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Another Angry Mob(open)

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Another Angry Mob(open) Empty Another Angry Mob(open)

Post by Quote July 14th 2014, 10:35 pm

A bit South and to the East of Los Angeles nestled in the city's diverse suburbs sat a recently reappropriated doctor's office. The nondescript white building sat at the far end of an otherwise abandoned shopping strip, and a sign hung above it simpley read "Lakewood Special Needs Clinic." They planned to get the hanging sign replaced with something more permanent, but they had only opened recently and had more important things to procure. It took very specialized equipment to handle the "special needs" mentioned on the sign, as this was the area's first office designed specifically to meet the medical needs of metahumans. Unfortunately there were people who didn't appreciate metahumans in their city, and they appreciated those helping them even less.

The clinic had seen it's share of protestors since opening, but the crowd gathered outside in the otherwise mostly empty parking lot on this morning to greet the office's opening was more serious than outraged citizens with hand-made signs. A large mob of twenty to thirty people, armed with pistols, rifles, and home-made molotov cocktails waited behind behind a bald caucasian man with a red shirt and a megaphone. "Meta-lovers get out of our town." He chanted like a mantra. "Keep these genetic abominations away from our children." The crowd echoed his cries with impassioned agreement. The unlit rag-stuffed bottles and tightly held firearms made a clear implication of a threat of violence. As the crowd grew even more restless and advanced towards the office, the front door opened quietly.

The figure stepping out of the door had to duck to avoid hitting her head on the door frame. She stood around 8 feet tall, and her limbs seemed almost too long in proportion to the rest of her body. She wore a large white lab coat, though it was thicker than most doctor's coats and certainly thick for the hot Californian Sun. Despite the coat, she didn't seem otherwise dressed as a doctor. Black boots poked out from beneath the heavy coat that reached down to her ankles, and her hands were covered in caramel leather gloves. Her face seemed petite in stark contrast to her lumbering body. Thin rose-colored lips were an island of color amidst pale fair skin, a small nose bridged the gap between them and large brown eyes framed by long lashes. Short dark strawberry-blonde hair lay haphazardly on her head, long bangs covering her forehead. She had a serious look as she addressed the restless mob. "The police have already been called." She was well-spoken with careful speech that only hinted at a European accent. "Please disperse and leave before a real crime is commited here." The brown eyes scanned the crowd, but no one made a move to break formation as her words fell on deaf ears. The microphone blared once again. "We're gonna burn this place to the ground, and any freaks or freak-lovers that don't get the hell out can burn with it!" Murmers from agreement went through the crowd like a wave as weapons began to raise on the woman who stood between them and the building.

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Another Angry Mob(open) Empty Re: Another Angry Mob(open)

Post by Mykel Thames July 14th 2014, 11:52 pm

It was early in the evening and he decided to pay a visit to a clinic that he had been pushing to the side for quite sometime. He wondered what other prowd potential well beings he would find their like himself. He Mykel Thames, that the hero of Chicago and many pother large cities would arrive there to see what the comotion was about on the new building.

He had been brodcast in many of the world disasters of one of humanities helping hand form the evil meta humans. As his car came close he seen angry citizens in outrage wandering what the clinic did. Harbouring and evil meta or did people not wanting to accept the difference in metas?

He got out of the car and used his ability as a warning he was there. Feeling the eary air people turned and made way as he walked to the front doors of the building. The guy with the megaphone paused as he walked right by him straight into the clinic. He took a stand still infront of the amazing looking woman who made an apperance infront of the crown warning them of the authorities. It seemed no good as one guy seemed to have snapped and lit a molotav. What an idiot... Whats he thinking. If that slips he could put the entire crowd in danger in a total of 2 seconds. With worrie for the peoples life he ripped it from his hands and sent it straight into his direction putting up a wall of dense air for the bottle to run into.

The fire burned white and evaporated the gas faster then intended. He walked up to speak to the crowd. He slammed his foot causing a massive drop in air; everyone could feel it and every one quieted down together knowing it was no quincidence. I'm sorry for the display with the molotov I could not let the crowd be hurt if you dropped it, but now I would all like you to hear me out. I have saved you, your families and friends all my life and as you came to understand that everytime I entered into a city or town that knew me they would cheer for my arrival. In this building there are people like me who will also risk their life to protect your or better protect your granddaughter, daughter, son, or grandson. And as you live you can know they will be safe thanks to the large mass of us meta humans running around. It is not your hate that we are a stranger to you, but your hate that we are more powerful and gifted that you hate. So please today think about this and go home. Hug your loved ones and appretiate that they are not dead right now.

He hoped this plee would get to them and make them realize what they were bitching about was feball and would change nothing. He turned to the woman and introduced himself. Sorry for my random arrival, but as for a proper greeting my name is Mykel Thames. I have come to see what this place was entitled to be... If you dont mind?
Mykel Thames
Mykel Thames

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Another Angry Mob(open) Empty Re: Another Angry Mob(open)

Post by samstan2100 July 15th 2014, 11:25 am

Chris walked out of an abandoned building near this clinic in down town Los Angeles. As meta-humans had been introduced into the world the jealous had gotten worse and decided that if they can't be super powered and have nice things to share with everyone... then no one can have the nice things. This simple, ridiculous logic seemed to have taken the city of L.A. by storm. The town was full of meta-human haters.
Prime, or Chris as he now liked to be called grabbed a torn down stop sign with his control over metal and rode in like a surfer dude. With the heat of L.A. he had switched his look, maybe not the entire outfit but he had changed his hair to a nice brown shade instead of bleaching it all the time. He still had on his golden yellow and navy blue leather jacket with matching pants and black military grade boots, no mask.

Chris floated down in the middle between the gathering mob and the two supers now and stood his ground. He had seen the wall of air that the man had created to stop the burning of the Molotov Cocktail, he smirked and with a flick of his wrist and fingers he closed every gun barrel in the crowd. Metal... these humans really didn't understand there was someone who could control metal... He smiled a nice big grin and with the other hand closed the opening to the bald man with the mega phone so as to shut him up.

Chris calmly folded up the stop sign into a nice dense square or metal about the size of a lanyard and then forced the piece of metal into the pavement. He then turned to the couple behind him and bowed and elegant bow... he was cocky like that and took his place next to the 8 foot tall woman, who Chris was dwarfed by in comparison.

"Well, I hope that gets them to shut up..."

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Another Angry Mob(open) Empty Re: Another Angry Mob(open)

Post by Auorraprevell May 14th 2015, 12:41 pm

Auorra using the air flew down in her super villain costume.She smirked at the man that said he hated meta humans.She grabbed a rock then with her powers she lit it on fire and threw it at the leader of mob.Nothing happened for a second then the leader of the mob went Kaboom!! in the fire.She cleared her throat and addressed the mob I'm sorry but I couldn't handle that fool saying and doing stupid things.If anyone still wants to follow that dead man well than your life is in danger by my hands.Sorry for the trouble I caused you.She chuckled at the mob's shocked look.Like they never have seen a super villain .

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Another Angry Mob(open) Empty Re: Another Angry Mob(open)

Post by Sponsored content

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