the various meats. It seemed to soak into the meat and soften it up easily, adding a sweet and juicy after taste and making even the monkey meat palatable.We stocked up on the thread of the other spider and made small beds for the four of us. I'm sure they loved the softness of the thread as much as I did.

Day 21:
Today we finally pieced together our new armors. For Lugh and I we had full length leather pants and tight leather shirts with leather arm guards. Eshye and Rynl got leather tops and bracers as well, but skirts made like the previous fur ones. Leather guards were made for their legs. Uniquely those two chose to keep items from their previous outfits; Eshye her fur apron with ten knife holsters and Rynl kept her rabbit ear shawl/hood. Needless to say my [Craft skill went up to fifteen, Eshye's was probably just as high. Oh just to make something clear, I can't see the skills people and creatures possess with my [Observe], just their basic information and stats. It's not as useful as i'd thought it would be, but it helps out a bit. After finishing the bindings with a few leather straps, we had all elected against using the web threads as they were just to comfortable, we set off hunting. It wasn't long before we caught the usual amount, eight rabbits and four birds, however we had plenty of time left before the sun went down so we kept at it. Sadly we ran into a bunch of [Hammer Monkeys], ten to be exact. We fought for our lives.

I managed to parry two of them at once before slipping past their guards and slitting ones throat. Before I managed to recover my balanced from the attack the other managed to swing its enlarged forearms and nailed me in the back. Even with the new armor the blow hurt and sent me flying away. I recovered in time to avoid another blow and managed to see Lugh crushing the head of one before charging at two that had surrounded Eshye, who had the least experience among us. I dodged another swing of the berserk creatures arms and managed to slit its throat with my knives, however one of the blades broke. Thankfully the tides of the fight were turning in our favor as Lugh crushed two more skulls and Rynl impaled two others. The remaining three ran and even though the fight hadn't lasted long we were all tired though on the bright side of things we had all leveled up.

[Name: Aradi Lv: 10] [Name: Lugh Lv: 7]
[Name: Rynl Lv: 6] [Name: Eshye Lv: 5]

Yeah I was surprised to find out how strong experience we actually got from them. We took our prey home and disassembled it like always into raw materials, Eshye even took the time to craft me a new pair of knives made from the enlarged forearm bones of the [Hammer Monkeys]. They definitely felt sharper and lighter compared to the stone blades I had been using, though I decided to keep some stone blades with me anyway. Lugh was the only one who ate monkey meat that night while the girls and I shared the rabbits and birds, we really stuffed ourselves. Then we went back to sleep on those wonderfully soft threads.

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