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Remembering (open)

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Remembering (open) Empty Remembering (open)

Post by Tolliver48 on July 5th 2014, 2:22 pm

"Jerusalem... 2020. The World had changed so much since I was last here. To you it has been almost Millennium, just shy 200 or so years. See to you I am 745 years old, yet I don't look a day over 32, and there is a good reason to that, its because I am 32 years old... in my time I have only aged but for a few short seconds. But history remembers me different, the man I was guarding at the time, the corrupt official who, apparently had powers over time, sent me forward in time and either froze and sent back my other men... so now, I am forced to wonder this world alone in a new age, in a new city... I am a man lost in time." Morgan says sulking at the bar of the Drunken Dragon

"Well... that a... that was a good story... I guess, sir, but are you going to buy a drink or are you going to sit there like a crazy person and talk gibberish..." The bar tender says with a wide eyed expression on his face.

"I'll have an ale, thank you..." Morgan says

"Sorry guy but uh... we don't serve ale... and if you don't stop doing what your doing I'll have big Jim over there throw you out of my bar..."

"I am sorry I have seemed to cause you some distress, will you be alright friend?"

"That's it Jim! get this asshole outta here..."

"Sir... I advise against putting your hand on me"

The guard grabs Morgan's shoulder and yanks him backwards off of the stool, but Morgan is quick, he pushes down on his sword hilt so the sheath catches the floor board and he doesn't fall off the stool, instead he whips around quickly drawing his sword and slices off the guards hand with one fluent motion. The guard grasps his forearm trying hard to squeeze the veins in his arm from squirting out anymore blood, the guard then screams a blood curdling scream and faints. A pool of blood soon forms around the passed out guard from the wound.

Morgan calmly wipes the blood from his face and sword and returns it to his sheath. He then reaches to the counter and grabs his helmet and puts it on and then calmly walks out of the door from the Drunken Dragon, while everybody inside just stares blank faced at the atrocity that they watched.

Outside of the Drunken Dragon the police had already arrived at the scene of the crime.

"Put your hands above your head and get on the ground! NOW!" One police officer said.

"I think not..." Morgan says in a matter of fact tone.

Morgan draws his bows and selects three arrows from his quiver, he pulls back on the string and aims in on the guard that talked. He took in his surroundings and saw that everyone around him had some sort of weird black L shaped thing, he assumed they were the modern weapon of today but he had no idea of what they did or how to avoid them. So in the name of curiosity he released his arrows. The three arrows hit their mark and with such force and penetration the arrows pierced the caviler but did not pierce the skin. The police officer fell to the ground and started to panic as he had never seen combat like this before. Morgan sighed and drew another three arrows and fired them off into the crowd of police officers. The arrows his with force but did not kill anybody just wounded them.

Knowing he was defeated because of his inferior weapons he dropped his bow, set down his quiver of arrows and withdrew his sword and set it down next to his bow and arrows. He then withdrew his helmet and placed that to the ground as well. He then congratulated the police officers on a job well done. However, next thing he knew he felt as though the hand of god was reaching out to kill him because a 100 volts of electricity were coursing through his body as he was being tazered. He fell to the ground unconscious.

When he awoke he realized his armor had been removed and replaced with an orange suit of some kind, he looked at the hideous thing and tried to take it off but saw that a pair of handcuffs had been placed on his wrists. He tried to forcefully take them off but they would not budge.

He then saw a man dressed in an odd business wear suit was sitting across from him.

"Who are you?" The odd business man asked.

"I am Sir Morgan Dune of the Protectors of the Seal. Who might you be?"

"I'm detective Wilson, nice to meet you Morgan, can I call you Morgan?"

"Morgan is fine."

"Good, well Morgan, I need to ask you a few things, why did you attack a man today and then attack my police officers?"

"Well sir, I did not know they were your otherwise I wouldn't have attacked them."

"Listen I'm not into games so just tell me the truth."

"Honestly... I don't know, the man touched my shoulder and he paid the price. The price of a commoner touching or laying a finger on me is loosing a hand, that is what we do when I am from."

"... wait 'when' you are from... don't you mean where you are from?"

"No... I am from 1309 ancient Jerusalem. I am a crusader who was guarding an important figure head of the Members of the Royal Seal, I betrayed him because he was corrupt and vicious and needed to die."

"Well sorry to say but your trial won't go very well if that's your defense, you may be able to play the insanity card but I assure you you'll go to prison non the less."

"How dare you! I will not be lobotomized and I will not have my brain studied like an animal I am a man of great conviction and a knight at that!"

"Whoa, whoa there... your not going to be lobotomized, we don't do that anymore, in fact we haven't done that since in almost 100 years."

"Just... just take me to the rat infested holding areas that your prison has designed I will speak my piece to the lawfully appointed court of god and he will decide my fate..."

Two armed guards come into the interrogation cell and lift Morgan to his feet he is then swiftly escorted away and to the nearest holding cell with three other larger men in it."

Forward Comrades! Into the Breach!

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Remembering (open) Empty Re: Remembering (open)

Post by Auorraprevell on May 14th 2015, 10:21 am

Auorra had been following Morgan for a short time.She was in her super villain costume and she swings  into the holding cell.She than uses a hair clip to open the door.She clears her throat as she looks into the cell at the prisoners,"You are free my great friends.The only thing I ask in return is your undying loyalty and gratitude.I know how you feel at this ridiculous law system that condemnes you my people and I feel the same way too.One day there will be no law system but CHAOS."The last part brought many cheers to her.Three large men bows to her and said together,"We swear loyalty to you Dark Priestess".Auorra looked at Morgan and waited for him to swear loyalty to her.Then the alarm sounded to alert the law officials that prisoners have escaped.Auorra stood still and waited for Morgan to say something as to her she have all the time in the world.

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